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    Lucid #75: WILD

    by , 09-13-2012 at 07:48 AM (640 Views)

    I was so swamped from a whole day of school. When I got home at 6pm, I had some dinner, then slept at around 7. I woke up at 11pm and started studying until 5 am (cramming for a major test hehe). I then decided to take a 90 minute nap before I got ready for school.

    I lay on my side, really really sleepy and tired. After about two minutes, the hypnagogia kicked in. It was a surprise because I'd never gotten them that quickly before. At first it was a quick flash of a yellow bus. Then suddenly it was like I was running at full speed. My vision was blurry at the sides, and it was like I was in a hospital corridor, with people walking slowly beside me. It felt amazing because within a few seconds, I started feeling air on my face and body. This went on for about a full minute. Then it suddenly stopped, and I was standing in front of a surgery room. I could tell it was a surgery room because it had double swinging doors, and a 'no entry' sign (the red circle with the slash). A classmate of mine came out of the door. She was Chinese and wearing scrubs. At that point I made her vanish, then walked toward the door, planning to teleport through it and into another dreamscape. I woke up before I got to the other side.

    The odd thing is, when I woke up, 45 minutes had passed already. This makes me really curious. I was aware the whole time, and I could have sworn the whole thing only lasted less than 5 minutes! I wonder how that works: did everything happen in ultraslow motion in real time? And did my mind just make me think and feel like it was 5 minutes? Weird.
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