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    Interdimensional Bus

    by , 01-11-2024 at 04:56 PM (121 Views)
    This was lucid, but it's not very noticeable because I tend to just go with the dream and not control most things.

    Dreamed last night that me and my SO were going somewhere. We hopped onto a public bus. When the bus stopped, she got off for a restroom break, but the bus driver was inconsiderate and drove off without her just as she was trying to board even though she was right there trying to get back on.

    I asked the driver to let me off at the next stop so we wouldn't be separated (I would rather miss our trip), but it turned out to not be for a while. The bus continued through the countryside past farms and wilderness.

    It wasn't until after we drove through a tunnel that we reached the next stop that was inside of a station. I asked the driver how often he comes around.

    "Every few years." he said gruffly, making it clear that my problems were not going to be any of his business, so I didn't make it his business, but I was a bit concerned.

    I got off the bus and discovered that this was an entirely different dimension. The tunnel was actually a portal according to the workers. They were transporting goods on palettes, loading vans, and working alongside drivers to ship things back and forth through the portal to handle legal trades between the two dimensions.

    As such, they were wary of me and checked that I didn't have any contraband, though it wasn't unusual for passengers to take that bus that comes around every few years, so this was all pretty routine. They seemed annoyed at the extra work more than anything.

    They told me that I should have gotten off the bus before going through the portal if I didn't want to be here, and now I would have to wait for the next bus. I told them I wasn't willing to wait for years and showed them some of my dream powers to get the point across.

    So they begrudgingly agreed to let me go through the shipment area. Following their directions, I got back into the tunnel and headed back into the original dimension I was in. While in the tunnel, I felt more in touch with my waking memory (awareness increase).

    I was able to reunite with my SO, who said the bus (the regular one that we were SUPPOSED to get on, not the interdimensional one) comes around every few hours. So we could catch the next one and continue our trip.
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