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    Time traveler

    by , 01-17-2016 at 02:30 PM (210 Views)
    Just normal dream today.
    I was traveling in time, I used my "psychic" powers to "submerge" into timestream...
    I made first stop in past about 1000 years ago. There was my former incarnation. I was something like shaman. And healer. I lived in wicker shack. My shack was hidden on the verge of forest. I had dried herbs and berries of many colors hanging inside. I saw myself stopping bunch of wandering people and providing them with help. Pay-free.
    Then I was about 800 years in past... I was priest there. I saw my former incarnation visit some ill old woman. I emerged from time stream next to priest. That woman thought, that my present incarnation is warlock and she feared me. My past incarnation on the other side wasn't so fearful.
    I don't remember about what I spoke with my former self, but I remember they were distrustful... My present self knew to much, and it was too fantastic for them.

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