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    Serial dream

    by , 08-04-2015 at 02:33 PM (556 Views)
    First dream:
    I was walking home from a church. I was feeling full of energy. But not because I was walking from the church... It was as if the further I was from that church the stronger energy I felt inside. In short time I was flying. Short time further, I was flying with such force that air was rumbling around me. Then I felt something from the bush growing by the road. I made turn and flew into that bush. As I was plowing through the twigs and leaves some short man ran away opposite way... I felt badness from him and I felt that he is a warlock... I flew further into that bush.
    Then I flew into small clearing. In the center there were growing six thin trees in circle... in regular hexagon shape. On them the six young naked pure elves were bound facing in the center of the circle... There were three male and three female elves bound alternating on those trees. They were bound by some kind of climbing stem or very thin and weak vine... It was a ritual made by warlock I interfered with. Elwes couldn't break the bonds, even if that bonds looked weak. I tried to break them and it was very easy. The bonds were strong for the elves only... Female elves were very physically and spiritually attractive. I felt their force interfering with my self control. They warned me against touching them, that I will be lost, I will lose myself in the lust. O balanced myself and went into observer state. The feelings dulled and I could touch elves without losing my self control. Elves were impressed.
    When I went to free male elves the female ones warned me that I can be shocked by males. I looked on male elf and He looked quite ordinary... As I broke through the bonds I saw that male elves had genitals long, below their knees It looked like phallus of a horse I wasn't shocked of course.
    I took all the elves out of that place on the country road. I flew up and started to fly away with great speed, expecting the elves would do the same. After I flew above wide river or small sea? I landed on big island. I looked around and there were no elves following me... so I flew back. The elves were at the nearly the same spot where I left them. There was again that warlock starting to bond them. He saw me flying back and he ran away again. I freed them again and I told them that I will take them to safety by myself. Elves reduced their size to about 30cm height- their normal size I felt. I took them all and flew to that island. Elves were very grateful. I woke up afterwards.

    Second dream:
    I was immaterial in the black void... There was also warlock. He begged to me to give him second chance. I saw some kind of silvery pouch hanging there in the blackness on nothing. There was something in the pouch, it was vibrating... I reached out for the bag and my hand materialized out of darkness- silvery looking skeleton of hand. I straighten out my index finger and touched the pouch. My skeletal finger attached itself onto the pouch and I started to pull it back to me. I felt that if I pull more the pouch will be ripped open and that thing inside will spill out. Warlock begged even more and pouch was vibrating more. I dematerialized my hand and told him that he has his one chance and that he should use it well. Everything dissolved after that and I woke up.

    Third dream:
    I was living on the Island. Some king wanted to take that island. He has help of that warlock. That warlock wanted elves living on the Island. Elves came to me with proposal of help. They were grateful for my past help and wanted to pay it back. My people and elves, we built together big stronghold, very nice city. It wasn't hard to defend ourselves and break enemy army led by warlock. We created joint kingdom, humans and elves. Then the dream jumped in time and I was old. I was revered leader of kingdom. Very popular. Life was good in our kingdom. I was walking through very modern looking city. Some people asked me where I want to be buried when I die. I looked around and saw tall irregular rock, it was maybe 40-50 meters long and at the highest point it was widest- about 3 meters. I told them that they should bury me there. Then I told them that I'm joking and that they can bury my body where they want, I 'm not my body. That it would be a pity to pollute such nice city with stink of old carrion. We laughed on this joke and I woke up.

    Fourth dream
    I was again in black void, immaterial. I looked at the silvery vibrating pouch. I told to warlock that he wasted his second chance to make something good with his life. That he wouldn't be able to run from me with help of sacrifice of the pure beings(elves). Then I materialized my hand(again silvery and skeletal) and touched the silvery pouch with index finger. I pulled fast. The pouch was ripped open and silvery sand poured out. And vanished. Together with warlock. Only my immaterial existence remained in the void and after some time I woke up.

    It is rare occurrence to have serial dream for me.
    Female elves were really, really attractive, it was as if it wasn't only physical lust in work, I felt like I was spiritually overwhelmed by their very closeness. Nudity had nothing with it in comparison of the feelings induced in my mind.
    Was I impersonating the death in the void? There was complete peace there.
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    1. Psionik's Avatar
      Female elves looked somewhat similar to this. Their nose was smaller, their ears were somewhat more delicate... no earrings or tiara that I can remember of.
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      Updated 08-04-2015 at 04:52 PM by Psionik
    2. DawnEye11's Avatar
      Its interesting how you had a continuation of the elf and warlock dream. Maybe it was because the elves caught your attention in a positive way.*looks at pic of elf ear*(/ *w*)Idk why but I find elf ears really cute too.
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      Updated 08-04-2015 at 11:56 PM by DawnEye11
    3. Psionik's Avatar
      Its interesting how you had a continuation of the elf and warlock dream. Maybe it was because the elves caught your attention in a positive way.*looks at pic of elf ear*(/ *w*)Idk why but I find elf ears really cute too.

      Yes I usually don't have serial dreams... and that intertwining of void and "normal" nature was curious to me too. My elves had somehow more cute ears Maybe because they looked real.
      I tried to find similar elf to what I saw in my dream for about 30 minutes.
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    4. DawnEye11's Avatar
      I tried to find similar elf to what I saw in my dream for about 30 minutes.
      Wow, Maybe you could have drawn it than. I take a long time looking for a specific pic too. But thats when im looking for a desktop background pic. ^^
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    5. Psionik's Avatar
      I would draw it if I can, but I'm not good in drawing... I wrote into google image- elf blonde cgi and then I went through results. Then I took the closest one. Words elf and blonde provided unsatisfactory results. It wasn't lost time, pictures I went through weren't bad
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      Updated 08-05-2015 at 08:26 PM by Psionik