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    Lucid #77 & 78

    by , 09-21-2012 at 12:34 PM (714 Views)
    I had two lucids during my nap this noon!

    The first one was a false awakening, and the interesting thing about it was that in the FA, I had sleep paralysis. Until now I can't be sure if I had it in real life, or if I had it in the dream. Either way, it felt really amazing. My chest was so tight that I couldn't breathe. I realized that I was in sleep paralysis and I calmed down. I am also proud of myself for remembering not to panic even though I couldn't breathe or move. Of course I think it kinda helped that I have asthma irl, because I knew how to maximize my breathing when I have trouble with it. Anyway in about 2 minutes, I opened my eyes and found myself beside my mom on my bed. I reality checked via noseplug, and I could breathe! I also pushed my finger through my hand and really observed. It went through, and it felt really cool and strange. I looove catching FA's!

    Went out and remembered something a DV member mentioned on here. He was wondering what it felt like and if it was possible to have four arms in a lucid. I gave that a go. I closed my eyes and imagined two more arms sprouting indian goddess style on my hips. When i opened my eyes, they were there, and I could control them the same way I would any other body part. It's hard to describe because it's similar to how you control the movement of one eyebrow or making your ears move it's something you can't really teach or explain. But it was so cool nonetheless. I did a little indian goddess pose, the one with the arms in diffent directions while squatting. Hahaha. Then walked around and lost lucidity.

    The second lucid was spontaneous, and it was one of those "lucidity via dream atmosphere", as I would call it. Just something about the atmosphere that's a bit off, even though everything looks realistic. Kinda like when you go away on a long vacation, and when you come back home, it feels a bit odd at first, if you know what I mean. Anyway, I was outside, and decided to fly with angel-type wings. I've only used those kinds of wings once in a previous lucid goal, but I wanted to try it again. And so I did. I ran on the ground for a few meters, then jumped up and imagined unfurling my huge fluffy wings. I looked to my side and I could hear them flapping every few moments or so. I felt free. I flew back down after a few minutes, and got tangled up in some wires. Lost lucidity some time after that.

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    1. CanisLucidus's Avatar
      Kinda like when you go away on a long vacation, and when you come back home, it feels a bit odd at first, if you know what I mean.
      Hey, very insightful! That analogy had never crossed my mind but it's perfect. Come to think of it, seconds after stepping back into the house after our last vacation, I did a reality check because I had exactly that weird feeling.

      I love the idea of the multi-arm transformation w/ the Lakshmi pose. That's on my dream goals list and I even had a non-lucid about growing more arms. Unfortunately, when I looked at my "arms", it was nothing but a suit a la Doctor Octopus.

      And congratulations on the two lucids in a single nap. Impressive... I'm still yet to have even one LD via nap!
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    2. paigeyemps's Avatar
      Thanks CanisLucidus! Good luck on your goal! I'm sure you'll do it soon, as you've been having some great progress
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