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    Love on the Rooftop

    by , 02-17-2015 at 12:29 PM (572 Views)
    I was in some unknown place with some people who felt like family. A guy playing as a "troll" was supposed to be coming for us so we need to hide properly or climb high. There was a sense of fear but at the same time fun. The guy was wearing a mask of sort to signify the troll. In one instance, he was just standing there waiting while we look for ways to create a high but stable tower made of furniture. One was a table and sofa but with wheels so it's not stable. We tried going up after a few tries. I walked around, jumping from ledge to ledge, avoiding the troll.

    I was staying with a woman on one of those high ledges. I was worried that somehow I'll lose consciousness and get drunk and have sex with her and then she will get pregnant. (That escalated quickly.) I thought of how I didn't want to be responsible for that and maybe she should get it aborted but worried that we have anti-abortion laws and that some people get really angry about abortion. (Worry and blowing things out of proportion are bad tendencies of mine.) I went out of the place.

    I was up on the rooftop of a building after climbing it. I was with some people. It felt a like a continuation of the previous dream this morning where I was climbing a hill in the school. I was with some people who are supposed to be familiar to me but they're faces are not. Friends. While we were chatting about and some are arriving, the building moved, like it had wheels. It was a bus, and we were on the roof. I held on so I don't fall off and event went a bit farther into the center and away from the "rails" of the roof. Some are still sitting in a position that could get them to fall off if the bus makes a turn (due to momentum", so I told them to arrange themselves so they can hold on to something. They don't seem worried, and as we turned, they don't seem to be that much affected by momentum.

    There were two guys in front of me who were talking. One of them felt familiar but not sure if he looks like someone I know (Emman); he's dark skinned. The other is fair skinned, and acts a bit childish. He's like a younger Baron Geisler. After a while, they were kissing. I was right behind them, and they were touching my knees. I got turned on and moved my torso closer. I tentatively approached and kissed Emman, wondering if he'll push me off or accept me. He kissed back lightly, but then I became aggressive, so he stopped me and said playfully "Whoa, whoa. Chill." Something like that.

    We were walking down the beach at sunset and then night. It was dark. We played around, but no sex, at least not according to my dream. (Maybe it was censored?) I missed them along the process as I went to a different storyline in the dream. Something about jumping over vaults that looked like the blocks of a pyramid (Incan or Mayan, not Egyptian).

    I went back to the "roof." I saw Chela there (really her looks this time). We talked a bit, then I heard/saw/felt Emman and Baron. I went to them and kissed them on the mouth casually, which they were fine with. They said something about looking for me. We went back to the "center" of the roof (surrounded by 6-feet walls but has door-like openings on all sides and with no roof). I saw Chela again and she showed me on her phone an app that showed a kiss mark (black background) and two people. I think it was supposed to represent the two guys I was with and that it showed I kissed them. She was playfully asking who they were. I was hesitant but not afraid as I quickly looked (with just my eyes) at the two guys to my left and they slowly retreated, cartoonishly. I didn't know if they're out (even though they kissed in public). I guess I kinda outed them when I looked at them retreating out of the walls. (The place looked like Intramuros).


    - Afternoon dream (Approx. 5:00 p.m. - 6:30 p.m.)
    - Took phenylephrine for the stuffy nose
    - Set alarm, but I woke up before the alarm.
    - That was weird. I feel that I am very monogamous but this dream with the polyamorous relationship seemed fun and silly, as if I didn't feel any weight while I was in it. I was never in a polyamorous relationship, and I usually say/think I never would be since I'm very selfish and don't want to share my partner (to be).
    - I would have thought that I'd feel the same feeling of disgust and worry over the polyamorous relationship as I did with the thought of having sex with a female.
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