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    DEILD Chain #2

    by , 09-05-2012 at 03:46 PM (486 Views)
    I had another DEILD chain when I took a nap this afternoon.

    1. Had a DILD where I spontaneously got lucid. I managed to summon an ice cream for my dream food goal, but instead of a cone, it was a banana I was holding, with strawberry and cookies on top. I changed it to a proper cone, which was awesome because I could see the banana morphing right before my eyes. I woke up while eating the ice cream.

    2. Stayed still and imagined the last scene with the ice cream, and entered the dream again. This time there was an ocean near me, and I considered doing the TOTM but I chickened out (ophie you're right, oceans are kinda creepy esp at nighttime). I decided to do my month goals instead, and I remembered to flip a table. I summoned a large wooden table, and flipped it. It wasn't as heavy as I'd thought it would be. I put it upright and flipped it one more time. Then my mom entered my room and I woke up again.

    3. I DEILDed again, and I was glad my mom left right away and didn't wake me up. I yelled out for my dream guide a few times while walking around touching objects like the trees and rubbing my hands. I woke up again. Because my mom entered the room yet again.

    4. My mom called me, and I focused real hard on reentering the dream and ignoring her (sorry mom). Success. My mom must've left after I didn't respond. I was back in the last dream scene, and there was an man standing in the corner, looking at me. I tried to go near him, but this time my mom woke me up and shook me until I finally got up.

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