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    1. Three Bears

      by , 11-30-2023 at 02:50 AM
      I visited a bear in the forest who needed help climbing a tree. It was an old bear who couldn't climb anymore.
      There was one mid-aged bear partway up the tree, and a baby bear high up where the branches were breaking.
      They couldn't get the baby bear without the tree breaking, which would cause the baby to fall and possibly be injured.
      So I entered the body of the baby bear and helped it climb down (it didn't have the motor coordination on its own).
      The older bear then told me that they were all the same entity and the three of them combined into one.
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    2. House of Purgatory

      by , 11-22-2023 at 05:19 PM
      I visited a house of purgatory early in the night. It was a building the size of a city, containing a railroad that connected its halls. The halls were made of stone and lined with open arced passageways each leading into separate rooms. Inside many of the rooms were portals leading to different places in the universe. Other rooms contained souls in suspension waiting to be born (or going somewhere else).

      The ceiling was supported by over 20 ft high pillars and embellished with with gold and green paint, but I couldn't see the ceiling well because my light didn't reach that far. There were no lights in the building. it was designed for visitors who didn't need external lighting.

      The place almost felt empty, but I saw a few others wandering around.
      Normally when I travel to any given location, there's a lot of people who aren't aware that dreamers exist. They don't know what I am and they assume that everything they see is mundane.
      Not here. Everyone was aware. There were a lot of travelers like me, some of them had destinations, and others (like me) were just exploring the ancient building.

      There were no entrances or exits to this building and not a single window or door.

      There was a kiosk by the railroad where a seemingly empty shuttle would stop every so often.
      There was nobody manning the kiosk, but I took the stack of forms that was left out for me and filled them out.
      I was applying for the ability to pause my life and visit this place. I din't know whether that's was any different from what I was currently doing (lucid dreaming), but applied anyway because I figured time might not be linear (abilities I've had in the past could result from the application I'd fill out in the future).

      I manifested a dream character who accompanied me for a while as I explored further and met people. I didn't speak directly to others (aside from my dream character), but we were able to communicate through shared consciousness. It was well understood amongst the visitors that separation is illusory, and this was the place where we separated ourselves.

      I eventually saw everything I wanted to see and left through one of the portals, going to one of my favorite places (a beach!). I stole a cute little sailboat and pulled the boat into a private cove that I claimed as my own.
    3. Family Photo Album

      by , 11-05-2023 at 03:49 AM
      I always loved going back to old memories through dreams. To recreate my childhood home and the white-painted window sill with the little chips of wood in it. How it opened horizontally. To remember the shape of the bathroom rug, and that heater lamp in the corner by the floor. To use one of those old bulky televisions from the 1990s, hooked up to Broadband satellite with Nickelodeon on channel 300.

      It's incredible the things we consciously forgot. We have a treasure trove of seemingly forgotten memories inside of us. As a dreamer, I take full advantage of my access to them. One of my favorite pastimes is to eat food I used to enjoy in the past that can no longer be bought. The spring rolls from my favorite Vietnamese restaurant in 2014, the sweetened condensed coffee and chicken saute from another, saag and rice from the first Indian takeout I ever went to. It was amazing. I've never had anything like it since, and may never again—except literally any night I please.

      Ah, but last night wasn't pleasant. I dreamed I found an old family album. It's one I've never seen before, and it occured to me that this dream album contained all my missing photos (any that I want it to contain). That's why it looked new. It was just for this.
      There's a lot of family memories I'll never be able to relive—old photos that are gone, copies of my mom's songs...
      So I thought now's the opportunity. I can get back some of those memories.
      I'll never lose them. I may never again hear the recordings of her voice or see her smiling face during waking, but I'll always have this album in my dream home to look at any time I want to remember her again.

      I couldn't...
      Just sat there sobbing in my miserable dream.
      My SO woke me up, says I was acting distressed in my sleep.

      Well, this entry took a turn for the sad. Whoops.
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