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    DEILD Chain

    by , 09-05-2012 at 03:40 AM (666 Views)
    Non-lucid Lucid Awake

    I came back from school at around 2 pm, since we didn't have any classes anymore. I did the SSILD technique until I rolled over and fell asleep.

    I was dreaming about a man chasing me in the mall, and he was yelling "La sangre! La sangre!" which means "the blood" in Spanish. I was holding a sealed vial of blood in my hand, and I was apparently hiding it from him. After a long chase scene, we stopped in front of a Korean hairstyle salon, and he suddenly morphed into the Korean guy on the poster. I reality checked and got lucid.

    (1) The guy vanished, and everything went really dark, like the mall was closed already. I tried shouting "Clarity!", "Light!", and some other commands, but nothing worked. I was afraid a monster was gonna pop out of the darkness. I was not necessarily afraid of monsters, but they might shock me into non-lucidity or wake me up. So I decided to lean against the wall and imagining coming out of a new dream scene on the other side. I closed my eyes, and felt like I was sinking into the wall. A few seconds later, I heard a distinct sound of a door creaking. The sound was very vivid, that I was awed while I was hearing it. When I opened my eyes, I had apparently gone through a door and ended up in my classroom, with my classmates and professor having a lecture. Cool, I thought. I changed dream scenes! I must have been smiling like an idiot by then. I walked around the back of the room, not minding the DCs having a class. I saw a door and entered. It was a really weirdly-shaped bathroom, with uneven corners and deformed structures inside. Then the whole room started to shrink or something. It felt really tight too, until I woke up from the dream altogether.

    (2) I stayed still when I noticed I had woken up. I started seeing blobs of white moving before my eyelids. At the same time, I noticed my head was throbbing too, like there was pressure inside it. It was very uncomfortable and borderline painful, but I knew it was all in my mind so that helped me to not panic. The white blobs looked really bright, until it just vanished, and I found myself in a room with several people. I was very amazed that the DEILD had worked, and that I was lucid all throughout the transition. The people in the room looked about my age. This time, I had no control though. I couldn't summon anything, nor could I fly out of the room to do other stuff. Someone mentioned that everyone in that room was a mutant, like in X-Men. A girl went to the corner and told us to stay on the other side. To my surprise, she turned into a huge shark. Like, HUGE. She filled half the room, and it was weird because..well she was a shark, on the concrete floor in the middle of a room. Lol. I started to wake up again.

    (3) I knew I had just exited a lucid dream, so I attempted to do a DEILD chain. I stayed still again, and soon enough, the same bright white blobs started moving behind my eyes. It slowly became less intense until I saw that I was in the mall I had just been in before. I immediately tried to remember my monthly goals, and I remembered one of them was to watch an aurora. I started to walk outside, while imagining the sky turning into nighttime, since it was daylight outside and an aurora would be better to look at in the dark. I didn't manage to make it nighttime though, only twilight. So it was still kinda daytime but kinda nighttime as well. Then I saw these really pretty colors. There were streaks of yellow, red and green stretched out like ribbons across the sky. I also noticed that there were some strings that were hanging in front of me, and they seem to have come from somewhere high above me. I pulled them one at a time, and when I did, the ribbons of colors in the sky seemed to be pulled along with the strings, like they were connected. I thought that was really cool. I pulled them some more, making the aurora dance to my liking. Then, I heard a commotion somewhere near me. I ran to a group of people. A man apparently died of a heart attack or something. Then I woke up again.

    (4) I stayed still yet again, knowing I had just woken up from a dream. My heart was racing at this time, because I remember being lucid just a few moments before, and I was excited. This time the blobs behind my eyelids weren't white. In fact, there weren't blobs at all. I just saw black for about 5 seconds, then the dream scene just appeared in front of me. I can't quite explain it, it's like..uhmm.. It's like I was closing my eyes and when I opened them, I was in the dream scene. The dream scene this time was the previous one, minus the people and the aurora. I was still quite aware of everything, so I thought about doing another one of my monthly goals. The one I could remember was to sing. I started singing the first song that came to mind, which was a Taylor Swift song. As I was singing, a band started appearing in front of me. At first they looked like foggy figures, until I reached the chorus, and the band was very vivid. There was a guy on the drums, guitar, bass, and a small guitar-like instrument (I have no idea what it was.) By the time I got to the bridge, I completely forgot the lyrics! I stopped singing, and the band stopped playing. I thought really hard, but I just couldn't remember. I thought about doing another goal, which was to be a mermaid. But before I could do so, I woke up again.

    This time I decided to wake myself up completely, because I was afraid I would forget the previous dreams and lucids. I'm not sure if that was a great idea, or a really stupid one. Should I have gone for another DEILD? Or did I make the right choice in waking up and making sure the previous dreams would be remembered and recorded?
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