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    Winter Competition 2024 Night Five

    by , 01-11-2024 at 08:34 PM (92 Views)
    I woke up for a WBTB and took 4mg galantamine and 300 mg Alpha-GPC.

    Winter Competition 2024 Five (MILD) 01.11.2024

    I spontaneously become lucid and start flying. I remember there is a competition and that I need to do my three step task. While flying I reach behind my back and grab something. I pull forward a small lemon. I take a bite out of it and it isn't very flavorful. I then put my hand forward like Superman and fly super fast. I hear the air rushing past my ears. Now I remember my personal goal is to take off a VR headset that is simulating the dream. I reach up and feel a vr headset that is much smaller than current waking life products. I take it off and... nothing happens. My view is replaced with the same view from before. Huh.

    I fly down to a city and get caught up in a dream plot that I have mostly forgotten now.

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    1. Lucid-Wannabe's Avatar
      Grats on the lucid! I'm curious how much the Alpha-GPC helps with galantamine? I've had really good success with galantamine in the past but have never mixed in with Alpha-GPC, though I have it in 600mg form at the moment. Also curious how long after sleeping did you wake up for your WBTB for this one?