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    by , 04-28-2016 at 03:22 PM (443 Views)
    Medium LD #401
    Something is wrong with my phone. It keeps playing the wrong video or music. Then I see that the curtains have been stuck out of the windows which are now closed, meaning the fabric is on the outside. I open the windows and pull the curtains back inside. While doing this my partner's car pulls up on the driveway so I rush downstairs to open the front door.

    Back inside the front room there is a game going on. I collect dice that are scattered on the floor. In a corner of the room is a d10 that is glowing bright white. Dice of power! Alright. I walk through into another room and someone attacks me. I reveal the dice of power clutched in my hand and they back off. Also, in my other hand, a blue triangular stone with a spiral inscribed on it has appeared.

    This makes me lucid and after a moment inspecting my hands and arms I look around seeing my sister and another DC. The only exit is a window. At first the glass is solid and resists any attempt to pass through it but after some effort it starts to stretch like molten plastic.

    Outside is a garden with a street at the far end. JR and a couple of other DCs are walking along it. Remembering the task of the year I call out for a goat.

    From the rocks and bushes at the side of the garden a rather small brown goat tumbles out. It bleats and picks itself up unsteadily. I check it is solid and can feel its coarse hair. "Now unleash the Chimera!" I gesture at the goat and tranform it. It grows to 3m tall and its body turns more lion like while its head and face become an angry predatory bird with a hooked beak.

    There's no one here though. "Attack!" I command the Chimera while spinning around and seeing some DCs further up the garden.

    The Chimera leaps up onto the rocks and the DCs panic. "Use your lightning powers!" The Chimera becomes covered in an aura of flashing blue lightning that electrocutes several DCs that fall to the ground.

    "Use fire breath!" The Chinera spins around and unleashes a flamethrower style gout of flame that incinerates a man running towards it. "Use your poison tail." The Chineras tail whips out and stabs a man in the chest. He staggers and falls down.

    The dream is starting to destabilise though... noooo...

    Before the final part can be completed the dreams fades. I stay perfectly still and DEILD back in.

    The reformed dream has me lying in bed though. Something in my mouth feels loose and I pull out a weird metal bracket. I'm still semi-lucid and trying to get back on track. There is a computer screen near the bed, so I use that to try and control the dream. The Chimera is on screen waiting, like a computer game. I'm about to send it off attacking enemies again when I realise the first part about transforming a goat... so I attempt to turn it into a goat and it shrinks into some weird little squid thing. Uh...

    The next attempt has it become a large cartoonish goat, in fact the graphics for the entire dream become 'warcraftish'. A DC tries to distract me by asking something but I ignore them. Waving my hands and chanting some magical made-up words I tranform the goat into my Chimera monster again. It has a similar form to before but more cartoony in fitting with the whole dream.

    This time the Chimera is under my telepathic control. Waves of enemies with swords and spears start charging in so I use lightning and flame breath kill them.

    The Chimera is perfectly under my control and breathes out an ice cloud that solidifies two more DCs. "Smash the ice!" Dutifully the Chimera raises up onto its hind legs then smashes down on the frozen figures with both front paws.

    Oh yeah poison tail... last one. The Chimera has a long lions tail but it is whipping around and is easy to imagine as a snake. It buries its fangs in one DCs neck but now the Chimera and myself have merged into one being and the enemies are swamping me. The crush of numbers starts to destabilise the dream and I wake up.
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    1. Verre's Avatar
      Nice job DEILDing back in! Dreams like to destabilize at the critical moment, just to torment us... cliffhanger endings are bad enough on TV!
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    2. obfusc8's Avatar
      Thanks! I don't often have much luck with DEILD, but didn't want to fail the TOTY again after getting so close...