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    Fragment/Jet/Arrest/Core of the Earth/Slutbucket

    by , 05-11-2012 at 07:49 AM (906 Views)
    Awake Non-lucid

    I probably should have taken more notes after I dreamed these to help me remember them, but oh well.


    I'm on a train. Literally on top of a train, which is moving. It's not going that fast though, so I can leisurely pace about it. I'm not the only one, anyway. There are poles all along the side of the track, which rope from the side of the train extends to, but I'm not sure why.

    Somehow I mange to sit on the edge of the train, at the front. Just as I sit down, the train picks up speed. I grab a rope to keep myself from falling forward and getting run over, but I can feel myself slipping. I try to pull myself up, but the speed's too much and I can't do it.

    is on top of the train as well. He sees me struggling and hurries over. He pulls me up easily and sits me down because I'm quite shaken up.


    I'm wandering down the stairs at school with the rest of my music class. I really can't be bothered today. We have a student teacher who's actually pretty cool, but he's taking us outside for some weird reason that has nothing to do with music. Hey, at least it's a nice day.

    There are loads of fighter jets lined up in the car park. Whoa. Unaware that the student teacher is getting into one, I go up to touch the nose of a jet. They're surprising small, I can quite easily grab onto one, which is exactly what I do when the teacher starts it up and the jet zips forward.

    Before I know it, the jet is up in the air and I'm clinging onto the front for dear life. I scream to try and get him to land, but he can't hear me. I wonder if he can even see me. I look down and whimper as I see how high we are. I cling on harder, but oh no, I can feel my hands starting to sweat from the panic.

    I'm about to fall when he lands. I'm in full blown panic mode and scream at him, though I'm crying at the same time. He tries to apologise but I walk away. It's more like staggering because I'm completely disorientated and dizzy. The car park is all sandy now, with random abandoned shacks and billboards, like a western.

    I fall over and don't bother getting back up, leaning against a dusty wall. I'm shaking really badly, but no one comes to check if I'm alright. Eventually I get up and find that everyone's dressed like they're in Crysis and they're shooting at each other. Someone calls to me, saying I should get a suit and join in, but I decline because I'm so worn out. I walk through the blaze, though I have no idea where I'm going. I just want my bed.


    I'm on IRC when suddenly my friend R pops up. For some reason there are profile pictures, but I'm too busy freaking out over the fact that my best friend is on IRC. I stop talking and read what she writes.

    She pm's me saying it's okay and she knows who I am. Oh no. Another one of my friends pops up, she apparently told him to get on. What'll be next, TCing with them as well? I prefer to keep friends and DV separate, but I dunno, maybe it'll be fun.

    [Dreamskip] The three of us are walking through a corridor in school. They're both talking about DV and how it's weird that I've almost been here for 2 years and they didn't know. I've zoned out because it's annoying me.

    We get to the end of the corridor where there are a couple of 2nd year kids. Someone mentions how my friend wants his dick or something like that. "You're right." He says in reply. "I do want your dick." Then he grabs the boy and pretends to semi-rape him. I know he's joking, but are you fucking kidding me? I don't like 12 year old as much as the next person but I don't pretend to rape them.

    I leave, and take note that there's a teacher walking in that direction anyway. R is with me, she didn't like it either. I mention doing something at the weekend and she asks if I'm inviting C, though I don't really talk to C anymore. "Nah, we've not been talking, it'll just be awkward. You're my best friend, anyway." She agrees.

    I head up to biology, where C is. She's really pissed off with me and I don't know why. She's being a right bitch, which shocks me a bit because she's usually so nice. Eventually I've had enough and ask her what the hell is going on. "Well I'm not your best friend and it'll just be awkward, won't it?"

    This really pisses me off, so I have a go at her. Everything I say is justified, but she just smiles at me with exaggerated sweetness. This makes me furious, so I shout that there's something wrong with her and then slap her.

    We're both really taken aback. I've never hurt any of my friends in anger before, especially not a girl. She starts crying and I instantly try to reassure her that I didn't mean it, but she leaves, upset. I feel really guilty and I'm kicking myself. The rest of the class leaves, and R comes in so I tell her what happened. She's annoyed at me as well.

    There's a sofa, so I go and lounge on it, wondering how to make it up to C. A guy comes in, someone I don't really talk to. He asks if I'm okay and puts a hand on my shoulder. I'm suspicious though, we never talk and he's never taken an interest in me until now. I'm about to get up, when the police rush in.

    "Stop, you're under arrest!"

    Jesus christ, I didn't think she'd tell the police over a little slap. I go with them. They take me to the office, which is in sight of another class that I know. I can hear them talking about me, and watching to see what happens. One of them loudly whispers that I'm hardcore in a sarcastic tone, so stick the v's up at him.

    Core of the Earth

    I'm in a really overgrown garden. The grass is too long and it's really dry, the fence is in desperate need of being repainted and is broken in a few places. I'm sitting on the grass, it's a lovely day. There's someone else with me, but I can't see them properly. I don't think I know them.

    He's telling me about some kind of spider that steals the knowledge out of people and leaves you completely blank. I hate spiders, never mind intelligent ones. I sincerely hope never to come across one.

    He points to the side of the fence. I giant, red and black hairy leg has just appeared over it. Spiders are perhaps my biggest fear and I freeze, terrified. Another few legs appear from behind the fence. They're huge, easily the same size as me. Gradually, the spider's body rises up and it looks at me.

    It launches itself at a blinding speed and lands on me. I'm kicking, screaming and crying. The guy is shouting, telling me that it can't steal my knowledge because I'm robotic. Robotic? Since when?

    The spider jabs me and suddenly I freeze, paralyzed. All sorts of code and programming appears before my eyes. I can't understand any of it, but I'm guessing that it's mine. A red highlight is passing over it, but is unable to take it. I feel another jab at my mind and find that the spider is fighting to get what's in my head. I mentally strain, and manage to keep it out.

    I unfreeze and the spider scuttles away, along with some others that had been watching from the fence.

    The guy tells me that they live in the core of the earth and have been holding people prisoner there, just waiting to take what's in their heads. He says I can stop it.

    [Dreamskip] We're in the core of the earth, which is surprisingly just a giant hole of water. That's strange, I always thought the inner core was solid and hot, but oh well. I guess my 2nd year geography teacher was wrong. How does the lava not mix with the water? Is there even any lava?

    The core is more like a gigantic vertical tunnel. I've never seen anything of this size in my life. We're just outside the "core", and the water. Finally, we dive in at a super speed.

    We zip downwards. I can see everything because the water is surprisingly clear, even if everything is huge. There's a giant swinging axe and another blade, crossing paths. I panic a little, but we're heading downwards so fast that I manage to steer clear of them.

    When we get past them, I'm horrified to find the man-sized red and black spiders scuttling around the sides of the tunnel. There must be hundreds, if not thousands of them. They're far slower than us though. We're probably just a blur to them.

    When we reach what seems to be the bottom, there are hundreds of people. A lot of them are crying, and a few of them are sitting, staring at nothing with no emotion. These are obviously the ones that the spiders have stolen from.

    The guy tells me that I need to cast a shield over them with my mind. Uh, okay. I seem to manage it pretty well though. With a bit of effort, a transparent but shiny bubble passes over them. Apparently we don't need to actually help them escape which seems pretty stupid, but oh well.

    The spiders aren't happy. We hear shrieks from them and suddenly they all start coming towards us. We zip back up towards the surface. I'm still in awe at the sheer scope of the place.


    I'm in Wales to visit family. I wander up some stairs with a group of other teenagers, though they're all hipsters, so I keep to myself. They all head towards the same room, so I follow. The room has no furniture, and is really cold, considering that the floor is made of ice.

    There's a projector up which is showing Pocahontas, and for some reason it was Avril Lavigne who did the voiceover. I spot my family sitting at the back of the room, on the icy floor, so I skate over to see them. Avril just so happens to be with them, too.

    I say hi to everyone and then proceed to question Avril on how she did a voiceover so young. She's polite but seems to be more focused on the movie. My mum says we're going to visit her friend for a while.

    [Dreamskip] I'm sitting in my mum's friend's living room
    (she's actually my dad's friend, I just didn't realise this difference) with a cup of tea while they, and some of their other friends, sit talking. I'm bored out of my mind and it's getting late. They think it's hilarious that she's wearing giant triangular earrings, but really it just looks stupid.

    I sigh. To be honest, they don't look that bad. But my patience is wearing thin right now. My mum keeps asking if I'm alright and I reassure her that I am, but she knows I'm bored. She's just about to tell me something when the door opens.

    A teenage boy around my age wanders in, a bottle in his hand. My mum's friend jumps up and gives him a hug, fussing over him a bit. God, now the night's just going to last longer. "This is Sean, my nephew" she tells me, kissing him on the cheek
    (this guy was actually Arch, I just didn't realise it in the dream. I thought he was a stranger).

    I say hello and he grins. "Hey Slutbucket".

    What the hell. Wandering in here and calling me a slutbucket. What is a slutbucket anyway? I feel as though I've heard it before, but I'm not sure where. Everyone seems to find this hilarious and they make room for him to sit down. Frankly I'm bored of socialising so I stand up.

    Sean asks if I want to play chess. Eh, I guess it's better than this wine chat. However, I'm on a really short fuse and it doesn't take me long to ragequit the supposedly friendly chess game when he's taking all my pieces. I tell him I'm going to "study or something" and then stomp out of the room.

    I find a bed in the next room, so I lay down with a couple of books. I don't bother turning on the light because although it's really dark, I can see perfectly well. My mum comes in and asks if I'm okay again, and I tell her I'm just tired. She says that she didn't plan on staying over but she could pick me up in the morning if I want to stay the night. So she leaves, and I go to sleep.

    Looks like everyone was pissing me off in my dreams last night
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