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    Lucid, back garden antics.

    by , 11-19-2011 at 02:36 PM (688 Views)
    I wake up in my bed, decide to nose plug RC I can breathe!
    I get up out of bed, walk out of my room, its still really dark, I float down the stairs, my dad is slumped at the bottom, against my front-door. He mumbles something to me as i pass him, i ignore him and carry on.

    I walk through my living room to the doors that lead to my garden, when i reach them i start punching the glass in the door, it doesn't break and i can feel my hand connect, i try again, harder and harder but still nothing happens. I give up and just open the door to walk outside, its light out now, i walk down the patio section and try to fly, i manage to float a few metres forward but thats all. I'm determined to fly so i start jumping hoping that i will get higher and higher, but i don't. I decide i want a fight and see my mother appear from my bedroom window at the top of the house. She looks stern and angry (which is just NOT like her) She throws a small brownish like box at me from the window, i raise my hand and stop the box in mid-air with TK and send it flying back at her. She disappears from the window so i try to bring the entire side of the house down with TK, i manage to make it shake and dust and steam flies out of the top but other than that, nothing happens. My mum comes out of the double doors that i just used and steps onto the patio, sword in hand. I need to find a weapon and reach into my pockets, after a few seconds of feeling around i can feel a sword-hilt, i take it out. The sword is very small, but its all i got.

    We start to fight with the swords, faster and faster, until they are just a blur and i wonder how i can keep up with this. Then i start to hear noises, screams and shouts, from a few gardens down, they don't sound bad, they sound like a few people having fun. "enough of this, i want to go over there, it sounds like fun" my mum walks back inside while i walk to the end of my garden, listening to the noises.

    I wake up in my bed, but its outside in my garden, its daytime and i get up and walk towards my house, on the way i find a huge sword, laying on the grass but cant make sense of it.

    I wake up for real.

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    Tags: fight, lucid, sword
    lucid , false awakening