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    Night of January 18 2015

    by , 01-20-2016 at 02:27 AM (541 Views)
    Yeah, I've been pretty disconnected with lucid dreaming in general. At this point I can't promise anything, but I hope to have more entries available. On a side note, I had a nice WILD tonight. I feel confident that if I can WBTB and WILD every night, I could have lucids every night!

    Besides that, I didn't remember any other dreams...

    Failed Powers

    I'm awake in my bed. I get ready to start WILD and, like usual, paralysis comes in a matter of seconds. Only auditory hallucinations, which I can't seem to remember, come and it all goes silent. At first, I'm sitting there thinking about when the visual hallucinations which create the dream will come, but I realize the dream may have already started. I get up, do an RC and find I'm in a dream! Strangely enough, this is where my memory of the dream is blurry, as I can't remember which RC I did, or if I even did an RC in the first place. Details become so bright in the dream, and when I start to make my way out the door of my room, I remember the tips to remember your waking life memories and it all comes flowing in. I decide to go in my sister's room, and I find her lying down on her back smiling. She doesn't even blink or move in my presence, and I saw her face being so detailed and accurate. I motion my hand over to her face to get a feel for it, but she kicks me away. I get a bit more aggressive now and start to get in a position to lie on top of her, and I try my earlier move again but she again reacts the same way. I decide to leave her. Yet another blurry part until I reach outside. I see most of my family and I believe I greet them? I'm not sure. I head outside and recall wanting to summon up my tulpa. I tried summoning a door to find her but that failed and the area was so detailed that I could even see that blotch of colour that you see when you focus really hard. I started to lose lucidity at this point. Out on the street I was on, people from both sides started walking towards me, and if I recall correctly the scene sorta looked like it was morphing into a school setting with lockers (but hadn't completely changed into it). To prove to myself to be completely sure I was dreaming, I tried launching a fireball at one of the people, but to no avail again. I then woke up quickly before I had the chance to chain it. Or the dream just went on non-lucid, and I can't remember it.

    When I woke up that morning, I asked my tulpa about it and she was sleeping at the time. Heh..

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