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    Shared dream attempt- Invisible helper

    by , 01-14-2016 at 11:04 AM (184 Views)
    When lucid dream started, I found myself walking down the long street. It was empty, quiet. And I observed my surrounding. I found, that while I walked slowly, I was moving very fast-paradox. I had strong thought- Lets find someone to communicate. Because street was empty I turned and walked inside nearest building.
    Inside of the building there were stairs. And I walked up the stairs. I was thinking about shared dreams... how to induce it, which experiments I will make to do so. There were doors on one side of staircase. I tried some of them and found out, that they were locked. So I walked up higher and higher. Then I heard some man with black short hairs walking fast after myself. When he was close, I felt invisible hands catching me on my sides and dragging me to side of staircase... and that man walked ruthlessly up, roughly pushing me into wall. If not for those invisible hands, he would throw me down from staircase... I went slowly after that man up the stairs. And we came to the end of the stairs... there was only blank wall there. The man looked on the wall and he was looking confused. He looked like he lost the line of consciousness and started to behave like dream zombie, and walked back down the stairs. When he came close to me I felt invisible hands to push me out of his way and then they pushed me up the stairs. The blank white wall changed to doors and I was pushed towards them. I looked back on the man- he saw me going through doors. He looked even more confused. And doors were closed after I went through them.
    I turned from doors and I found out, that I'm in large hall. It looked like hospital. There were doctors pushing beds with sleeping people from some rooms to other rooms... I felt strange feeling in my head, it felt like I'm falling down backward... faster and faster, while all my thought were evaporating from my consciousness. But it didn't correspond with senses of my dream body which was standing... My mind became singular- there was only single thought chain, very subtle one. I felt that I have to call my friend. And I started calling for her. Doctors starred on me sourly and hushed me, People are sleeping here!. So I asked one of them where I could find my friend. And he showed me the way. I walked down the hall to doors and went through them.
    Behind those doors there was room , maybe 10 meter x 40 meters or so... and there were girls from my high school(My high school was for medical laboratory assistant and there were 35 girls and only 4 boys in my classroom). They looked much younger, than they are now... more like they looked 25 years ago. I was walking through that room and somehow I was constantly bumping into those girls. I felt that I have to go elsewhere, as fast as possible, before they start to make notice of me. I managed that and went through next doors.
    I was in another room. There was young girl, blonde with nearly yellow straight hairs and slender body I felt I had to have sex with her- she disagreed, but didn't complain and didn't try to oppose that act. So we joined our bodies. I felt arousing growing like wave inside of me... and then I felt it wrong. The girl wasn't exactly cooperating during that act... it was one sided. I disjointed our bodies even though that girl protested to that. It was confusing. I cooled my arousal down to neutrality and left through next doors.
    On the other side of those doors, there was rural country with only a few houses. I looked behind, it wasn't house I know... the house on the other side of road was also unfamiliar. I decided to try to go into that other house. I went behind the fence. There were two dogs... puppies... one was small, like larger cat, second one was big. Very big, about 1m high and 1.5m long, but puppy nevertheless. It started to lick me. It wasn't exactly pleasant to be wetted by large volume of slobber... so I returned behind that fence. Some people came out from that house... I didn't know them. I asked where I'm, but they didn't tell anything. So I took walk on the road into distance till I fell into deep dreamless sleep.

    Interesting thing those invisible hands helping me on the stairs.
    The hall behind invisible doors- could it be something like dream crossroad? Dreamland where all people are connected and through which we can go to other people dreams?
    Maybe those doctors are something like managers of dreams? Beings of that land? Non-corporeal?
    Room with highschool girls- it looked like meeting of classmates...
    Next room- I'm not sure what that meant to be. Why I felt first I had to have sex, then that it is wrong, dangerous even.

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