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    A weird dream with its own world and history

    by , 12-26-2023 at 07:57 PM (181 Views)
    It felt like I'm in the middle of a Konami game, think resident evil
    I remember we were preparing for Christmas when we got warned that some sort of paranormal army of zombie like monsters emerged due to a catastrophy of some sort and we only have just ten minutes left to hide, somehow censuring any sort of human information mattered, somehow this isn't the first time it happened, at a point I chosed a character, it was a brunette woman with mid-short hair but halfway I was still me, kinda like in a different body as a player idk, some chaos ensued in the streets while some characters of a crew of some kind came to help me and my family prepare,, they had weapons too, so i grabbed my boots, and coat, when i started to hear one of the enemy approaching having some sort of evil monologue about how they will find all of us and we can't hide and about the event in the world that made things the way they are, regarding the catastrophy
    So we bolted for an attic some sort, my house and street was different this time there were some sky reaching structures there, so we entered an attic a very big and tall one basically a tower, in there it was dark, on a large wall of weird wooden ladders we started to climb up just when the enemy came in it was scary as shit, somehow we had fleshlights, as we went up I started to see all kinds of weird murals , dragons and idk what kind of entities on a large rug holding something with many colours that pours water out idk, and I saw little notes on the walls hanging too and I thought those are the stories of the life of others, or at least pieces of them, then i remembered that the catastrophy somehow affected the stories of everything, hence the world setting, then we eventually got up on top of a tower that's pretty much s skyscraper , then i got separated from my character again, i just looked around, more there were guns, it was like i was on the tutorial part, but then my supposed character started to argue about the right for a normal life with the crew, it didn't lead anywhere, she cried, and then i guess we started to get used to the new way of things,
    At this point idk what happened but a little bit later everyone returned for Christmas shopping but this time the main information on pretty much everything was blanked out with white paper, I was in Tesco, it was dimly lit now which have the whole place even more of a Christmas vibe, I got in a talk with a woman there about the whole event, how they shouldn't let us in after this recent event and how blanking out "human information" really does nothing, which supposedly makes raids like this less likely to occur and that's basic procedure made by the gov for safety,
    And then I woke up

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