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    by , 01-20-2014 at 01:55 PM (488 Views)
    As the last few dreams, seemed short, seemed broken and fragmented with things happening as if almost out of order. After waking then holding the dream in a almost dreamlike meditation things cleared up..

    The skies were dark and overcast early on it seems. My view is traveling with what seems like three others throughout the dream and its settings save for this first part. At first we I was searching for something or someplace, a booth selling something. We were, I say we now because there is a sense of a second involved in me looking, looking in a small town. Seemed like early spring... cold, a damp sort of. I came to a circle area with buildings around it, a town center perhaps. It was like a fair with people selling things from booths. I find myself in front of a booth with a husband and wife selling spiritual things they have made. I recognize stuff and writings on the stuff but do not buy anything.

    The dream shifts to going down, then up hills. Wet and muddy now with great difficulty progress is made. There is much detail to the whole dream but it seems somewhat insignificant all the way through in and of itself. Seem to be in a cart going down the hill struggling to get around and over objects in the path. On foot then going up hill in thick deep mud. We are clearly travelling East and it is as if the whole dream I am seeing from a point ever so slightly just to the west and north of what is happening. At the top of the hill it dries out and sun is actually trying to shine in spots through the trees at the top. There is a hole through the trees to the other side of the top of the hill. But before I get there to the top the dream shifts south and changes.

    In a building, like a motel at some sort of convention. Its kind of dim inside. There are windows to the north and east, A door in the south east corner and one we seem to have come in from the south west corner which is standing left open. There is conversation among the three as to where to go next. Then we find an opening , a secret compartment in the west wall near a closet. We seem to find flashlights. They are distributed one to each of us. the three and one more to me, making 4 in total. As I look at them, and to mine in hand I see that they are silver and have like computer keys on them with what looks like characters on them, Chineese perhaps Sanskrit or similar eastern text. I look over and the three are eating their flashlights , which now look like scrolls. I look down at mine and the letter are floating off the body of the flashlight, unrolling like a scroll. I seem to be grabbing up the letters like bits of candy to eat. Dream abruptly changes.

    Travelling outside in ever increasingly mountainous terrain. Starts following a paved road, then gravel, till no road exists as we start climbing rocky terrain at continually steeper vertical angles.
    Something is chasing us, a large monserous sort of thing. Seems like a dog at first then as other forms as we progress, the constant seems that watever it is it seeks to devour us before we reach our end destination. Teeth, claws and fangs.. growling and hissing it seems to hang on our heels the whole way.
    As the summit comes into view things shift to where it seems it is no longer chasing me, but I am behind it chasing it while it chases the other three. I see the three nearly on the top of the mountain peak, with the monster behind them aways, and I am back off and moving behind it. The feeling of threat seems to vanish. dream ends here.

    There was more content to the dream outside involving 3 other people and my viewpoint doing yet other things I may elaborate on later as I have time.

    Added: The 3 other people plus myself were in a café of sorts. One had a laptop computer and was trying to add a separate screen to it, one that would give a larger perspective. The goal was to have two views at once working together.

    This has tremendous meaning related to Dzogchen texts I was refreshing myself on last night before bed. I will comment on later.

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    1. NonDualistic's Avatar
      I call this dream "Integration" because the three persons and my view are all aspects of myself that are seemingly separate but work together in the totality of the one being. The café with the computer screens suggests that you begin with one perspective and end up with two, one smaller and one larger to integrate into one view. Many teachings are out there that also suggest such.
      The journey through the mud down and up hill, in cart and on foot, suggest to me the starting out on the journey moving through the mire of conceptual thought and spiritual "practices". Slow going with seemingly lots of effort.
      Arriving at the motel suggests reaching a point where the effort is/has been/ is being replaced by the light of tasting what the teachings are all about first hand, where doubts and speculations are replaced by first hand real knowledge and understanding. That my view is in the process of eating its flashlight/scroll, suggests I am beginning to taste something critically essential, a fourth component of knowledge.
      The climb up the peak of the mountain with the monstrous entity in chase suggests that 3 of the 4 components are near or at the peak, but not quite to the tip waiting for the fourth. The monster chasing closely but not quite catching all suggests subtle desires and concepts that threaten to derail the whole journey. That the 4th aspect, my view, shifts to pursuing the monster and catching up with the other three aspects suggests , as does the beginning to eat the flashlight /scroll, that I have began to realize threats, while the cessation of the feeling of threat suggests that I am gradually working these things out of the picture. The dream ending prior to reach the other three at the summit suggests just a little more to do.