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    1. Night of April 15 2015

      by , 04-16-2015 at 11:29 PM (My paranoid adventure into the mind.)
      Slave rebellion

      The dream started in this rectangular area which seemed to be a deserted wasteland. Sort of like a desert but without hills.. and no sand.. or cacti.. but more like this, but with significantly less shrubs and plants and whatnot. There was more to it than just this rectangular area, but I paid more attention to this place because there were cardboard boxes spread around, each with about 1-2 people in them with orange or grey prison clothes, with me being one of these people. I recognized a lot of people I know at school within this group. Apparently we were all slaves and we had to go to this store to combine items to create this red dust for the group who were enslaving us. So we went to one of the corners of this area and while the place looked tiny on the outside, it was a large store. Nobody seemed to be in this store, so we all took some items to create this dust. Strangely enough, throughout this whole process we weren't restrained by any handcuffs or chains or anything, and also there were no guards watching us. When we realized this, everyone decided to rebel against this group. After that we all took our respective red dusts and left the store to reunite with our cardboard boxes. The dream faded after that.

      A majority of the people I recognized in this dream were from my gym class. And recently, we had to do a test in the gym so we had to spread out.. as for the cardboard boxes, our recent science project involved one.

      Also, stores. They seem to play a large part of the setting in my recent dreams.. I'll have to keep this in mind.

      Very Lucky

      The dream started with me waking up in my bed. The door to my room was open and the other room at the far end of mine's door was open as well. Then I said, "I want to practice dream control right now so this has to be a dream right?" What an odd way to start questioning your reality. I then said, "If I'm really dreaming then I could make anything I think appear behind the corner of the far room." But I started to think of something nightmarish, and before I could control myself I looked back towards that corner. Before I could see anything, the dream started to fade out and I woke up. Though I started questioning reality, I don't really think I believed it could have been a dream. I never would think of something scary if I REALLY believed it was a dream. That's probably something I need to work on when doing daily reality checks. I'm just really glad and really lucky my dream faded before I saw that thing..
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