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    Leaving the matrix

    Lucid this week

    by , 05-16-2013 at 02:23 AM (664 Views)
    (WILD)I entered the lucid dream when I could see through my eyelids, I instantly jumped out of my bed, I opened my curtains and marveled at how wrong my mind recreated my window, its all skinny now but in waking life it is big. Suddenly I shoot back into my body and my sister is shaking me try to wake me up but I can't move but I mumble to her that I'm just paralyzed for a bit and to hold on, but then I think how could she have gotten into my room when it was locked, so I shoot back into lucid and get up and she is gone, I walk out of my door and run through the kitchen and go outside, I don't know why i didn't try to change scenes, i just know that I was intrigued at how well it all looked yet things were different. I saw my neighbors through the window and they looked different (damn woke up because certain people insist upon stomping around the house with all the force they can muster up)

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    1. Sensei's Avatar
      It is always weird when you can suddenly see! Awesome dreams (last three entries). You only have 3 LDs and 2 of them were wilds? That is awesome! Looks like you got a tech that is working for you. LDing is as simple as marking down what worked and what didn't work. Good job, keep it up.
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    2. Narwhal's Avatar
      I agree, the only obstacle is the mind