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    Escaping from feral beasts

    by , 01-14-2024 at 10:58 PM (73 Views)
    Another wild dream
    Me and my dad were in some suburbs trying to escape, it was some kind of survival world, overcast weather.
    But the danger were animals, like they got wilder and changed even, they were a lot more aggressive, I've seen whole lot of breeds of dogs that would tear apart anyone on sight.
    Somehow we could outrun them, or just go past them by pretending to be relaxed, then once I saw a pack of dogs tearing away one dog behind fences.
    It was night, and we got followed by a pack too and we pretended to be relaxed so they followed us but didn't attack.
    Then I saw a small way between two fences to an open field and I started to walk there but dad wandered off, idk why...
    Anyways I started to pick up the pace when I saw wild squirrels but now they were darker, and has messier fur and were more aggressive and could jump up like 2 meters or so.
    And those started to get on me too but then I started to levitate and evade those things.
    Then once I got to the open field I started to fly and I was really good at it, and now it was daytime. Sunny weather.
    I flew to the other side of the open field where a safe camp was in a forest, then flew back to dad somehow I knew his location.
    He just made out to the open field but was being followed , I speed at him and take him up a high hill and drop there I almost fell off .
    We were in front of a hospital, I saw parents carrying their kids here and there...

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