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    Night of January 6 2016

    by , 01-08-2016 at 12:25 AM (590 Views)
    Oh boy! Been enough time since I've written a DJ entry. I have been consistently writing in my physical one (what I'd like to think ;-; ). I've been doing WBTB for the past few nights and I'm happy with my recall when I do so. Unfortunately, I keep waking up after the first WBTB and being too lazy to write the new dreams. I've missed writing around 5 dreams like this. Tonight's no different, but I managed to have a short LD tonight! The dreams I recalled after the first WBTB are sometimes just me writing in my DJ (lol). Anyway, here are some dream fragments:

    In the dream I wanted to "better myself" or something similar.

    There were a few dreams where I wrote in my dream journal. I distinctly remember one where I tried to WILD after doing so.

    And for the other dreams, and the lucid:

    Get the program, hurry!

    My brother said we had to obtain this piece of software to fix the broken computer. We had to hurry to the store quick or else some other guy would have taken it. I asked if I could have a new PC after this and he said, "maybe". We never did end up searching for the thing and, though I'm not sure if this is in the same dream, there was this dangerous maze I had to navigate that had monsters and was really bloody from all the other unlucky people to have ventured there.

    After quite a few awakenings, I came across this dream again:

    I was controlling this strong man and was entering the maze from the ceiling. I was thinking the monsters'll never catch me from up here, but surprisingly one jumped up very high and nearly bit my legs off. I was back at my real body's view and my brother said, "Come on, we have to go get the software! Remember last dream?" I got distracted by Saitama and Genos (from One punch man) walking down the stairs and had followed them. But I pondered over what my brother said earlier and realized I was dreaming. I was at the bottom of the stairs and there was a turn that led down to more stairs, which led to a door outside. I was at that middle section, and there was a guy standing there. I decided to wear Saitama's hero clothes, and the show's opening started playing in the background. I punched that guy, OPM style. Strangely enough, I did it with my left hand and I'm right handed. Interesting. I went to the bottom of the stairs in front of the door, and I tried using my cape to teleport myself (sorta like Meta Knight) to Boros so I could fight him. That didn't end up working, and I woke up.

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