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    Leaving the matrix

    6/5/13 - hypnosis

    by , 06-06-2013 at 09:54 PM (646 Views)
    My dream begins at a school, it's this school that is in many of my dreams, I think it's just all the schools I've been to mixed into one making it look like a place I've never been. I'm with friends but I pay so little attention to them I don't know which they are, I seem to have an urgent purpose. It is lunch time, because kids are walking around with trays and the campus if crowded. It has all grades it looks like, because I see what look like elementary aged students to teen students. I walk away from the people that I suppose were talking to me, I couldn't care less because I had to find someone, I didn't know who because I wasn't clued into the part of me that was so urgent with a purpose, it's is like there is two separate minds working within me, I literally don't know what and why I am doing, but I rode along with my body nonetheless. I see cheerleaders practicing cheers and I walk up to them I find a girl and I place my hand on her shoulder for her to turn around and when she does I here the other minds thought, that this is the teen sister, I need to find the younger sister. The girl seemed exited that I might need her for something but the other mind says I need to know where her younger sister is. The teenager seemingly disappointed points to the direction her little sister is, and says she's at her own cheer practice. So on goes my body with purpose again, I see a crowd of people within this cement room area outside, when I walk in all the people move their attention off of the cheerleaders over to me and give me a weird look, I think because I am older than them, they think a senior is in their area or something (I'm not a senior, I'm not in school anymore), but I walk around what's happening in the middle and I spot the girl I was looking for, she looks 10 or 11 years old, has very light brown long hair that's slightly wavy, unlike her older sister who had medium length straight dark brown hair. I admire it as I stand on the sidelines waiting, I guess for her cheer practice to end. (This part is weird to me, it is as though I had amnesia within my dream) Next thing I know I'm at the front exit of the school, I can see outside and the sun is starting to set, I decide to head out and walk for the door, but I get a feeling, I look to my left and about 25 feet away is the young cheerleader with her mother, they are in the attendance office line. They are both looking at me intently, I assume it is like when you see a friend and you stare at them until they see you and you both wave, so I smile at them and keep walking on my way. This time it's like I know who they are but it's not all my will or attention on the girl, I feel like kind of just an acquaintance and walk off outside. While I walk out I make my way to the sidewalk and begin to turn and walk the way down towards where I think I live I guess, but I'm stopped by the mom and daughter, I can see they're both panicked, the mother is carrying her daughter in her arms, I very worried ask them what is going on, are they okay, and do they need help, then the mother tells me I need to take off what I did to her child...I being majorly confused ask her what is she talking about? She then goes on to say that I need to un-hypnotize her daughter, I need to undo what I did to her daughter.. I feel I've never been more confused, I don't understand what she is talking about, I tell her this, I tell I didn't do anything to her, I didn't hypnotize her, but she just keeps on insisting I undo what I did to her daughter and then she places her daughter in my arms and hastily walks off. I look down at the girl and I see she is in distress, I ask her whats going on and then the second the girl opens her mouth, a memory hits me like the clearest vision, I see what I did I assume after the cheer practice. I see that I took her somewhere quiet and I hypnotized her to love me, I hypnotized her to love me greatly, I did it over and over. Once I realize what I've done, not my mind, but personality changes I suppose into the personality the other mind had, I now have somewhat the motives the other mind had. I look down at the girl and I see her struggling in her head, she loves me but because it's hypnosis she knows I'm only making her do it and she knows she doesn't, she doesn't want to feel what she's feeling. At this point there is a part of me judging me for what I've become while I am doing and thinking things. Instead of help the girl and un-hypnotize her, I feel I need to defend myself even though I know I'm wrong. I stare at her and think of my options while I'm still telling her I didn't hypnotize her even though I know damn well I did. A memory comes into my head, one of a man who taught me the specific hypnosis for the girl. I decide I will find him and tell him I need to hypnotize her again, I need to hypnotize her to forget I ever hypnotized her and to still love me, I don't want anyone to know this awful thing I've done. I carry the girl with me and start walking back to the school doors so I can find the man. (Then I wake-up)

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