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    Lucid #76: Advanced ToTM

    by , 09-16-2012 at 02:13 PM (894 Views)
    My house was on fire.

    I was panicking, and waterbending any water I could find into the flames to put them out. I was thinking of just firebending the flames, but for some reason my dream self knew I sucked at firebending. I was in the kitchen when I suddenly got lucid. Everything went HD instantly, which was really awesome to witness. I stood there, amazed at the realistic graphics of the dream. I walked outside, leaving my house in flames, and not caring a bit. I didn't think about stabilizing, because the last few times I tried to stabilize, it ended up making the dream hazy, I have no idea why. This time everything went smoothly. It must've been because I didn't think the dream would fall apart, so my mind found no reason to do so. If that makes sense.

    I was out in the middle of the street. It was nighttime and there were no cars around. I closed my eyes and imagined a huge pool of water appearing in the road. When I opened my eyes, there it was. It looked like a huge pond with blue-black water. For a moment I thought, "Am I really doing this?" For the past few lucids, I've been planning to do it, but I always chickened out at the last minute. I was afraid it would be too scary and shock me awake, or make me lose lucidity.

    Oh, fvck it.

    I jumped in. I was underwater, a few feet from the surface. It was very dark, but I could see that there were dolphins around me. They looked so cute, just a bit larger than me. There were about 5 or 6 of them, swimming playfully. Then I remembered my last unfinished personal monthly goal, which was to turn into a mermaid (thanks NoDaniel for the idea ). I was initially planning to turn into a mermaid while doing the advanced ToTM, so I'd hit two birds with one stone. Plus, it'd be easier to travel underwater and there won't be any breathing problems.

    I closed my eyes and imagined turning into a mermaid. I tried moving my legs but it felt like they were glued together. They felt very light too. I looked down at myself and saw that I had a shimmery silver fin, which was about twice as long as my normal legs. It was really cool. I decided to swim down, thinking that the deeper I go, the further into the past I'd end up in. (Perfect logic seems legit ) After about 20 meters or so, I started seeing huge aquatic thingies moving past me. They moved really fast so I couldn't see what they were. I shifted upright, and stayed still. Then this ginormous crocodile-looking creature moved beside me. It was quite different though; it didn't have reptile scales, but a fish-type skin. I could see there were about 3-4 of them in the distance. There were also a lot of squid-looking creatures that were as big as me, floating around. There were seaweeds too -- I had to push some of them away from me.

    I decided to swim back up to the surface.
    I must've lost lucidity sometime in between, because I don't remember ever reaching the top.

    P.S. So I was looking up pics of the cretaceous period animals and found this, and I remember seeing it about 2 weeks ago. Good job brain, for remembering

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    1. JadeGreen's Avatar
      My most recent dream was involving aquatic creatures too... Gratz on the lucid.
    2. paigeyemps's Avatar