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    Elephant TOTY

    by , 01-28-2017 at 01:32 PM (249 Views)
    A bunch of people are sitting on a wooden floor watching a small screen. It shows some weird film, and this makes me lucid again. I remember the elephant TOTY and walk straight out the closest door into a jungle. There are vines hanging down and the noise of hundreds of birds and animals nearby. An elephant walks out of the trees towards me.

    I climb onto the elephant and start to ride down the narrow trail, reminding it that this is a dangerous war-zone. Angry natives jump out of the trees and try to attack me with spears. I swing my arms and kick them away. One of them angers the elephant which then starts charging through the jungle and trampling everything in it's path. I concentrate on holding on.

    The charge becomes so fast that the scenery blurs and I wake up.

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