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    Memorable Dreams

    1. The Wave To The Cold City

      by , 06-27-2011 at 08:57 PM (Raspberry's Second Life)
      Awake Non-Lucid Vivid

      I'm in a shed. The wood is dark and splintered, with white salt marks down it. The shed is cramped and filled with forgotten objects that no one cares for anymore. I turn my head to see a dusty dvd called Cheaper By the Dozen 5.

      Someone calls my name. I turn around to look out of the door. Two men are lying in awkward positions on the sandy floor outside. They look as though they've dropped from the sky and broken all their bones when they landed. "Cheaper by the dozen 5?" I say slowly. "I thought there were only a couple of those movies."

      The men shake their heads vigorously. "No no. There are much more!"

      I go outside. I'm on a small strip of sandy land, surrounded by the sea. There's a rough breeze, and a few wind and salt worn straggly trees sprouting from the ground, their bark the same colour as the shed, with the same white marks. The sky is grey and everything is all together bleak.

      Suddenly a wave passes high over head. It's going to cover the whole tiny island.

      I jump onto a meter sized bit of bark. It's picked up by the wave and I struggle to stay on the board as both myself and the wave travel higher and higher. I see mountains all around. This is a disaster. A second wave comes up behind me and threatens to crash onto me. I grit my teeth and try harder to rise above the wave.

      As we go higher, both waves begin to freeze. I hear chinking sounds as the water suddenly freezes with deathly jagged spikes. I throw myself from the ice and land with a crash into cold, salt water.

      I come up for air, exhausted. My vision flickers as I dimly register another little sandy island, with the same dark wood as the other island. There are little wooden log houses on this one, and people bustle about. There are a variety of wooden ships surrounding the island, and fishermen out catching their dinner.

      I don't have the energy to swim. I float, unable to swim to shore. It's so close, yet so far. The island fades from view and I pass out.

      I wake up in a bed with a log fire crackling away beside me. It's a small two roomed cabin by the looks of it, with plain wooden furnishings and knitted cloths. There is no technology at all.

      An old woman comes into the room. She's small, with grey wavy hair tied back and a kind, wrinkled face. She gives me a smooth wooden bowl and spoon, with what looks like soup in it. She says it's potato. I tend to only like tomato soup but i'm hungry and eat up eagerly. It's tasty and spiced with other things too.

      When i'm feeling better she takes me outside. It really is a small place, but everyone is busy bustling about. She explains to me that there are two groups of people. People who fish and people who keep ships. They are happy to live side by side as long as the fishermen provide the ship people with fish, for boats in return.

      As I look around I notice that the only thing people are eating is little bowls of soup. I get i'll have to get used to that. It's cold, salty, and the sky is still grey and bleak, with the white freezing mountains in the backround. But I feel oddly content and at home. I feel like I have found my place, even if it almost killed me getting here, with the ice dagger waves.
      non-lucid , memorable
    2. Friend or Foe?

      by , 06-05-2011 at 11:05 PM (Raspberry's Second Life)
      Awake Non-Lucid Vivid

      Where is he?

      My sister has been taken.
      (I don't actually have a sister. One brother who's not in this dream) I know who took her. Where is he?

      Anger is bubbling inside me. I rage I've never felt before. I'm wandering around Touch. She's just a kid for crying out loud. Who else is there to protect her but me? And that bastard has taken her. So I will go flush him out. He's using her as bait, and it's working.

      I get my other sisters, all of them younger than me, and we begin the search. We go in and out of buildings, look under and over things, mostly I am alone. I am fiercely determined. When I catch that wanker I'm going to string him up by the balls.

      Eventually I see him, standing on a roadside. Everything seems grey. I run at him. I want to kill him. I jump, hitting him, and we both topple to the floor. I pin him down with my legs, hands tightening around his throat. He chokes and I try hard to hold him down, but he throws me off.

      Suddenly I feel incredibly weak. We both stand, facing each other. He smiles calmly. "I assume you're looking for your sister, hm?"

      My eyes narrow, and I snarl at him quietly. This seems to amuse him. It annoys the hell out of me, but for some perverse reason I want him to like me. I instantly write it off, but the feeling is still there. "Where is it, Kor?" the smile remains on him face, which scares me to no end. I falter slightly, but still keep quiet.

      His face twists and I see anger flash across. I recognize he's going to hurt me. I've never been hit before.

      As soon as I think this, he punches me across the face, hard. I fall to the ground, stunned and in pain. I feel as though the energy has drained out of me. He strokes my arm. "Kor... Why do you make me hurt you? You know I don't want to, but you make me. Just tell me where it is."

      The hit has confused me and I can't make out what he wants. I sit up, feeling entirely numb, feeling as though I'm going to pass out at any second. His hand travels across my scalp and tightens on a bundle of my hair. He tugs my head down painfully and seeths into my ear. "Where. Is. It?"

      I can't even remember what it is.

      I raise my eyes, panting slightly, to see we're on a rooftop. My sister's playing near the edge with another girl. She looks unhurt, but something's off about her.

      I look into the his eyes, I can't get behind the terrifying fury there. They go back to calm. It's fucking with my head. I feel like he owns me. I want to please him but he makes me so afraid.

      This was an uncomfortable dream. It kinda unnerved me.
      non-lucid , memorable
    3. Spire of Thieves

      by , 04-03-2011 at 01:55 PM (Raspberry's Second Life)
      Awake Non-Lucid

      I'm traveling, walking, so fast. So fast that the land -fields, trees and plants- blurs past. In my head I see a map with a highlighted route. Dragons, where are the dragons? There are only a few left. If the other creatures of this land can hide and survive, then haven't dragons done the same?

      Silveria, in the north, that is where they must be. I recall seeing one fly over my head the last time I was there. But wasn't I warned away from that place? It has a bad feeling to it. But I must find the dragons!

      I follow those in front of me. We get to a place where the path splits into two. They turn right, away from Silveria and the dragons. Why don't they turn left? Confused, I follow them.

      "No!" They tell me. "Silveria is a bad place!"

      "But we must find the dragons!" I try to say, but they turn their backs to me.

      Soon we reach a city. The buildings are black and tall. People chant and crowd the streets. We slow to a normal pace. "I don't like this place..." I whisper.

      I look over my shoulder, to see a giant black spire of a building. This jogs my memory. The City of Spires! Why do all my cities have such spires? It reminds me of Oblivion.

      I ask my companions if the government resides there. They frown. "No, that is where the thieves are."

      Thieves? But I am a thief! I turn from the group and quickly get inside. It is chaos, apparently they are about to be attacked.

      I show people a card that shows I am a thief, and they allow me entry. Inside, I find my friend Paul. He looks confused and overwhelmed. I take his hand and take him into a corner, explaining the situation to him. "Stay with me." I say. "I'll keep you safe."

      Eventually, the attackers break in. They're wearing all black, with silver chains wrapped around their bodies. I have near to no fighting experience, but for some reason it comes naturally to me. I find that I can jump impossible heights and distances.

      I jump and spin, kicking an enemy across the head, killing them instantly. But as I look around, I see we are severly outnumbered. I turn to a dead end, where I find my fellow thieves hiding. I snarl at them to get their act together, otherwise they've doomed themselves. Then I run along a wall, jumpinp and landing against an enemy with my feet on his chest. We go down with a crash.

      I back into a room. There's a girl there, who throws daggers at me. I dodge with an inhuman speed, and then pick one up and launch it at her with all my strength. It stabs her in the stomach, and she slides down the wall behind her.

      I clench my teeth and lower my head. Every part of me feels tense and alive. I stalk out of the room and into another, where I find a group of sneering men. Letting out a yell, I jump, souring above their heads, landing in their mass.
      non-lucid , memorable
    4. Fantasy Mechanisms

      by , 03-19-2011 at 06:01 PM (Raspberry's Second Life)
      Awake Non-Lucid

      It's one of those times, where I feel as though I'm in a completely different world. I feel as though I'm in a fantasy book.

      There was hills in front of me. I know that I have a power, some sort of magic. I see a girl up ahead. I have feeling that she has written, created, this power. What is this?

      I walk up to her, and ask her about it. She tries to explain it to me. She mentions a war, and that some people don't like this power. I get confused.

      "I still don't understand what I can do, or what this means." I say. She doesn't reply, looking a little hopeless.

      [Dreamskip] I'm in a supermarket. The power, or energy in me, is still there. I still don't understand what it is, does, or how to use it.

      I have an impulse to go to the bread aisle. I feel as though someone is watching or guiding me. I walk along, for some reason I try not to think about the power.

      There's that girl again. She's small, with short dark hair. I'm about to ask her more questions, when everyone stops. Everyone stares at me.

      "Run!" I hear.

      These are the people who don't like the power. Everyone's attention is on me. They hiss, looking animalistic. I start running, dodging through aisles and eventually through streets and walls.

      [Dreamskip] I'm now at school. I pulls my hood up, covering my face. These people don't like the power. They kill people with the power. I walk quickly towards the door, but I'm on the third floor.

      As soon as I think about it, everyone stops and glares at me, looking bloodthirdsty and murderous. In my head, I see a vivid visualisation of a giant blue eye on the wall, staring at me. This is the thing that controls the people.

      Before I think about it, I run as fast as I can down the stairs. I run into the quad, but they're advancing on me. I instinctively run up the side of a wall, knowing that the power allows me to do so.

      [Dreamskip] I see a map. It's set in blocks, each block a different colour of each part of the building. It looks like a giant maze. There's someone with me, but I don't see his face clearly. He whispers in my ear that they are still searching for us, and that we should avoid thinking of the power within the building, and get through it as fast as possible.

      So I open the door, and head into the maze. The first door shows an old woman, rocking in a chair, glaring at us. I say nothing, and offer no explanation, but simply go to the door in the room, and open it into another.

      I don't know how many doors I open and rooms I go into. But I see different things and people in each. Some are blank, some are disturbing. I start to feel scared when in one room, there is a girl crying in a corner. In the last, there is a dead black dog.

      I go to the dog, dispite the warning of my companion
      (I now realise that this was Asher. I couldn't see him, but I could feel him if that makes sense.) I slowly stroke the fur around the dogs ears, feeling terribly sad. My companion kneels down beside me, and puts his arm around my shoulders comfortingly. I roll the dog over to see that it has a zip going down it's chest, down it's stomach and to its tail.

      The zip is open, showing its organs and inside. I try to zip it back up, but the zip gets stuck. I get angry and frustrated, tugging and the zip harder and starting to cry when it doesn't go any furthur. I don't want to run, or hide, and I don't want this evil feeling around me.

      The guy grabs my hands and prys them off of the dog, slowly lifting me to my feet, keeping a hold of me to stop me falling over.

      Then I woke up.

      I've noticed that my dreams have more reacurring dream signs. But they're not mundane signs such as water or buildings. I dream of Asher, Katie, occasionally Skylar. The old hag/woman. The giant eye that watches me. Some sort of power is usually associated.

      It's like a puzzle I feel I have to solve.
      non-lucid , memorable
    5. Jupiter

      by , 03-15-2011 at 08:39 PM (Raspberry's Second Life)
      Awake Non-Lucid Semi-Lucid Lucid

      My mum's in the house. She shouldn't be here -she doesn't live here anymore-.

      She's on a weight bench. My dad's next to her, but he seems ok that she's here. I frown, this isn't normal. I also appear to be in deep water.

      [Dreamskip] I'm on a road. It's nighttime and the lamposts are lit with orange light. Everything has a reddish tinge to it. I'm with a group of people from my school. I turn to the person beside me.

      She opens her bag. "I'm going on a date tonight, should I wear my grey dress or my blue dress?"

      I can't see both, the grey dress is nice. "The grey dress." I say. She looks at me as if i'm stupid.

      "But I'm going on a date." She says slowly. I roll my eyes and am about to reply when Rochelle walks up to us. There's bottles clinking together in a plastic bag.

      "Did you bring my half-bottle of vodka?" Asks the girl. On que, Rochelle opens the bag and brings it out. Why does she owe this girl vodka? And half a bottle?

      Suddenly my guidance teacher appears. "Girls!" She shouts, her gaze fixed on the alcohol. "What are you doing with that? And at this time of night!"

      I scowl, turning and running away. I hear Rochelle's voice behind me saying "You can't just run away!"

      But I do. I can't be bothered with this bullshit. I run down the pavement until I get to a grassy area. Suddenly with a burst of awareness, I realise I'm dreaming.

      There's a cushioned chair on the grass. I run up it and leap onto a garage. Rochelle runs panting up to them. Looking up, she shouts at me to come down. I manifest some crumpets, butter them, and sit munching on them. Eventually I shout down to her;

      "You see, I'm dreaming. This is all a dream." I grin when she looks confused, merrily rolling my eyes. I jump down from the garages into a shop. Looking around, it looks as though I'm on holiday. The sun is shining, and the shop is for merchandise.

      Where's Asher? I stroll around, wondering why I never see him anymore. Suddenly my mobile buzzes in my pocket.



      I gasp. The voice is Asher's.

      "Asher? How come you never come when I look for you?" I ask, pulling things fro shelfs, such as keyrings and card sets.

      "You see, I live on Jupiter."

      I pause. "The planet?"

      He laughs. "Yeah. Why do you think that in your second lucid dream after we met, you felt such a strong impulse to fly into space? Your home is there."

      Realisation hits me as I remember that dream. "Is Skylar there?"

      "No." He says is bluntly, coldly even.

      "What about Katie?"


      "I met her y'know. I met who I think is your family."

      And then I woke up... Goddammit.
      lucid , memorable
    6. Forest Chase - Part Two

      by , 03-08-2011 at 05:10 PM (Raspberry's Second Life)
      Found some time to write the rest!

      Awake Non-Lucid

      So, Arron the wolf and I are going to hunt Rochelle and complete the game.

      The woods are still dark, but I find a small tunnel. I manage to crawl through, until I come across two girls my age.

      They're part of the game. I hit one, causing her face to hit the tunnel, the other one snaps a picture, and then punches me.

      I float upwards, through the tunnel. She killed me, but the game isn't complete. It looks like she's dead too. I am not human anymore, or not in human form. I'm simply there.

      I realise that in the middle of the forest is a large, field like square patch of sand. There's a building in the middle. Two guys stand next to each other on it. The sky is red, with black clouds hanging in the air.

      A voice rings out. It says that the two men will fight to the death. The survivor will win the game. I float closer, to get a better look. One of them is short and bald. He's covered in thin, golden tattoos and is chinese. The other is taller, arrogant looking, and from korea.

      The Korean man wins. I drop onto the building to start a new game. The Korean guy attacks me. I back flip, kicking him in the face. The two girls scream and rush forwards. I have no experience in fighting but the moves come from no where. I spin my hands around, punching, kicking and flipping about like people in videogames. Eventually I get hit though, and I die again.
      non-lucid , memorable
    7. Forest Chase

      by , 03-08-2011 at 11:47 AM (Raspberry's Second Life)
      Awake Non-Lucid Vivid

      I'm up town with some friends. Some other people who I don't usually talk to are here too. I ignore them, and joke with my friends.

      My mum comes up to me and drags me into a shop. She grabs an off the shoulder white top and pulls it on me, and then puts a black corset on over it.

      "Mum! What are you doing?" I gasp as she pulls on the string on the back, making it very, very tight.

      She ignores me, and pulls a black cardigan out of her bag, putting it on me. She dusts her hands off, looking over me. She smiles, pleased with herself.

      "Just make sure you keep that corset tight." She says. Then she kisses me on the cheek, and leaves.

      I go back to my friends. "Who wants a frappacino?" I ask. We walk to the nearest Starbucks. Most of the people have left, and it's just me, Rochelle and Arron.

      I find that we've walked down a forest path. I know this path, I take my dogs out walking here. The three of us start to get a bit hyper, laughing and pushing eachother around playfully.

      Arron chases us, and we run. I get into a more serious mood and I realise we're playing hidey. I run forward fast, Rochelle just in front of me. We run deeper into the forest, until there is no path.

      Suddenly it's dark. I can barely see at all. I hear a snarl from behind me, and turning slightly, see that Arron has turned into a black wolf. I panic slightly, and push myself to run faster. We're lost, it's nightime and I can barely see a thing. Just black and grey shapes in front of me.

      But maybe that's a good thing. I veer off, slowing down, trying to be as quiet as possible because I'm assuming he can't see me. But I step on a twig and it cracks. The wolf Arron pads up to me.

      "Gotcha." He says. What? I thought this was serious now. I thought he would eat me. I laugh in relief. "Want to work together to hunt down Rochelle? Either that or you die." He says, giving a wolfy shrug.

      I won't actually die, or at least, not until the game is finished. But I agree.

      I'm gonna write the rest (part two?) later because I need to go!
      memorable , non-lucid
    8. Dreamworld Citizens - City of Spires

      by , 03-05-2011 at 11:44 AM (Raspberry's Second Life)
      Ok I just typed up like half my dream but it's gone so I'm cutting out the non-lucid beginning because nothing much happens anyway.

      Awake Non-Lucid Semi-Lucid Lucid

      I glance around my room. Now that I think about it... Everything here seems odd. Not normal at all.. Could I be dreaming?

      I RC and find that I am. As always, I do a few more to be certain. I run out to the front of my house.

      I'm a little stunned at what I see. My neighborhood estate is gone, and in it's place it a sprawling city, like the ones in fantasy books. The buildings are in shades of cream and orange, and their structures are narrow and tall. They reach multiple levels, and arched bridges link them to one another. In the middle is the tallest -and narrowist- of the buildings. It's like the one in Oblivion's Imperial City, exept the other buildings are taller and not all the same height.

      In fact... I've been here before! I remember it now. It was in another dream, although I stuck to jumping around the lower levels instead of going to the main Spire. That's what this city is called, the City of Spires. I look at the main Spire... Is there something up there!

      But then I remember Asher. I'm starting to doubt him now. Is he just a piece of my imagination, something I unconsciously conjured up, or is he really my DG and therefore part of my dreams? I shout his name, looking around.

      Nothing. I jump, flying towards the top of a building to get a better view. I can't see him anywhere. The top spire maybe? Then I remember something else. This city changes too. I've also seen the buildings black, and the sky red. The buildings were more like spikes jutting from the ground, and the world was flat. You could literally fall off the end.

      But no time to think about that now, I have a certain boy to find. I fly up to the top of the main spire. There's a person there, in a heavy metal armour. I'm about to ask him if he knows who/where Asher is, when he morphs into a mirror. For a second I'm afraid, I don't like mirrors in dreams. But all it shows is my reflection. My hair is shorter, but that's it.

      I step into the mirror. It takes me to a low-lit corridor. At the end of the corridor I can see someone. A figure with dark hair, tall, wearing black. Asher? I run forwards, reaching the end of the corridor at an impossible speed. But the figure is gone. I can feel myself frowning unhappily.

      Some people walk up to me. There's three female teens, and two males. There's also a man and a woman, who I assume is their parents.

      The mother gives me a kind smile. "Looking for someone dear?" She asks. The teenagers wander off down the corridor.

      "Yes. Do you know who Asher is and where I can find him?" I ask hopefully. Maybe they know him. Wait what? That's a stupid thing to think. They're just DC's.

      But they don't feel like DC's. They seem different. Real somehow.

      The woman nods. "Yes, I know Asher. Tell me dear, do you belong in the Dreamworld or the Wakingworld?" She waits patiently as my thoughts go a little crazy. This is just a dream. This is just a dream. This is just a dream. So why do I feel like she's alive?

      "What?" She's confused me. She takes my arm, and leads me down to the corridor, into a cozy looking living room. The teenagers are lounging around on various sofas, eating and talking quietly.

      The woman looks right into my eyes. "Do you live in the Dreamworld, like us," She gestures around her. "Or the Wakingworld."

      "...The... Wakingworld?" I say. Well, I am currently in my bed sleeping. God this dream is so weird.

      "You look confused dear, there is something that you do not understand."

      I nod. "You're just so.... I dunno... You're not like normal DCs." I look around at the teenagers. They watch me, but act so normal, saying nothing.

      The woman sits down across from me, giving me a warm smile. "How do you know Asher?"

      I explain that he comes into my dreams sometimes, usually when I'm in trouble. I also explain how I'm not sure if he's there just because I expect him to be now. I don't know why I'm telling this to a DC, a roomful of them, but I've heard of people interviewing DC's.

      "Yes..." She says, settling back. Her face grows dreamy, like she's remembering something from long ago. "I knew someone like that once. He was from the Wakingworld, and would visit me occasionally." I grow even more stunned. Maybe she's talking about a lucid dreamer. "But... When I turned seventeen, he stopped visiting me." She frowns sadly "I don't know why."

      "Oh..." I don't really know what to make of this. But I do feel sympathetic.

      "Maybe you have limited time with Asher too."

      36 hours pops into my head. No. Just because that happened to her doesn't mean that happened to me.

      I notice one of the girls staring at me. She's blonde, I recognise her. The mother gets up and goes through to a kitchen. Wait a minute...

      It's Katie. Someone else I see in my dreams. She tries to hurt me, sabotage me. She gives me a cold look. If Katie is that womans daughter, isn't Katie Asher's sister? I look around at the others. Is this his family?

      This dream is making me question DCs. I repeat to myself several times in my head what's happened so I can recall it later. I glare at Katie.
      My lucidity fades a bit. The woman comes in and hands me a plate of sausages. I whisper to her that Katie is evil. The woman's face displays nothing, but I know that she's thinking about it. I take a bite of sausage, looking around at the rest of the family. The two boys look like the youngest, and twins. Another of the girls are blonde, but she looks like the oldest. The other girl has long black hair, and introduces herself to me as Paula.

      I lose the rest of my lucidity, and we sit around a table. Everyone has sheets of paper, and seem to be working on something. I look down at my own sheet, and find it's got numbers and writing halfway down it. The others seem as though they've been trained to do whatever it is we're doing. The father mentions an ancient system.

      Let's just say that this dream confused the hell out of me. The DC's weren't stupid, they felt very, very real and intelligent. They seemed as though they knew exactly what was going on.
      lucid , memorable
    9. Elarial

      by , 02-28-2011 at 10:18 PM (Raspberry's Second Life)
      Ok, so last night was the best dream I've had for a wee while because my recall is so shitty lately. GAH!

      Awake Non-lucid

      I'm outside my school, although it's not really my school anymore. It's nightime, and the whole outiside has been rebuilt. The walls aren't their usual dull brown, but white and glowing rays of light. It also has white blocks leading out of it.

      I float a little and sit on a block. My brother flies down and asks what's going on. "They've rebuilt the school" I reply, quite excited "but the inside's still as shitty as ever."

      He says nothing else, and instead takes a look around. When he comes back, he's morphed into Asher. I find that I'm suddenly lying down in nothing but a towel. He tells me to check my phone, so I do. I have a text from Katie about a drug called Elarial. It's a new thing that's came out.

      The scene changes again, and I find myself under a stone walkway, with giant bells hanging from the cieling above my head. Both sides show sunny, green grass with people have fun times. It's a univercity. I see another message, Katie is telling me to try and find some. The sky turns grey as I run up a stone stairway, knowing there's some Elarial around here somewhere.

      Asher finds and corners me, telling me to snap out of my trance. "This drug isn't like other drugs," he growls angrily "It could only take one shot to get you hooked for life. It ruins you Kor, you spend so much on it that your life is gone. Don't listen to Katie, she's not herself. She's gone."

      His sister is gone. I frown sadly, and get another message. "Just once." it says. "Just try it once." I think at this point Asher sees how confused and very un-lucid I am and pulls me away into a room. Skylar is in there. They both talk to eachother quietly about how to protect the drug and keep me away from it.

      It's like I'm drunk. I giggle stupidly, grinning at Asher and running my hands through his black hair, pushing it back. He grabs me to keep me still while he discusses a plan of action with Skylar. I feel neglected, and sit down. Skylar eyes Asher, and I think they know I feel confused and ignored. Asher pulls me into a hug and says everything will fix itself soon.

      Didn't know what to think of that, but it's very odd that I had Asher, Skylar and Katie all in the one dream. Makes me wonder if my subconscious is simply wishing for it... I dunno.
      non-lucid , memorable
    10. Saving A World - Artificial Energy

      by , 01-22-2011 at 11:36 AM (Raspberry's Second Life)
      Awake Non-Lucid

      I walk down a windy, empty street. Leaves blow down the road. Houses are on either side of me, dark brown and old fashioned looking. Something's wrong.

      I hear voices in a house to my right. Straightening up, I walk over, climb the steps to the door, and let myself in. Inside are three people. They stop what they're doing and stare at me. Two of them are girls and one is a boy. One of the girls smiles. She's tall and pale, with long dark tight curls and freckles. The other is smaller and more plain looking, although she has scrape marks on the sides of her face. The boy looks more related to the first girl. He's smaller, but has the same pale skin and freckles.

      The first girl introduces herself as Laura. I don't get the names of the other people. She says her sister is paralysed. I feel incredibly wary. Something's wrong.

      "Do you have a power?" She asks, her eyes narrowing. Well of course I do. I can fly. She seems to know the answer and pulls out a knife. I jump high as she slices at me, and shoot myself up the stairs. They obviously have powers, but I don't know what. Up the stairs, I find a hole like portal. I jump down it.

      I land in a dark, damp room. The tiles are slick with mud, and there's barely any light at all. The walls are rusted and mould grows along the corners. Hell, I'm in fear of my life and I don't care who gets in my way now. I walk along, and find an old haggard woman pushing a broken trolley. She's hunched over, with straw-like hair and lines all over her face. Her body shakes. I keep away from her, thinking she might be in league with the others.

      There's dark stairs to my right. I hover near them, but it looks nasty. I walk towards doors instead and push them open into a bright lobby area. Business people are walking around. The furniture is all black and white. I can't get rid of the nagging feeling that this place is wrong. Something's wrong.

      There they are! Laura and her siblings. The girl is in a wheelchair. I lift myself from the floor and hover in the air. I try to shoot past, but as I cross the girl, I freeze mid-air. I fight to move, but can't. Laura stands in front and stares up at me, a ghost of a smile on her face.

      "You see, she may not be able to move herself. But she can move things within a distance."

      I gaze at the girl, but she avoids my eyes. "My brother here, is the one who tracked you down." Laura hisses.

      "What do you want!?" I shout, still fighting the bound. Wait. I feel something. Energy. I can feel her power. I cling to the energy and fight it with my own. I weaken it and beat it down. A voice rings through the lobby saying "Power de-Synchronised" in a mono-tone, computer voice.

      The girl turns pale grey, and she slumps over, dead. I shoot through the glass and into the fields beyond. I climb higher and higher, pushing at the air behind my feet to keep aflight. The fields are beautiful. It's twilight, and the fields are golden. They ripple, and the trees are in shades of red and orange.

      Something's behind me. I spin in the air, finding Laura and her brother behind me. What? That's not their power! Wait... I can see that they're using their energy to fuel the flight. I drop down to avoid Laura's knife. "What do you want!? What are you trying to accomplish!?"

      As soon as I bellow this, I know the answer. She wants the world. In my mind I see towering cities of enslaved people. I can see how she forced her siblings into using their powers for her. I can see how she dropped through the portal and used the hag as a guard. How she went down the dark, evil steps to the taggled wires of an energy station, where she would gain control of this world. I know this is not my world, not the one I belong to. But I try to save it anyway.

      I fight her brother's energy, tears falling from my eyes as I try and focus on flying, avoiding her knife and destroying his energy. I shoot forwards as fast as I can, grass and trees blurring past below me. Eventually the voice comes again and says "Energy de-Synchronised" as the brother loses all colour and falls to the ground.

      I see red poles in the air. I grab one as I pass it, swinging myself up onto the top of it. Laura does the same. She smirks. I still don't know her power. I have little energy to fight her artificially empowered one. She knows she's won.

      The dream ended before I could try and kick her butt.
      non-lucid , memorable
    11. Tsunami of Mud

      by , 01-10-2011 at 08:40 PM (Raspberry's Second Life)
      Awake Non-lucid Semi-Lucid

      I look down to find an Alpro soy chocolate yoghurt in my hands. Without thinking, I open it and put a spoonful in my mouth. I gag, it's disgusting, and spit it back out into the carton. The carton disappears as my attention is directed at the giant mud wave about to crash over my head.

      Survive this.

      Without thinking, I launch myself into the air, kicking at it like in the Matrix, desperate to get over the wave. Suddenly it's the other way, and we're both headed in the same direction. There's a voice in my head.

      "You think that this is a tsunami?" The wave gets bigger, and I'm still gaining height in the air, knowing that soon I'm going to drop. I grit my teeth, the wind whips through my hair and I keep above the wave, but only just.

      I begin to drop, but the wave is dropping too. It's nighttime, so I barely see the forest I'm about to drop straight into. Shit. I'm gonna hit a tree or something. I reach out and grasp a thick branch firmly, swinging myself into the tree. The voice speaks again.

      "Are you really sure that's going to work?" Not a second later, and the branch I'm holding snaps and falls downwards, dragging me down with it.

      I slide in the thick, dark mud down a hill. I lay there for a second, wiped out. Something, no, someone stands up next to me. They're covered in mud. They open their mouth to speak, but they can't because of the mud. I look down at my bare arms and t-shirt to find I look exactly the same.

      [Dream skip] The mud has turned to water, and it's more like a pool gathering now. I float on the surface, happily content. Plates lay at one end, covered in tasty food. I swim to it and pick up some pizza and what looks like a giant ball of chocolate.

      "Hey, get me some meat." I turn to find a girl I really don't like, Amy, glaring at me. My gaze flickers over the table and back. "I told you to get me some meat. Get me some meat!" She splashes water and another girl comes up.

      "Stop being such a bossy bitch." The girl growls at her. I smirk, and swim away to a group of three boys, the pizza and chocolate forgotten. They're obviously a band, and welcome me into their little meeting. I smile and nod along and sing with them. Once they stop, I turn to the tall blonde boy to my left. He looks a little intimidating, but once we talk I find out he's more of a friendly giant.

      I ask questions and he answers. I have to talk right in his ear because everything's so loud. I don't remember what he tells me, I just talk nonsense but he doesn't seem to mind.

      lucid , non-lucid , memorable
    12. Switch - Good and Evil/Stalker/Transformation

      by , 10-20-2010 at 12:50 AM (Raspberry's Second Life)
      September 19th 2010

      Switch - Good and Evil

      Awake Non-Lucid Semi-Lucid

      I realise, there's a switch on my right hand. It isn't actually there, but I can feel it with my fingers. It slides, obviously analogue. I wonder what it does?

      There are trees around me, along with what looks like shops. I slide the switch over to the left. Everything brightens, lines are smoother, people smile at me. I slide it to the right. My vision smudges, lines darken, the smiles drop off of their faces as quickly as they came. I set it back to normal.

      I realise I have a job to do, but I can't remember what. There's a wall to my right, too high to climb. I run up it instead, and peer over. The drop below is much further than what I ran. If I fall, I die. But there are ledges, suspended over the space. Large, muscular men guard them. How can I get past?

      I slowly turn the switch to the right, but not all the way. Everything darkens again. As soon as I jump down to the first ledge, one of the men grabs me, snarling, and throws me off. I don't die, I don't even hit the ground. In fact, I'm exactly where I was before, crouching over the edge of the wall. I flick the switch to the left. The men let me jump from ledge to ledge, although some look like they're thinking off throwing me off. I feel like i'm in a videogame.

      When I get to the floor, I don't take very much in. There's a sofa that I walk to, and see my friend sitting there.
      I become slightly lucid, and flick the switch all the way to the left. My friend grabs a sheet of paper and draw a light sketch of wings on it. What does she mean? I fly onto the wall again, and face the forest. I flick the switch all the way to the right.

      Instantly, I wish I hadn't. Every outline is dark and smudged, the world turns grey, there are shadows everywhere. It's as if I've entered a nightmare. The beautiful forest goes up in flames. People are marching out of it, screaming at me, holding weapons. I forget the switch and run.


      For some reason there's a shop under my school. I walk down the dark, damp passageway leading up to it, I really hope it isn't some scary cellar. But luckily, when I get there, it's not. There are clothes everywhere. I remember I needed to buy boots for the winter, and head to the shoe section. After getting rather bored, and getting sick of looking at leather, I quickly go into a changing room to change.

      When I get out, I'm wearing a silky pink, strapless dress that goes down to above the knee. I wear dark pink heels to match. For some reason, I can't walk very well in them
      (which is odd because I can walk fine in heels. Practice makes perfect, right!?) . I budge past the people blocking my way and head out a door opposite the one I came through. I'm in a theatre!

      The seats are slanted as they go up so everyone can see. But at a very steep angle. I'm so high up that if I get out of my seat wrong, imma die. I literally need to curve my legs under me to hop onto the floor from my seat. Somehow, whiles i'm puzzling over this, the show ends.

      [Dream skip - A few minutes] I'm back in my normal clothes (jeans and t-shirt) and i'm walking home. Ethan calls me from behind. Shit. This guy pretty much stalks me
      (I'm being serious guys, LOL ) . I don't say anything. Goddammit, why am I still wearing these heels? I can't get away from him fast enough. He gets pissed off pretty fast and pulls out a bow and a sheath of arrows. Because he's so hardcore...

      I notice he's got a "friend" up ahead who's done the same thing. Now they're trying to shoot me. I kick off the stupid heels and run for it. Somehow I'm faster than usual, but there's still a chance I get hit. Luckily, I don't.


      Note: This one really creeped me out. I woke up with a really awful feeling because it was a late REM stage so it was vivid too. Basically, I watched a really sweet girl turn into this evil blood-thirsty monster. Like nothing you've ever seen before. Go watch the recent Starwars Sith thingy and you'll understand.

      For some reason, I think my room is a pirate ship. And it's the room in my old house, which I haven't been in for three years. I'm in my "ship" when a innocent looking, blonde girl comes in. She's smaller than me, with deep blue eyes and shoulder length hair, with a full fringe. She looks unhappy for some reason. She tells me that she needs to save her mother. That her mum's been taken and she needs to get her back. Her name is Kate. I tell Kate to come back tomorrow, and we'll go get her mother.

      [Dream skip - The next day] I'm in the ship, when Kate swings in (literally, on a piece of rope hanging from the hall outside. Don't ask me why ). She's got black eyeliner on, and has gelled her fringe back. She's enthusiastic, which is good. We get going.

      To move the "ship" we sway from side to side. I watch the ship from third person but can still feel my body. We go down my street and onto the road. Kate shouts at me a couple of times because apparently I'm steering wrong.

      [Dream skip - Unknown] We're close to where Kate's mother is. She's slowly changing. Her hair is now long, and dark auburn in colour. Her eyes are turning a brownish shade. Shadows are lining her eyes. We don't speak. I don't trust her.

      We're walking along a meadow, in the middle of a forest. Suddenly, Kate turns to me. She screams that I've led her to the wrong place. That I'm trying to kill her. Her body keels over, and she starts retching. I think she's going to be sick. Her chest puffs up, and suddenly, hair is coming out her throat. It's still attatched to something inside her. She grabs a knife from her belt and hacks at it furiously. When she's finished, she grins at me, evily. I have the feeling she might try to kill me in the most brutal way possible. Her hair is now shorter, and spikey. Her eyes are red.

      Something rustles in the bushes. She does a backflip and stabs something. She drags him out of the bushes and laughs as she stabs him again and again. I stare in horror. What has happened to her? She's out of control.

      [Dream skip - Unknown] I'm sitting, alone, in my ship/room. I can't get over what a monster Kate is. I still see her red eyes and sharpened teeth. Blood splashed over her, with a mad glint in her eye. I seek knowledge to how this happened. Instantly, a voice in my head tells me to look to the Corners, the Shadows. I do. I look at the shadow and corners of my ship, and hear a voice.

      The voice tells me she is a lost soul. That she always has been, I just didn't see it at first. In my mind, he replays our first meeting. I stand, watching myself and Kate talk. Now I notice the way she stands. Close, uptight, analyzing everything I say. Calculating. But from my first glance, she was just someone who needed help.

      Then as she swings into the ship. I thought she was enthusiastic, now I know all she wanted was blood. She was after everything and anything out there. She probably lied about her mother. She was always the murdering psychopath, I just hadn't seen it. It was all a disguise. I watch as she slowly reveals her true form. I watch her eyes slightly darken everyday, the shadows around them grow more prominant, her teeth sharpen to points.

      Finally, the Shadow leaves me to dwell on these thoughts.

      I look up, and her eyes are set on my. Blood is dripping from her finger tips. I know her secrets, now I have to die.
      memorable , lucid , non-lucid
    13. The Angel's Dagger

      by , 08-10-2010 at 01:34 PM (Raspberry's Second Life)
      Non-Dream Non-lucid Lucid

      I feel like i've made a breakthrough. During my holiday, something just clicked. In my dreams, I've began to just "know" that i'm dreaming, it's hard to explain It doesn't happen everytime I dream obviously, but it's progress and I'm happy for it .

      So last nights dream (or one of them anyway) done this and it was pretty damn awesome (at least to me anyway haha ) I can't quite remember how it started but I'll try and piece it together.

      I'm at a party for my friend Rachel. She's just had her room decorated and for some reason a ton of people have came to help her celebrate. They've all brought loads of gifts. Rachel doesn't know what to do with them all, so she puts them in the attic. Later during tIhe party, we decide to go see them all. Leaving the party, we ascend a large, white stone staircase that is deffinatly not part of her house. We're outside now, and keep climbing the staircase.

      Soon we reach the top and a white and gold
      There's alot of white and gold things in this dream. angel smiles at us. We smile back and keep moving. All the gifts are placed in neat rows, for some reason they're all the same. A grey dwarf from Disney, most likely Grumpy. We move in and out of the rows, then get bored and head back towards the staircase. The Angel is in the middle and once we climb on, she moves the staircase to the floor because it's shrunk a little.

      Once at the bottom, I somehow know that i'm dreaming.

      I forget to stabilize and RC, but the dream is fine anyway. Maybe it would've been clearer if I had. I forget about Rachel and look at the sky. It's nighttime, but cloudy. I wish I could see the stars. I seem to be really instinctive during this lucid, because I smile and jump. I take off flying, it's so amazing.

      I pass through the clouds quickly, and see the stars. But i'm flying fast and they're getting closer and closer. I don't want to spend this lucid in space. I've only flown a few times so my control is a little off, but I manage to twist around and stop. I float, looking at the grey clouds underneath me, and decide to change the world.

      I fly towards the clouds, and pass straight through a storm. Then I get close enough to earth so that everything's like a patchwork quilt. I throw my hand out and in a flash, it's changed. Not the way I want it though, so I do it again. Suddenly it's daytime and down below is sand and palm trees, I fly down to take a look.

      I land in the sand and look around. Between the trees, there are gigantic moths everywhere, sucking things out of the sand. This is deffinetly not where I want to be, so I fly up again. I really think about where I want to go, and when I snap my hand out, I think of medevil times. I fly down, and Rachel and I (who magically appeared again ) are in a green forest. We're not in medievil times but I don't really care, I want to explore.

      We find bikes nearby, and head off. On the edge off the forest there looks like a ditch. It's actually a river traveling. We cycle beside it and follow it downstream. Soon it forks to the right into a lake. There's a guy walking around on the water (I found if I cycle fast enough I can cycle on the water too). I whisper to Rachel; "Ok, I'm going to "fall in" accidently of course, and then he's going to rush over and save me and everything will go from there." He was pretty damn hot. Longish dark hair and pale skin.
      Been dreaming about this guy alot recently. He pops up from time to time. But as I watch him, Miley Cirus appears on a jet-ski. She "falls in" and he rushes over to save her. I get off the bike and stand, open mouthed. I curse her for getting there first and Rachel pats my back sympathetically I know I could've attempted to blast Miley to pieces but I want some drama in my dreams! "Bloody Miley Cirus, Hannah Montana, whatever." I wonder out loud if he'll think she's shallow. I tell Rachel the plan might still work, she objects.

      Out of nowhere, tigers appear from behind the trees. Well I have to weapons and no battle experience so I decide not to take on a bunch of hungry, snarling tigers. "Run!"

      I try to dodge around the tiger but it's having none of it. Rachel runs in the opposite direction. "What the hell." I mutter, and throw myself into the dark river.

      "Nicole, no!!" Rachel shouts in panic. "Not the water! Anything could be down there!"

      I roll my eyes and swim forwards. I'd rather risk a few fish than a few giant tigers. The tiger that was trying to eat me is hanging over the edge of the bank, not wanting to go in. It seems afraid of the water. I look forward and find out why. There are huge fish, with equally huge snapping teeth, swimming toward me.

      "What the fuck is safe around here!" I snarl and try to grab the edge of the banking, but it's too high. The fish are coming pretty damn fast.

      Suddenly, someone grabs my legs and throws me up. I land with an oomph on the soft grass. I tiger comes to mind and I throw my body over so I can see everything and be prepared. There's no need, they're dead. I here a noise to my right and scrabble to the left as fast as i can.

      "Hey! It's ok, it's ok, you're safe now."

      It's the boy who was walking around on the water. He's on the grass beside me, blood splattered. I don't know whether it's his or the tigers. I edge myself over to him, we lie on the grass, I'm calming myself down and he's just watching me.

      After about a minute, I lean on one elbow and study him. Yup, definatly the guy who's been in my dreams. He mirrors my poster and does the same, studying me.

      "Thank you." I whisper. "What happened to Miley?" She's nowhere to be seen.

      "I don't know, I got to you as fast as possible. I can't let you die." He said quietly. "She's rather shallow anyway."

      I smile at that, and analyze what he said. Can't let me die? I'm dreaming, although maybe he doesn't know that. He feels a bit like a protector of some sort. I'm about to ask why he can't let me die, but he makes a choking sound. I look over him and see a large, bloody gash in his shirt. My eyes widen.

      "Oh, gosh I didn't see that." He clutched the wound. "Maybe I can-"

      "No," He interupted. "It's too late." He takes deep breaths, but they're laboured. His voice barely rises over a whisper. "Come here. I need you to do something for me."

      I lean over, so his lips are close to my ear. He passes something into my hand. It a thin, white and gold dagger. "You need to kill them. It's dangerous, but you need to kill them." He shudders.

      "Who," I ask softly, stroking his hair, comforting him. It's the least I can do. "Who do I need to kill?"

      After a few breaths, he says; "Follow the river, you'll see..." Then he looks me in the eyes. His are a perfect, clear blue. I know he's close to dying. I ache silently.

      He sweeps some of my hair away from my face, and then kisses me.
      I seem to be getting alot of kisses whilest dreaming, not that i'm complaining Then he moves his lips to my ear and whispers; "I'll find you."

      He takes his last few shakey breathes, then lays his head on the grass, and dies.

      I gaze at his body for awhile. Then at the dagger. Maybe he's an angel, they all seem to be white and gold. I pick up his dagger. The thin gold that snakes it's way across the hilt is clean of blood. I get up, and follow the river. After awhile, I find it stops, and there's a dark hole. I climb in and end up in a damp, dark tunnel. It's large, with pipes running along it.

      There's a group huddled together at the end of the tunnel. The dagger glows ever so slightly. I've to use it to kill them. Nothing else can kill them, I know that much. I feel determined, this is what I've to do. I slash a pipe and direct the hot steam towards the group. They scream and scatter. They see me and run towards me.

      I slash at one at cut through hard bone. This dagger will cut through anything. They're going to overwhelm me though. I turn and run. There's a red, rusted chainlink fence. I cut through it and suddenly, my vision is darkening. The dream is ending.

      But I need to kill the bastards!! I spin, but it ends anyway.

      Now I have a new goal Imma kill the dark creatures.
      lucid , memorable