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    by , 02-14-2016 at 04:21 PM (247 Views)
    I went into bathroom and there was head of my oldest daughter in small wash basin we have there... in dark blue water with some bath foam... I starred fascinated as hand rose from basin to stroke hairs... the head turned... I asked why she is there- she told me she wanted to bath and younger sister occupied bathtub. So I looked to bathtub and saw younger daughter to be in just as dark blue water with foam as her older sister had. She had so much water inside that it was nearly overflowing sides of bathtub. I was annoyed- the water was dripping down to ground and it could damage wooden floor outside of bathroom if more water flowed out. So I asked daughter to vacate bathtub and to let out the water. She did as I asked. Then oldest daughter started to vacate small water basin- she is 12 and she is quite tall (170cm in reality and she will grow further )- it was strange how she fit inside such small volume. When she let water out there was no place she could fit, the basin has maybe 10 liter maximum volume...
    Then I heard strange sounds from bathtub. Bubbles arose from sink... and water started to rise up! It made swell of water inside, maybe 20-30 cm higher than volume of bathtub has. I looked at that miracle, surprised. Then it flowed out of bathtub down to tiled floor rapidly... And I started to mop is as fast as I could before it could end on wooden floor. I used very small sponge to do that, but I managed to sponge water up somehow.

    I felt very annoyed in this dream.
    Water made such strange effect... it made swell which lasted for many seconds...

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