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    Microwaving myself after blasting Darth Vader and destroying Chicago downtown

    by , 02-01-2015 at 01:17 PM (549 Views)
    Microwaving myself after blasting Darth Vader and destroying Chicago downtown (DILD)


    Win Bet (+5 pts)
    Full Dream (+1 pts)
    First DILD (+10 pts)
    WBTB (+2 pts)
    Advanced Flight (+10 pts)
    Dream Stabilization (+1 pts)
    Advance Summoning (+10 pts)
    Teleport (+7 pts)
    Dream Character Interaction (+2 pts)
    Unespecified (blast) (+3 pts)
    Element Manipulation (+8 pts)
    Mass Telekinesis (+10 pts)
    Eat something (+4 pts)
    Use an Electronic (+4 pts)
    Partial Transformation (shrinking) (+4 pts)
    Time Control (+10 pts)
    Meet a teammate (+7 pts)
    Show your teammate a previous dream (+10 pts)

    *Personal dare: Darth Vader is hiding in a spaceship with evil plans. Find and defeat him to save humanity. (dolphin)

    *Personal dare: Visit a big city at night. Then fly into a cloud, find some lightning bolts and throw them down at the city to provoke a blackout. (dolphin)

    * Personal dare: Find/conjure a goldfish and swallow it whole! (blobularwindmil)

    * Bonus Task of February: Microwave.

    Finally after a few weak nights, a good one. I still forgot to write one dream down, and can't recall it.

    Somehow I was in a big house with my wife, I believe that the house was in a small village and there was a barn outside. As I was walking around the house, there was a wall that was literally breathing. It would move like breath and I was a little afraid. There was a tank of gas behind this room and I fear that the whole room was full of gas and about to explode, which it was why the wall was moving. As I walked closer to the wall, I could feel waves of energy, like a massive amount of pressure and suddenly, I heard an explosion. I was in the middle of nowhere, thinking I died when I suddenly turned lucid because I realized the whole non-sense of the situation. The dream quality was decent but I still decided to take a flight in order to make it more stable, however, I decided to fly to space, as it is something that I truly enjoy and I have not been able to make it decently lately. Flying came very easy to me, it was very cloudy outside but soon I could see the blue sky as I flew above the clouds and a few moments after, I started to seeing the stars and some strange shapes around that were moving.

    After flying for a while, I started to think about the ToTM, but I was having a hard time remenbering it. I felt it had something to do with finding a planet or something, but I could not remember well. As I kept flying for a little bit in space (even though there were clouds around like if it was earth, but it was space as it was black with stars) I remember one personal dare that I forgot to do which was to kick Dark Vader's butt. I imagine he would be around me somewhere, but I really did not see him and neither saw a spaceship. While I was floating, I imagine the Death Star, I wanted to try to summon it moving my hands a few times without much success. I then imagined that it was right behind me when I turned back. As I turned back, there it was... even though it was not like the "real thing"

    Around the Death Star there was like a massive purple-black dark mist. It was foggy and I could feel the dream quality lowering. I rubbed my hands to keep anchored to the dream, as I had literally nothing to hold (which is what I prefer) I did not feel comfortable flying through that mist, as it happened many times that I woke myself up after going through some thick fog or dark stuff. I intended to teleport, something normally is easy for me, but I wanted to teleport inside the Death Star and find Darth Vader. I placed my hands in front of my forehead and "made strength" (I do not know how to explain this, something similar like when in Dragon Ball Z they pump up, but without a scream.) Suddenly, I saw a lot of lights, like starship alike and I saw Darth Vader right in front of me. He was holding a gun (yep... I know... weird...) and it was kind of a normal gun. I tried to transform into Luke without any success. I tried to summon him, but I realized I had to kill Darth Vader myself.

    I tried to throw an energy blast at him, and once again, as usual it failed. I really tried hard, instead of just throwing the blast, I imagined the energy coming out from inside my hand. I felt like my hand burning, but also like being cut at the same time, it was not very pleasant but a thin orange alike beam came out from within my hand hitting Darth Vader. There was an explosion and I heard like a scream (I assume Darth Vader's) and then, I saw a lot of smoke and there were like small black pieces of plastic, they looked like plastic pieces from Dark Vader's helped. I felt it was a pretty lame way to kill him, I wanted to do something epic but oh well, it is a dream and sometimes can't help it.

    I decided it was a good time to go bak to Earth. My dream quality was good and I felt I could do a lot more stuff. I flew away from the Death Star that now it had a sky similar to Earth and I really do not know exactly how (dream randomness I guess) I was flying already above Chicago downtown, or at least, it looked similar:

    I recalled I had another personal dare to make a thunderstorm and create a blackout. I imagined electricity coming out from my hands and I felt little sparks around my hands, then my entire body and then there was some random lightningbolts falling all over downtown. It was a similar thing like when in the game Hyrule Warriors Ganon is summoned. There was some fire and I saw a few buildings that were out of light, creating a blackout. However, it was more of a destruction than a blackout, but I felt satisfied.

    I kept flying for a while, a few moments I felt I was going to wake up, but rubbing my hands prevented my awakening.
    I believe I might have lost lucidity for a while here, because I was in some sort of store, I believe it was a blend of a grocery store and a Bed, Bath and Beyond. I was talking with a few employees, maybe doing a customer service test service or something. Until I turned lucid again because I realize that I no longer do any mystery shopping. I saw that I could score some points using Telekinesis. I rose my hands and I imagined a few beach tables there were in the store raising and moving around. At first I could only get them to shake, but after a while, they levitaded and I believe there was other items too, even though it was not of a a high quality now. The employee asked me what was I doing and I told her to just shut up. She said she was going to call the manager and get me fired (okay... whatever...)

    I left the store and I was in a familiar shopping mall. I realized that I have been dreaming for a long time and still did not do the ToTM and I was going to loose my wings. I could not remember the tasks, but only the Microwave task. I went into a restaurant looking for a microwave. It was a Japanese restaurant I believe. It had some decent decor and a fish tank. I recalled I had to eat a gold fish whole, and well, some of the fishes looked similar to a gold fish, just bigger. I grabbed one and surprisingly, it did not try to escape and I ate it. It tasted like an oyster, including having the same texture. It was gross so I just swallowed it without chewing it. I felt grossed out for a while. I saw one of those waiters computers and touched it. I could see some stuff from my own personal computer and then suddenly it turned into a slot machine.

    I went to the kitchen and even though there were employees, they ignored me. I saw a huge door where the walk-in fridge is supposed to be, but I pretended it was a microwave. Upon opening the door, I only found frozen food, but there was like a long aisle inside the very own refrigerator and it lead to what I believe was an employee lounge. I saw there was a microwave and some toys laying around.

    I tried to get in, despite being the size of a normal microwave. I did put my head inside of it and I imagined I would push myself in it. I felt suddenly like if my legs were hanging and getting smaller, until I was able to push myself entirely inside the microwave. It felt a lot bigger once I was inside, so I probably have shrunk. I believe the microwave started by itself, because I heard the noise of the microwave and I felt it was getting very warm. I also felt a little dizzy for some reason and the whole dream was fuzzy, but nothing really happened other than that. However, for some reason I could not get out from the microwave, and I wanted to do more things.

    I wanted to go back in time, and I did the same thing I do in non lucid dreams when I something bad happens, which is closing my eyes, jumping very hard and thinking I went back in time. I was again at the shopping mall.

    I wanted to look for Sensei to ask him for a duel and I pretended I would find him in the shopping mall. He
    (thank you subconscious) told me, "Thanks, I just got 7 points because I am meeting a team mate." I told him that I already had a dream with him and I explained him briefly the other dream were we fought pirates. I also told him we needed to do a duel and we started looking for a room in the shopping mall to do a shadow game. There was a store called Game Empire (that I know from real life) and I asked them if they had a room for a shadow duel. From here, I recall litttle, but I believe I lost lucidity ad shortly after I woke up.
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    1. imazu's Avatar
      Hahaha!! Awesome. I didn't know you would try to chew the fish haha, so funny!
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    2. PercyLucid's Avatar
      I am telling ya... same taste and texture as an oyster. My grandpa who is in Spirit now used to loved oysters and he enjoyed very much eating some with me... I would swallow the whole thing because the texture.... ugh lol.
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    3. imazu's Avatar
      Wow, that's neat you have that memory connection. I don't like that texture either, too slimy!