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    Driving off The Cliff (Lucid Nightmare)

    by , 08-11-2023 at 12:28 PM (200 Views)
    Just had a lucid nightmare. I’m currently waking myself up fully to avoid DEILD.

    It would have been much worse if it wasn’t lucid. I dreamed that myself, my spouse, and an ex friend were driving through the hills. We hung out, caught up on old times, stopped at a café, and drove for a bit.

    I bought the ex friend some food and thought things were going okay, though she seemed cold. Then, suddenly, she swerved and intentionally drove us off the side of a cliff.

    I was lucid, so I made us land gentry and then snapped time back a few seconds to put us back on the road.

    But she immediately did it again and again… and again. She grinned and I realized that she was lucid. She knew I was rewinding time.

    She had every intention of driving us off a cliff. It wasn’t a misunderstanding or an accident.

    I got fed up and pulled her off the steering wheel, then shoved her out the window. After she was gone, I sat back down with my spouse and had a breather.

    I woke up with the next natural WBTB.

    I still feel uneasy. It’s that uncanny sense you get about a person. It feels like they’ll kill you if they’re bored and can get away with it, but that’s so extreme, you tell yourself there’s no way…

    But this feeling didn’t originate in dreams. I’m more aware now. It’s real.

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