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    Old Friends/Aussies

    by , 03-19-2012 at 08:06 PM (911 Views)
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    I went to bed at 9:30 (early I know, but I'm sick and had nothing better to do) having read The Final Empire for an hour. I had set my alarm for 3:30, however I couldn't sleep again for the second night in a row. After two hours of tossing and turning I read again and fell asleep shortly after that. I woke at 7:15, but went back to bed half an hour later. I woke up at hourly periods after that, up until 11.


    Old Friends

    I am in the shelter at school. It's a gorgeous, sunny day which I'm taking full advantage of, until the Rector strides over. He stops at the floor to ceiling glass wall which shows a staircase, and several sleeping girls beneath it. I gasp as he pushes in a glass pane, which swings open, and expect the whole thing to come down, which it doesn't. The girls slowly awaken, groaning and stretching, lifting their heads from their schools bags which they'd used as pillows. I recognise one as my old friend Sarah. She snaps at the Rector - which is quite unlike her - and he leaves.

    I notice that Sarah doesn't look herself; she has light blonde hair instead of it's usual bright red and pairs this with a pair of dark, smokey eyes and an air of confidence she doesn't usually possess. She jumps up, grabs her bag and rushes out with a "bye guys!"

    I turn my head to find I'm sitting on the ground in a circle with a group of friends. "Is it just me, or is something different about her?" I ask. They nod in agreement.


    F opens the door to the Asda freezer and peers inside. "What's in there?" I ask. He smirks, as if it should be obvious. He grabs a bag of frozen vegetables and waves them in my face before putting them back and slamming the door. I wander off to the end of the store, where there's a line of vending machines. As I think about what sugar filled, carbonated drink I want, it unexpectedly churns out a dark bottle of Vimto. Ew, I hate Vimto. I pick it up gingerly, placing it on the nearest counter.

    As I feared, a shop assistant rushes up to me and demands to know whether or not I paid for it. I explain that it just dropped out F shouts over to me that he wants a Coke Zero. Well he can get it him bloody self.

    I remember that my dad had sent me to to supposedly buy a car. That's strange, a car? I'm not even old enough to drive yet... But I find a till and ask to see their cars. I feel quite stupid considering Asda don't even sell cars, but the man surprises me by leading the way out. I recognise a girl following us that I knew from primary school, she notices me and smiles, telling me she wants to buy a Ford.

    Out in the car park, I glance around awkwardly for a small, cheap one. It's not exactly hard since they all look rather old and run-down.

    Under the shelter of the walkway, I notice Andrea waving her arms wildly and beckoning me over. She points to a large group of boys in sunglasses and beach shorts. What..? One of the boys turns round and grins at me. I recognise him as Alex
    (Dark_Merlin) . I run and jump on him, giving him a tight hug, excited to see him. He's taller than what I expected. "What are you doing here!?"

    He says something I don't quite catch. He's brought a lot of friends with him and they're all talking at once. God, was his accent always that strong? "I can't make out what you're saying..." I tell him, frowning in frustration. One of his friends announce that they want to go to Starbucks, so we set off walking.
    I find it difficult to believe that they're here on holiday, and the confusion makes me faintly believe that it's a dream, although it doesn't register. I babble nonsense to Alex, and start to feel like I'm annoying everyone with my constant stream of chatter.

    It's very, very hot and I try to fan myself in order to cool down. An Australian girl with dark hair and really badly applied purple eyeshadow rolls her eyes at me. What a charmer.

    We stop outside what I thought to be a holiday inn but is now a cafe. I stare at it for a few moments in shock. "I did not know this was here. Since when was this here?" I splutter to Andrea, who sits on the grassy bank and is looking really rather tanned. I sit beside her, and a blonde boy from the group joins us. He and Andrea already appear to be acquainted.

    "How many boys have you...?" He winks. What, sex with? A blunt question.

    "None." I reply, rolling my head back to face the warmth of the sun.

    "No," he chuckles. "Liked."

    "Ah... now that's a different story." I say, smiling faintly at the boys. Andrea giggles beside me. But I'm so hot it's getting to the point where sweat's starting to run down my face, so I decide to head home for a change of clothing.

    The Australian girl smirks and says "what, can't handle a bit of heat? You're so full of yourself. I bet you're going home to slap on some makeup so you can get in someones pants."

    Who the hell is this girl? Didn't she hear what I just said? Alex has some pretty bitchy friends, it seems.

    "No, I'm going home to change because I feel like I'm melting. You might be used to this heat, but I'm from Scotland, remember? It isn't usually like this. I'll run home, and won't be long."

    Alex nods at this, seemingly amused by our little spat. The girl sulks and crosses her arms.

    I run home, faster than what's possible. When I get home I find it's night, which confuses me. I open the blinds in my bedroom to see next door's having a party, fireworks and BBQ included.

    Night time? I bet they didn't even wait on me! I look at my phone to see a couple of missed calls from Alex. Since when did he have my number? I run outside, planning on running back to Starbucks. I get to the park nearest to my house and see a ghostly woman in a floaty, shapeless white dress floating in the air, a shocked expression on her face.

    I sigh. Another distraction, Alex must be getting really pissed off with me. "I know this is a dream, but this is ridiculous." I tell the ghost woman.

    I pause, thinking about what I just said. A dream... A dream! Of course I'm dreaming! I feel like face-palming over how long it took me to realise. I should have known as soon as I saw Alex in the Asda car park.

    I stick my finger through my palm and cheer in excitement. It's been ages since I've had a lucid dream. I rub my hands together, but it doesn't do much. I run to the nearest tree - amber coloured leaves like in autumn - and try to see as many details as possible. They start swooping in and out, as if the world is tilting, so I can't get a good look at them.

    Alex appears from behind a tree and comes over. I'm about to speak to him, but I wake up.

    Tonight I plan on reading until I feel really tired (reading in bed usually puts me straight to sleep) and then set my alarm that way, so I can do a proper MILD tonight. I figured it's time to start LDing again

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