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    Gory dreams again

    by , 11-25-2023 at 10:10 PM (220 Views)
    I dreamt I was in the middle of some crazy military chaos in some densely populated city
    Spoiler for gory:

    but it was really fucked up, hard to watch, idk how I didnt wake up then

    Then I was in some sort of band , me and a 3-4 others , we were friends sort of
    we got out of somewhere, a brawl or something, I only had a hammer, each of the dudes had different similarly not too good weaponry
    my shirt was teared apart...
    It was night, were were walking somewhere on a road, in the middle of nowhere, plains, trees and lots of bushes and grass, only the moon lit up the scene and maybe a few lamps
    I was singing a viking song , we talked about the lifestyle
    suddenly we were ambushed by 4 or so similar guys, one of them had a spear, the others idk
    I fought one or two off, got them on the head with the hammer, the spear guy came, tried to stab me but couldnt, I deflected it with a hammer somehow, always missing only by inches
    the other guys were killing the rest of the enemy, I was trying to make an opening
    then I made distance , and he threw the spear, he missed, then ran towards the other guys, he apparently had a sword, I picked up the spear and ran
    just before he could cut them down I pierced him hard , he fell
    one of us took out his phone and turned on the flashlight on it
    apparently two of my friends were cut, one was already dead, the other was bleeding out fast but I couldnt see where,
    while one hooded guy, the enemy was writhing in pain on top of them,
    idk how I felt, but I wanted to do something for these two, honor the dead, with the blood of the enemy
    Spoiler for gory:

    I tried ask my friend where was he hurt, maybe he could be saved, but I couldnt see, but he said it's ok,he seemed to be smiling...
    and I just had to watch him starting to fade out
    and then I woke up
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