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    24/03/11 - A bit of flying

    by , 03-24-2011 at 05:23 PM (619 Views)

    Good morning! Didn't recall much when I woke up, but I had a feeling I had been lucid. After a few minutes I remembered my dream, and I was indeed lucid. Rather short since my recall of it isn't the best, but it's still something.

    22.00: Sleep

    05.10: Short lucid DILD
    I'm with my youngest brother Morgan. I don't remember how I got lucid but I am. "Lets fly some!" I say and try to take off. It won't work properly. We both jump a few times but I can't lift off. I grab him with telekinesis and throw him far up in the sky. I use him as an "anchor" and pull myself after him. We go way up and I let him fly on his own.

    05.10: Wake up

    Amount of sleep: 7 hours

    Supplements: None

    That's it! Flying is always fun.

    Keep on dreaming, HARE BRA!

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    1. KristaNicole07's Avatar
      Flying is my favorite! But I think we've discussed this . Congrats on the LD!
    2. Matte87's Avatar
      Haha I know. I didn't have any task in mind and when getting lucid spontaneously during the week anything can happen Thanks!
    3. The Sandman's Avatar
      Great! Interesting that you couldn't fly, but you could use telekinesis and use your brother as an anchor. Strange how dream powers work.

      The last time I flew, I actually didn't enjoy it. I flew only because I wasn't successful with either of my dream goals. Can you imagine not getting high on flying? Glad you had fun though, and glad it was lucid!
    4. MrDreamsX's Avatar
      Flying has been a regular part of my dreams since childhood. I suspect that is a reason flying doesn't automatically equate to being lucid in my dreams. Flying with others is extremely rare for me though. I can only remember one time, and that was in the past year, that I flew with other people.
    5. Matte87's Avatar
      Rman: Yeah I should be able to do it effortlessly now! I still have to jump a few times before I can take off, my telekinesis confidence has been increasing lately though, and no, flying is ALWAYS awesome for me Freedom to its fullest.

      MrDreamsX: Yeah same here. I've been flying since I was a kid aswell, only not as easily as now. Flying with others are usually pretty hard, they tend to slow me down alot.

      I need to rub my hands while I fly. I'm trying to figure out why I lose the dream when I fly, and I think it's because I'm not focusing on anything which holds me to the dream.