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    Fight- physical and psychical.

    by , 07-25-2015 at 11:52 PM (336 Views)
    I was in the city, where I stood on the bus station. It was night. Lights were shining brightly. Then I saw some fighters attacking the city. People went into panic mode. I observed them for a moment and then I flew fast up into sky. I shot down attacking fighters by bolts of orange plasma emerging from my hands. Then I made aerobatic maneuvers and shot more and more fighters till no fighters remained on the sky... After that I flew down to the buss station and created a big red sofa out of thin air. I sat down and observed people... and things around me. I relaxed and let my thoughts disappear. The stars were shining... and I felt the peace. I sat there for some while, then I stood and dismissed the existence of sofa(it vanished)... then I started to walk away.
    Suddenly I felt that someone caught my right hand. I froze in midstep and turned. It was my long lost friend. She took also my other hand. I felt emotions inside... Both- joyful and dismissive at the same time... I let my emotions to evaporate into nothingness and started to turn away and at the same time I tried to free my hands from hers to walk away. But she held me fast and told me: "Look, I'm sorry what I have done and what I'm doing but I'll need you still. Please don't walk away..." I stood quiet for short time... I let her to hold my hand and we went together on my way to observe the surrounding, around river.

    This LD ended soon after we started walking on bank of river.
    First part of dream was more or less peaceful with nice meditation on the sofa, second part was very emotional at first but then I calmed down and the peace returned.
    Flying was very funny, I never felt to be in danger. I was the raptor in human body, fighters were my prey.
    Creating the sofa was interesting. I only thought what I wanted. I almost never manage such feat.

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