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    side notes

    Side Notes

    1. Nap recall

      by , 04-27-2013 at 09:09 PM
      nothing again from last night, but i took a 2 hour nap around 11 and managed to pull back a decent bit. not going to record them here because all three of them were just me trying to get off - apparently i was really horny when i went to sleep >_< in any case, at least i pulled some back - even if i was only because i took a nap.
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    2. Fragments - Buffy - back to dreaming

      by , 04-24-2013 at 04:33 PM
      Its amazing what a few days of willfully ignoring your dreams can do for long term recall.
      I've been going through the buffy series again and all I really remember from the bulk of the dreams last night was that they were about buffy and the characters on the show. As
      I was waking up I had a few more snippets, but a week ago that same state of sleep/wake would have pulled a few paragraphs - vivid remembrances. In any case, from my paper DJ:

      Buffy. coffee shop closed. world covered with snow, most dreamscape and not characters ((was trying to say that in the dream i was making note especially of the world around me, and that there was little if any focus on people walking around)) spike trying to skate with buffy and angel (he had no shirt/pants, but I couldn't see below the waist anyway). My mind was very busy creating the last 30 min or so. most still faded before i got to the notebook. ((entered later))There were cigarettes smoked at some point.
    3. first try with my bracelet - better RCs

      by , 04-12-2013 at 06:24 PM
      so, yesterday i decided to use a bracelet that i always wear as a kind of RC. i wrote some numbers on it figuring they wouldn't show up right in the dream. unfortunately it didn't quite work out - i think my mind has turned that particular number combination into a picture, therefore defeating the number test. i did, however, manage to bring the bracelet into two separate dreams (at least - all i could remember) and actually had a 'wait a moment' and did a RC with my bracelet (even if i did fail). plan on still using the bracelet, but imagining something else on it/reminder to do *other* RCs. also trying to be more aware in daily life. ADA. used to meditate a lot, so not that unfamiliar with the process, just out of practice. also, found myself naturally waking up ~4-4.5 hours after going to sleep - around 12/1230am. wasn't sure if that would be the case considering my wacky sleep pattern (i'm trying to force it to normalize yet again).

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