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    Focusing on Problems

    by , 01-28-2016 at 06:00 PM (238 Views)
    I was in a room, in a house/apartment I was renting along with a couple of people. I was talking with someone, a classmate from high school. I tried to give him suggestions and solutions but he seems intent on just focusing on the problem. I got annoyed at him. I was moving about fixing or arranging things in the apartment while we were talking. There was a (birthday?) party. There were balloons and some food on the table.

    I was at home in our hometown with sis and mom. It was night. When the scene transitioned, the classmate "moved" to the outside of our fence. We went to our small store. Mom mixed Emperador rum, Coke, and Mentos. I told her that seems dangerous.

    I was on a train. Keyword: racist.

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