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    1. Night of May 20 2015

      by , 05-21-2015 at 10:45 PM (My paranoid adventure into the mind.)
      I'm sorry I haven't posted for a while, I wasn't recording my dreams in a DJ for absolutely no good reason. But tonight I had a very good lucid dream, and (half?) completed one of my dream milestones..

      Need food

      I had a dream where I was in a restaurant-like place. There were lots of people around me and a couple of them really wanted food. The guy at the counter (who wasn't exactly working at the restaurant) was already in the process of making some and the people were surprised. They started eating some so I left down the street to an alley. The alley went downstairs into a sort of restaurant as well. There were lots of tables around and one table was where they were selling the food. I was supposed to get some sort of vaccination before coming here because there was a chance to catch a virus, but the people around me were wearing gloves so I thought that would suffice as protection. I went to grab a pair of them and then left to get some of the food, and I can't remember what happens after here.

      Car crash

      I was in a bus. The bus was going up this street slope, and all around the bottom were flat plains with lots of yellow flowers. There was a turn on the slope and the bus was going too fast, and it fell off the edge to fall down on the plains. On impact, I was sent outside, on the ground near the broken bus. Many people who were in the bus at the time were moaning in pain, and in particular I can recall a young boy who was directly under the bus. In contrast, the worst I felt was light-headed, but nothing more.

      You're my subconscious, aren't you?

      I was in this platformer game similar to the N flash game, and I was also the character in there. I was jumping around when I just suddenly knew I was dreaming. The game started going at very high speeds, and was starting to glitch out and the scene changed, but I retained lucidity. I was on the front yard of a house I can't recognize. My brother is there with me, and for some reason he was really bugging me about something. He kept trying to get my attention and I was so irritated by it that I threatened to kill him with a knife, because he wasn't real anyway. I had my knife at his throat, but I couldn't bring myself to kill him. I don't know if it's because I didn't like the idea, even if it was a dream, or I wasn't completely lucid, but I eventually decided to ignore him and left to walk down the street. I met a friend of mine down there and he said he wanted me to go with him to a restaurant. I accepted and while we were walking I started to view the scenery. It was very vivid, with detailed buildings and city electric cords going across town. I was thinking if I should do one of my dream goals and could recall slaying a dragon. I tried to summon a dragon several times by closing my eyes and opening them again, and was careful not to open my real eyes, but the best I could do was make a puff of smoke in the air and a man's scream. Where did the person's scream even come from? I decided to try again another time and my friend and I entered the restaurant. There were high chairs, like the one you'd see in bars, across the counter and a display case showing pancakes. My friend was ordering some and I was standing at a corner waiting for him to finish up. I started losing lucidity here from the normality of the scene but I caught myself and regained it. The dream started to fade out and I kept calm to get ready to DEILD.

      Woke up, got right back into the dream.

      I was in my room. I didn't get up from bed, but rather I was standing in the middle. There was a person I thought to be my other brother cowering under a blanket in the corner of the room. I didn't really mind him and started towards the door. This intense feeling came over me, so I came over to the person and asked this question completely on instinct:

      "You're my subconscious, aren't you?"

      To my surprise, a small black female teen came out and replied with yes. She came over to me and gave a short kiss. For a weird reason I thought she wanted to take it further and I was getting my "bottom part" ready when she ran out of the room to another nearby one. Embarrassed, I followed her and she was sitting on the bed. I recall asking two questions, one being, "do you keep my memories and all other related information?" and the other I can't forget, but it was related to it. She replied with a simple, "yeah".
      May have to rethink her being my subconscious, but I'm not doubting her yet. For the time being, I'll keep the milestone for it unchecked. We both left downstairs and I saw my sister, but didn't mind her. My subconscious laid down on a table and because her appearance wasn't what I had in mind, I was giving commands on what to change, but before I could finish or do another DEILD the dream faded away.

      Successful MILD + DEILD.

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    2. Night of May 11 2015

      by , 05-12-2015 at 10:32 PM (My paranoid adventure into the mind.)
      I didn't write about last night because there was really nothing special that happened there, just the horrible recall I've had earlier. But tonight was definitely incredible. I recall 2 long dreams (both combined took two pages from my notebook .-.), finally actually did a WBTB, and a DILD (though it only lasted a couple of seconds), along with an FA. So I'll start from the beginning..

      The Night Watchers

      I was in this sort of university dorm. The location around me was this town with not much tall buildings, all were the same house roofs and you could jump from one to the other. I was sleeping at night when a guy came and woke me up. I can't recognize who he was IWL but in the dream I knew who he was, as he was an old friend. I remember him wanting me to do a task with him and me, being annoyed that he woke me up in the night, reluctantly accepted and left with him. I went through this walkway through a park and went up to one of the house roofs. We hopped from one to the other to get to a very large church-like building which clearly stands out from the rest of the buildings. I forget what we had to do there but the next night he woke me up again and we left. Leaving through the same walkway, I could recognize some people I know in real life. We reached these hills in the park and he was setting up some device I saw as a telescope. He told me that it could shoot lasers and we pointed somewhere. I looked over and saw this large white cube, about the size of a fountain. He said that we have to blow it up using the lasers, but it wouldn't be enough and we have to access this same scenery in a dream and use powers in there to make it explode. The scene changed into a bedroom and the guy was getting ready to use the lasers on the white cube. I was about to go in bed when I woke up.

      I felt really awake when I did wake up. I was debating whether to do a FILD, with a fairly high chance of success but I may not remember my last dream, or to WBTB + MILD. I eventually picked the latter and wrote down my last dream quickly as I already felt wide awake and didn't want to stay awake longer to the point where I wouldn't fall back asleep. I urinated in the dark and went back to bed. I had a really runny nose and I felt too awake, as I feared. Luckily, I was able to fall back asleep.

      Bus ride and family union

      I was on the bus. I was heading home when I passed by my older brother IWL who was at a stop. I looked at which bus this is and saw that it wasn't the right one. I got off at the next stop and met up with my friend on this wall in this area that seemed to be a picnic table. The friend said he needed help picking up garbage that he dropped and I was helping him. By the wall, there was a girl and she said to me, "Il y a quelque chose derriere toi." (Translates to: There's something behind you.) I looked behind me but there was nothing there. She pointed somewhere else and I found the last piece of garbage the my friend dropped. The scene changed and I'm in a bathroom. I'm apparently with my family of four, me being the eldest child and two younger children, one boy and one girl, around the age of 6 playing in the sink like it was a pool. And there was my widowed mother in the shower. She opened the curtains and got out, asking me if I wanted to go in. I replied with yes and went in and started taking off my clothes. Strangely enough I never closed the curtains. My little brother IWL was outside a window watching me, and I didn't want him to see me naked but he eventually did, along with the rest of the family. For some reason the younger two children had aged to around 12 and the girl said "He's so cool." I closed the curtains and started taking a shower. The curtains opened by themselves and my mother, now finally clothed, with my two younger siblings were just standing there smiling at me, not in a creepy way. Yup, because when you have 3 people stare at you smiling while you're taking a shower is definitely not creepy. I was thinking that it was strange that I had people looking at me like that, so then I got excited by the thought that this could be a dream. I excitedly looked at my hands only to find that they were completely normal. They even had drips of water on them. But I wasn't convinced that it was reality. I tried another RC, which I'm pretty sure was the nose plug RC, but that failed as well. I then tried flying up, and that's what worked. I flew out the window of the bathroom and decided what to do next. The thing is, though, when I reached the window and was about to go through it, my vision completely blacked out. Then, I had twitching at the bottom of the darkness only to find myself awake in my room. Excited from my LD, I went down to write it. In the hallway, I saw this mirror which didn't reflect me but in fact gave me vision of a classmate who was in my washroom in front of the mirror. Like, I saw her reflection instead of mine. I didn't question it though and went down to find my sister watching a kids show (Not the one from the last dream, my sister IWL). I went back upstairs to my room and was trying to write "Performed MILD" for my dream journal but kept accidentally writing something else instead, which I can't remember. And that's when I woke up.

      Anyway, I'm really happy with myself from this night. Even though I was going for MILD, I got a DILD, and I could recognize something odd in a dream and suspect my reality from that. I think I've just reached a large milestone! Better add a milestones custom block, and I'll add dream goals along with it.

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    3. Night of May 9 2015

      by , 05-10-2015 at 05:06 PM (My paranoid adventure into the mind.)
      It's been exactly 30 days since my first entry! But today's not any different. Didn't MILD and hardly any recall. In fact, I can hardly remember anything. Only around the location I was in but really nothing else. I need to do better tonight!

      Large place

      I was in this large hallway in a school. There was lots of people with me and we were going through. I also recall being in a classroom.
    4. Night of May 8 2015

      by , 05-09-2015 at 08:22 PM (My paranoid adventure into the mind.)
      I didn't try MILD tonight. Could only remember some a portion of my dreams.

      Space Favor

      I was in this vessel and I was in space. I remember being with someone and this person really wanted me to go back to earth and assemble something. I can't remember what this thing was but the scene changed and I was in this very old-time time similar to the Elizabethan era. I recall a carriage going down and lots of markets. I went to this place and was assembling the thing. I ran into a major problem, which wasn't my fault, and couldn't fix it. So I decided to go to further lengths by making something similar. For the record, I'm not even sure if I was assembling something, though I probably was because I remember the thing he asked me involving wheels, but I know I was doing him a favor and I couldn't finish it. I was transported back to the vessel and the guy looked pleased. I went somewhere else and my view changed to 3rd person where a man suddenly appeared in the same room as the guy and he said, "have you still not noticed it?" The guy replied with no and the mysterious man answered with, "he couldn't complete the thing he was asking you so he deliberately pushed himself to help you out!" It was something along those lines, at least. The guy was surprised and I can't remember what happens from here.
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    5. Night of May 7 2015

      by , 05-09-2015 at 05:20 AM (My paranoid adventure into the mind.)
      Aaahhh.. I'm writing so late. Tonight I recall having lots of natural awakenings but not doing anything in them. Also, I can only remember some fragments of dreams which I want to keep to myself.
    6. Night of May 6 2015

      by , 05-07-2015 at 10:35 PM (My paranoid adventure into the mind.)
      MILD's working great! I was able to wake up earlier than I did before (or at least I think I did, didn't really check the time). Last time I woke up at 6:00 a.m. , and today I (think) I woke up around 5:00 a.m. . Even though I centered my MILD more around gaining lucidity than to wake up, I'm glad I'm getting better. Too bad I didn't take the chance to do a WBTB. (Couldn't I have at least done FILD? )

      Without further ado, here's my dream tonight:

      Surprise meeting

      I was in school. It was the end of the day, and I was packing up. Before I left though, there was a boy and his sister in the gym who were staying there for after school practice. They were practicing a sport which I couldn't recognize. I only remember that it involved a ball and going through a maze. For a strange reason, the girl had a very low level of confidence and thought she couldn't do anything in the sport. Her brother couldn't help her either, though he wasn't there at the moment. I forgot how but I cheered her up/helped her and she was back in action. I went to my gym locker to get some things but there was the coach standing in front of my locker. She was talking to some other people next to her. I was about to say something when she asked, "So you want to play for our team?" I replied with no and just said I wanted her to move so I could get to my locker. She did and I got some things and went out to the field. I went to practice for another sport which I couldn't recognize either. It involved an american football, and the name had the word "one" in it. I'm pretty sure it was either rugby or Australian football. I never signed up to try out earlier so I was asking the coach if I could try out now. He said I couldn't so I just went, sad, to the bus stop to find a friend in waking life, who I haven't seen for around 3 years now but we're still in contact. He was the same as I last saw him in waking life, of course. He had a navy blue shirt and was just staring at me from the bus stop. I, in contrast, was about to greet him and ask him how he's been. But the bus came, number 8, and he just went in the bus and it left right before my eyes. Now, I can't remember which part of the dream comes first so I'm going to just tell you both.

      I was back home. My friend was there with me. Contrary to his attitude last time, he was cheerful and was talking with me. My mother was with us as well and we were both playing. My friend suddenly went towards my mom and I felt lonely at that time. When my friend found out I was lonely, he rushed back to my side. I have a good feeling I was reverted back to my friend's age during this time as well.

      The bus came back around. It was bus number 8 again. I recall a girl with long brown hair flowing, but that's the best I can describe her. At the time I was convinced that she was the friend from earlier. She stood against the doorway of the bus and threw books towards my direction. I picked them up and started skimming through some of them, and I recognized one as being about anime. There was a lot of content about a specific one, called Magi, and I was wondering why, but realized that it was a book about Magi, not anime in general. I came to tell my friend and by this time he appeared as he did before. I can't remember how he reacted.
    7. Night of May 5 2015

      by , 05-07-2015 at 02:28 AM (My paranoid adventure into the mind.)
      Tried MILD again today with no luck as well, only this time I could remember a short amount of one dream and fragments of others. Along with yesterday though, I woke up in the morning before my usual awakening time. Maybe I'm getting better at waking up in the night?

      Bus washroom

      In this dream I recall going from one bus stop to another and going back again, or at least it involved riding the bus lots of times. I can't really remember where I saw them but I remember having the presence of my father and other siblings. I finally stopped at a stop and really needed to go to the washroom. So I went in from behind someone, and there apparently was a shower out in the open of the room. It turned on and to my surprise, instead of water, it was bringing out liquid human waste (you know, THAT). To add to my surprise the guy in front of me went and started drinking it. So I went past him, avoiding the liquid, towards a stall.

      Dream Fragments

      I recall washing the dishes at one time. I left and went back to find plenty of dirty cups in the sink, and they were cups that I have in my own home IWL. My mother was telling me that I shouldn't leave it like that and wash the rest.

      Aaaahh... there was so much more fragments but I can't recall them..
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    8. Night of May 1 2015

      by , 05-02-2015 at 05:20 PM (My paranoid adventure into the mind.)
      Been nearly a month since this DJ has started!

      Trip to the cold Antarctica

      The dream started when I got this ticket to a program in Antarctica from a friend who I haven't seen for some time (IWL). She said she had two and wanted me to come with her. Excited, we decided to meet up there. Fast forward and I'm on this large glacier which I thought to be Antarctica. There were penguins around along with some other people with me who were apparently the program supervisors. They were creating holes in the glacier which would fill up with water so that the penguins would have a swimming pool. What? Penguins deserve comfort as well! One of the supervisors who was there with me made this large rectangular pool. Apparently there was a problem where the water wasn't filling it up completely and I fell in the water as well. I wasn't really terrified and I swam across to this rope ladder which led up. Once back up, The scene changed into this building which was similar to a house but more like walls and a roof, and we were still on the glacier. There was a glass wall where the penguins were on the other side, and there was this little hallway which led to a dead end on my right, but it was turned the other way, towards my back. There were people in there along the walls who were the other ones that were admitted on the program. I couldn't recognize the girl who wanted to meet up with me but if I called her name she'd walk up to me. We had to stay in this small house for a couple of hours. Fast forward and I was eating chips. I was talking with my friend and I left to another room in the house where they were selling something. There was more that I did her but I forgot. Fast forward and we were leaving. I had to carry a bunch of bags of food which were apparently mine. I left with the girl and the scene changed. I was in my current school's track field but the school looked like my old one's, and my class was the old one as well. For warm up my old teacher said that it depended on what I wanted to play after it. I picked something and then he said to go do 5 laps. I went to go run it and I spotted a person from my current class. I ran around to find the girl I went to the trip with, along with a friend of hers. I forget what happens after this.
    9. Night of April 30 2015

      by , 05-02-2015 at 02:12 AM (My paranoid adventure into the mind.)
      Playing a game

      I was in this empty living room with two girls I can recognize IWL. They had these bags of candy with them. One of the girls wanted to be kind and give me something (probably candy, but I can't be sure.) but I was mad and didn't accept it. I walked upstairs and said I'll go back down. So I did and when I went up to the girl again I took her away from her. The strange thing is that the bag was magnetically attached to her so there was this force trying to resist me taking it. It wasn't strong enough to completely stop me though. The girl then mentioned, while she was slightly angry with me, that if I go too far the bag of candy will instantly pop back to her. There was then this circular area outlined and I avoided stepping out of it. So I very carefully managed to get upstairs. Keep in mind that the whole time that magnetic-like force kept going on. I then felt very triumphant. The scene changed into this sort of save the princess like game. The setting was the same though, a house. The princess, who was that same girl from before, was out the porch and was being held captive by this lizard monster, in some ways similar to the lizalfos from the legend of zelda skyward sword. I tried to save her but instead the characters changed. I wasn't the person saving the princess anymore and the princess was a different person as well. As well as the monster, who was this snake like creature spewing corrosive substances out of his mouth. There was also much more people around, and they seemed to be filming but me, viewing the scene from a 3rd person perspective and not being visible, never really minded them and thought it was real. The creature spewed the acid and it landed on top of the princess. I was thinking "oh no! the princess is going to die!" but she never did even after the acid came up on top of her again. The savior then slayed the beast and they sat there on the porch interacting with each other in some way.


      I was on the wall with other people, one of them being a friend IWL. We just recently finished a game of league of legends and wanted to do another. My friend was telling me that he wanted to support this time, which is a role in the game, and I didn't mind. We then went on to play a game.
    10. Night of April 29 2015

      by , 04-30-2015 at 10:26 PM (My paranoid adventure into the mind.)
      I could only remember images in dreams and can't really remember it chronologically. I wrote everything I could the best, but it didn't exactly happen in this order.


      I was going to practice running for track and field. I was taken to this ice rink area and the coach told me to run around here. I was with someone else I couldn't recognize. This person was running great on the ice while I was OK but going slow, so the coach was nagging at me. The scene changed and I'm in this house basement. There's a group of people here and they're encouraging me to go run around the school. Apparently this was the basement of the school. I was competing with some other people. I ran out an exit door and a kindergarten line suddenly appeared out of nowhere. I couldn't really run so I waited until I could go again. Now I was running on grass. Another line appeared again so I waited it out and got through. I went around to another corner of the school and stopped. There was a couple of people I know in waking life there, along with some of my family. To the right lead to an open field with a fence in front, and to the left showed the street and a bicycle rack. A friend of mine who I haven't seen in about a year now came up behind me and was asking me to do something.

      There was another time where I was running around the school hallways and I seemed to be in the past because one of the people I was competing with the first time, who was here again this time, looked around a corner and found himself running the same way he was the first time. The "him" from the past just barely missed eye contact with him.
    11. Night of April 26 2015

      by , 04-27-2015 at 10:02 PM (My paranoid adventure into the mind.)
      I could actually recall one short dream tonight!

      Next class

      I was in the gymnasium for my first class. It just ended and everyone seem to have left. The gym had around the same shape as my current one but there was a stage set on the far wall. A bunch of little kids, around 5th graders, came and they were getting ready to play pin dodgeball. I was leaving too but I accidentally knocked over a pin and bent over to pick it up. The bottom was slanted and it took some effort to set it straight. I was heading by the door and for some reason the teacher of my next period class was there. He was going to lead the class I just had over to the next. Bear in mind this teacher was the one I had last semester, he doesn't currently teach me. We were heading up these stairs and we went through these hallways which looked very similar to a basement. We then reached a three way intersection and we went through one way. But around 3 other people went the other way. I was worried they were going to skip so I followed them and they were just sitting around this area. I forget what they said but I wasn't worried anymore so I went back to the classroom. I had to sit in this very deep black chair, which I assumed to be painted that way, so I was about to sit down when a girl behind me left her chair and sat down there. I told the teacher and asked me if I think she was actually a girl. I don't know .-. . All her friends were staring and giggling. I said no and they all burst out laughing. The girl, who was just smiling at me with a mad expression just turned around and I went in her chair. I don't know what happens after here.

      I think it's safe to say that school related things or people is my dream sign, but I'm not assuming anything yet. I'll give it another week (If I can remember any dreams during it ;-; ).
    12. Night of April 23 2015

      by , 04-25-2015 at 12:56 AM (My paranoid adventure into the mind.)
      Still no more luck on the dream recall situation. Only one dream. (But they're more fragments that I just tied together than just a whole dream recalled).

      Long jumps and neighbourhood

      I was at school in gym class. We were doing some event thing so everyone in class were just walking around the halls, while everyone else in the school were at their classes. I remember that a cake suddenly appeared in front of me on a plate and I was taking bites along the way. None of the class seem to cared. We reached the gymnasium again and we were doing this long jump sort of thing. I recall not jumping very far. Then the teacher said to get in partners and one partner had to be in the middle of the other's path when they were running. Basically, when the guy ran and reached a reasonable distance from his partner, he then had to jump and his partner had to grab his foot in the air and push it up, making him go further. I was the one running and my partner, sure enough, was able to push me up making me go further. I remember staying up in the air for a very long time, slowly going down as though I was experiencing a low amount of gravity. It was very cool. The problem was when I was landing, and I was sliding on my side. I couldn't stop myself from sliding to eventually hitting the wall, though it was more like hovering over the ground, but my knee hit the wall before my head, and for some reason I didn't feel any pain. Our class then continued down the hall and I was eating my cake also. The scene then changed and I was on the bus. I passed my stop and had to stop at the next one and walk further. I remember a person I know from waking life being there, only in real life he doesn't take my bus. He stopped at the same stop as me and we continued down the same path eventually going separate ways. The scene then changed and I was in an empty classroom. The desks were arranged in such a way that they represented my neighbourhood. The guy I talked about earlier was there too. He was in some section of the area I recognized. He said he owned around three desks there, or "houses". I then went to my own desk, or "house," and there was more to the dream than just that but I forgot.
      non-lucid , dream fragment
    13. Night of April 20 2015

      by , 04-21-2015 at 09:52 PM (My paranoid adventure into the mind.)
      Tonight definitely wasn't favorable. I could only remember fragments of dreams, and as such I won't give any titles.

      I was trying to get something from a doctor because either I or someone else I knew was sick. We were in this park under a tree. I was also with my grandma.

      I was walking back towards my house. I found this woman who seemed like a family member, so I hugged her. I then remember that sometime later I was walking elsewhere, and my destination was across the street. But because there were no intersections from where I was, I walked backwards from my destination to one so I could get across the street. While there, my brother appeared at the other side of the street, where I was before, and threw something at me.

      I was at a party, and they were serving drinks. There were lots of men and women partying. There was an area of the place that wasn't very lit up, and I was walking around there. I then walked across a hallway and was looking around rooms. There were people doing various things in there that I can't remember.
      non-lucid , dream fragment
    14. Night of April 19 2015

      by , 04-20-2015 at 10:51 PM (My paranoid adventure into the mind.)
      Tonight was great! Remembered two nice dreams and also had a very strange way of getting lucid.

      Let's shared dream!

      The dream started at my house. I wasn't located far from the kitchen, which had my mother and sister in there. My mother was talking about some show she really wanted to watch, and was making some kind of oatmeal for herself. My sister was also there but I forget what she was doing. She was talking about how she really wanted to lucid dream, though she doesn't actively try to induce LD's in waking life. Then I suggested, "why don't we both dream together in a shared dream?" She really enjoyed the idea. So we both went to sleep in our own rooms, but for some reason both our rooms seemed to be merged into one. We went to sleep and I was in another dream scene where it was this city. It had large skyscrapers and other buildings, and it was night time. There was no one else around me. I was instantly lucid in this "dream in a dream," which at the time I thought to be just a dream. I was looking for my sister but I couldn't find her. I then exited the dream to ask my sister where she was. While she was sleeping? She told me where she was so I went back in the dream. To clarify, I wasn't really going to sleep at that time. It was more like hopping to another scene and thinking it was my dream. I found her near a town center. I said that instead of staying this city we should go do something cool. So I transported us to this small area where titans from the anime Attack on Titan were attacking. By this time I was half lucid (should probably add that to my colour code.), and the titans were attacking this small group of people in a living room. I forgot, but I was probably using the gear from the anime as well to kill them. Then a titan in clothes who looked a lot like a teacher of mine appeared. He started talking about various intelligent topics. Haha, that's a lot like him in waking life. But the gas in my gear ran out, and I thought that humanity was a goner. Then suddenly, all the titans ceased being hostile. Then a female titan who acted but not that much looked like my aunt came, and I grew to the titans' size and she let me piggy-back ride on her.

      That's when I woke up. I recalled this dream and went back into another.

      Joker to Anger

      I started in class and the teacher was checking homework. I didn't finish it (That's very out of character of me(no lies)), so I tried to hide it with my textbook and pretend it's not there. The teacher said someone else needed a textbook, so she ripped half of the back page of the textbook, took the textbook then gave me a different one. Wow, I feel sorry for the kid having that half ripped up textbook . The scene then changed to a different classroom. Everything was the same, only that I was sitting at the far back of the class room at this long rectangular table. Also, I had my laptop there with me as well, and I was using it. Teacher came towards me, not with any mad expression. She then started fooling around with the PC, with everyone else surrounding us. I was angry but she retained her joke-like expression. I clearly remember how her smiling face looked like. Anyway, I tried to shut down, but I accidentally hit switch user, and for some reason it just went back to my user. I then remember her pressing the MapleStory icon, which I don't have downloaded, but I quickly closed it. Second attempt, and I hit restart. That's when she finally left and went back to teaching the class. During the time I was thinking she should be teaching instead fooling around here. Someone else in the class took my laptop and started it up again. He was trying to search for something on the internet. My teacher was mad and told everyone that she was mad at someone. When asked who, she wrote his name on the board. Then she drew arrows to these Google Chrome icons, and my view zoomed in to these icons that were leading to the same icon at different locations on the board. I assumed she was angry about his internet surfing. Fast forward and now people (I felt?) were leaving the class room. I looked at the board again and at the bottom right corner I saw, "[My name], happy birthday!" and it said April 28 2015. I just chuckled and left. It's not actually my birthday then (and actually another one of my family members'), but honestly, in waking life, I really would have just chuckled and left if I saw that. I'm just that kind of guy .
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    15. Night of April 15 2015

      by , 04-16-2015 at 11:29 PM (My paranoid adventure into the mind.)
      Slave rebellion

      The dream started in this rectangular area which seemed to be a deserted wasteland. Sort of like a desert but without hills.. and no sand.. or cacti.. but more like this, but with significantly less shrubs and plants and whatnot. There was more to it than just this rectangular area, but I paid more attention to this place because there were cardboard boxes spread around, each with about 1-2 people in them with orange or grey prison clothes, with me being one of these people. I recognized a lot of people I know at school within this group. Apparently we were all slaves and we had to go to this store to combine items to create this red dust for the group who were enslaving us. So we went to one of the corners of this area and while the place looked tiny on the outside, it was a large store. Nobody seemed to be in this store, so we all took some items to create this dust. Strangely enough, throughout this whole process we weren't restrained by any handcuffs or chains or anything, and also there were no guards watching us. When we realized this, everyone decided to rebel against this group. After that we all took our respective red dusts and left the store to reunite with our cardboard boxes. The dream faded after that.

      A majority of the people I recognized in this dream were from my gym class. And recently, we had to do a test in the gym so we had to spread out.. as for the cardboard boxes, our recent science project involved one.

      Also, stores. They seem to play a large part of the setting in my recent dreams.. I'll have to keep this in mind.

      Very Lucky

      The dream started with me waking up in my bed. The door to my room was open and the other room at the far end of mine's door was open as well. Then I said, "I want to practice dream control right now so this has to be a dream right?" What an odd way to start questioning your reality. I then said, "If I'm really dreaming then I could make anything I think appear behind the corner of the far room." But I started to think of something nightmarish, and before I could control myself I looked back towards that corner. Before I could see anything, the dream started to fade out and I woke up. Though I started questioning reality, I don't really think I believed it could have been a dream. I never would think of something scary if I REALLY believed it was a dream. That's probably something I need to work on when doing daily reality checks. I'm just really glad and really lucky my dream faded before I saw that thing..
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