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    Mired down.. going in circles

    by , 01-27-2014 at 04:00 PM (276 Views)
    Another one very difficult to recall afterwards...Not sure on the order in which this all took place, but here is the highlights remembered

    Skies were dark and overcast, though the whole dream is set during the daytime. I find myself at the bottom of a steep bright green grassy bank laying on my back with my booted feet laying out on some mud at the edge of a lake. The bank is to the west stretching north and curving back around to the west out of sight. It also curves around to the south. The where I am at is the southwestern corner of the lake. Flat ground stretches south and east into low rolling hillsides. The lake stretches North as far as I can see as does the eastern shore of it. The lake also seems to stretch on back to the west out of sight.
    I try to stand and my feet sink into the mud. there is a lot of excessive struggling, standing, sinking, falling, etc etc. I try to go east through the mud to the shore over there. Setting foot to the south seems not an option, though dry ground is right there.
    I get a little ways out into the water but cannot go more without being sucked under by the mud. Managed to get ahold of some rotten tree stumps sticking up and gradually pull myself back to the west bank.

    Dream shifts to a being inside a city, in and around buildings that are damaged as if by severe earthquakes. People are milling around here and there. Sometimes my view is as if walking around in the company of others, and other times it is riding around in a big truck or other large vehicle. A lot of this part of the dream is mainly facing west , and as if going in circles from west to east to north and back to west again, over and over. Seems as if trying to get somewhere but with great confusion as just how to go.
    then there is a part where I am with my father, and other persons looking at two plates of food being offered to eat from. Both seem to have the same thing on them. Looks like fried chicken or baked chicken. Though there is something seemingly different somehow, not sure what or where the difference is though. At first I just don't want to eat that, for no other reason that I would rather have something tastier. Then I seem to just drop that thought and I am ok with eating it. The dream ends there.

    I have been having the feeling of being mired down in concept lately, and meanings being carried by those concepts. There is a real urge in me to just drop all conceptual thinking , a urge to really just taste what eludes me.
    the dream seems to suggest that being mired as such is keeping me from the east bank, and northern travel. That some other thought , thinking, or desire is keeping me from tasting this knowledge first hand.

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