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    More than meets the eye

    by , 01-14-2014 at 02:00 PM (241 Views)
    Prior to bedtime, I was sifting through the DV forums and stopped upon the dream interpretation sub forum. Read the sticky posts at the top and a few of the dreams posted and realized that there is nothing to really definitively help anyone help themselves in interpreting their own dreams. Wrestled with writing a article to submit, but kept asking myself who am I to jump in like that...

    Still the urge persists..

    At bedtime I framed up reacquainting myself with the variety of meanings in my own dreams. Focusing on recalling the keys I used to be familiar when I was keeping track diligently a couple years ago..

    All I got for a dream was a very short, at first seemingly meaningless dream..

    Dreamview opens into my repair shop out front. Roll up door is open to the east and my perception is facing east looking out the door. Inside its kind of dark, but outside it is bright and moderately sunny with some clouds passing by overhead.
    A vehicle drives up from the west and south and parks at the south side of the shop just out of view. The doors open, I actually hear them for a change, and two persons get out. They are my wifes sisters husband and their daughter. The daughter is leading the father, happily hopping and skipping along, as they come across the front of the shop. They are headed north to something down at the other end of the building going on outside. I then woke up.

    At first this seemed so short and insignificant. I closed my eyes again and meditated. Went into almost another dreamlike state. Facing east is significant. Seems to face east is to make new realizations. The dc's heading North is also significant in making spiritual progress. At the same time, from other dreams I have had, I also realized that moving upwards is also a sign of spiritual progress and realization.
    The vehicle driving up from the south and west is also a symbol of moving along spiritually as is the two persons getting out of it. the vehicle represents ones self, as in body person persona. The two inside that get out represent a higher and lower self, a parent and a child... spiritual writings are plentiful with such metaphor. Male and female also has meaning. All of these things are spoken of in
    Christian writings referring to teachings from Jesus as to the inner workings of spirit. All of this speaks to the individual and the inner relationships of one aspect of oneself to another. It all rings bells in texts I have read from Islam to Buddhism, to Hindu teachings and more.
    As a note: One must also realize that there is not a "cookie cutter" approach to the metaphors. Meanings can shift from one dream to the next depending upon how the components present themselves overall.

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