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    by , 05-16-2017 at 04:17 PM (310 Views)
    I drew myself up from my body and I felt myself trembling a little... Everything was shining in grayish light in the darkness, even the air itself contained small particles shining in soft gray light... When I looked around myself, I saw no body, not myself, not my wife, nor children. I looked to other rooms but nobody was there. I didn't go downstairs...
    Instead, I flew like on autopilot right through southern window into the night. With no target on my mind, I flew some 5 - 10 meters above ground, in general direction to the city about 8km away. It was dark... it was nighttime in real life after all (when I traveled). The houses of my village bellow me, silent... I left them behind. I left my village, I flew over meadows and small woods. I saw all the plants, trees, rocks, river... everything sharply lit in that grayish light. I felt to be tired, my consciousness wanted to shut down and sleep, but my will was keeping me conscious. It was tedious task. I crossed first stream of the river, and then I got to second part which has about 7 - 10 meters high walls- it is used to feed water dam to make electricity... I got problems with concentration there (it made the flying problematic), but I managed to overcome it and I shot high to the sky while crossing second stream of river. I sat on the few meter big rock and stopped looking around. I felt loneliness... there were no people, nor animal life there. Only plants, water, rocks... Weak emotions ran through me... Where are you? I called... There was no answer...
    I flew again and into silent empty city... no light from windows... all cars still on the road. I held myself conscious by iron will through tens of minutes... It felt like hour long experience when I felt, that I was losing the strength to remain awake, so I willed myself awake.
    I controlled the time- yes it was half past 1, about one hour passed since I lay down to the bed.

    I felt quite tired, wanting to go sleep, but once managing it out of my body, it would be pity not to explore surroundings a little.
    There is no rock in real life close to that second river stream.
    I hoped, that I didn't call that in real life- the connection between real body and astral one may be quite useful but on other side it may cause some minor problems... like waking people around myself
    Strange how I'm able to feel emotions lately... without loosing balance of my consciousness and therefore stability of OBE.
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