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    Phones, Elephants and Bens

    by , 10-11-2011 at 04:42 PM (784 Views)
    Awake Non-lucid Lucid

    I'm sitting on my bed in the dark. I get a text and pull out two phones, both the same. I look at them, why do I have two phones? I don't own two phones, and they're exactly the same. I push my finger through my palm.

    I'm dreaming! It's a nice surprise. I get up, plugging my nose and breathing, because I like the weird feeling. I look about my room and then go through my door. It's dark, but I can clearly see an elephant in the hallway. It's a small elephant, to fit into my hallway, but it slowly moves into my bathroom.

    Curious, I follow it. It stands in my bathroom, flicking its trunk about. I gaze at it for a while and try to get it to make noises, but it just kind of whines.

    I remember that I've to try and find either nito89 (Ben) or Arch. I decide to try and find Ben because he'll be easier to visualise and find. I stand outside the door to my brothers room, picturing him in my head. I try and make him as real as possible, because I don't want him to be a DC.

    I open the door, into a rather square, creamy room. The walls are cream and slightly dirty, and there's a cream carpet. To the side, there's a little bit of furniture, a sofa or something, but the rest of the room is unfurnished.

    Ben's sitting on the floor, little packets and spliffs around him. He looks up at me and giggles, clearly high. I'm starting to lose lucidity, but I stand wondering what to do with him. I say something to him, but he looks as though he can't comprehend what I'm saying. A girl walks in and he becomes instantly interested in her, offering her some weed.

    And then I lost lucidity and can't recall the rest.

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