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    Shared dream attempt

    by , 02-14-2016 at 03:46 PM (247 Views)
    I emerged before house. It looked somewhat familiar. Like house of friend I was trying to share my dream with. Yet surrounding was unfamiliar. I decided to try and find whether that house is what I thought it is so I went inside. I was surprised. Once I crossed doors I found myself inside something looking like very big hall... a bank. There were people waiting in lines for money. I backed away from house... The house looked exactly like before. Not the first time house looked much bigger from inside then from outside.
    On the other side of road the big house arose, it looked very old, rustic. The world around me slowly changed. The house and garden surrounding it stayed the same, but whole city grew around it (it was small village before I looked inside of that house). I rose into air, maybe in 2-3m of height and I started to fly down the street.

    I managed somehow to project myself outside of my friend house.
    My friend wasn't inside...
    Space inside of house was about 20 times as big as it should be, and there weren't rooms, only big open hall with
    Atmosphere of dream was similar to astral projection- calm. My concentration was at similar height to AP, yet this was a dream.
    The house and garden was vividly colorful, inners of house (bank), and city were greyish... it was like the garden and house was alight by sun, and city was in dusk.

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