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    Memorable Dreams

    1. The Dark Tower – Escape From Tull

      by , 09-15-2017 at 03:48 AM (New Dream Adventures of Raven Knight)
      2017, 09-14

      The Dark Tower – Escape From Tull

      I am in a rather rundown looking town. I don’t recognize anything about it. I walk down the main street, the only street, looking to see why I am here. I see many of the buildings along the road are boarded up and abandoned. I finally find a place that looks like a tavern or an inn and I go inside there. The first thing I see is a man near the door that looks like death itself. He looks up at me with a pained expression as he asks why ‘he’ didn’t make him not want it anymore. I ask who ‘he’ is and the man says the angel could make him alive again, why couldn’t he make him not want the weed? A woman at the bar tells him to leave me alone, calling him Nort. She says I should pay him no mind, he’s just a weed eater. She looks like she wants to say something more but thinks better of it.

      I go outside and I see someone who looks familiar, so I head in his direction. It’s Roland Deschain from the Dark Tower books by Stephen King. He stops briefly and says I’m not from Tull, am I just passing through? He doesn’t wait for an answer, he has somewhere he has to be. I follow after him, not sure what is happening yet. I tell him all I know for sure is I am here to help someone. I follow him to a strange house. No one answers the door and he kicks it down. When I get inside I see a really fat naked woman sitting on a chair and facing the door as if she’d been expecting someone. I am wishing she had some clothes on. Roland doesn’t seem to care. She claims to have been touched by an angel, and the angel left his child inside her. Roland says the man in black is no angel. She seems to think he was an angel because he claimed to be and he raised Nort from the dead. I remember the sickly man in the pub. I ask if she means that weed eater back in town? Roland looks surprised that I followed him here. I say that was no angel that brought Nort back… a true angel would have healed him of his addiction, not just brought him back to continue suffering. She doesn’t seem to have an answer to that, but at the same time she won’t entertain the idea the man in black was anything less than an angel. Roland says there’s no reasoning with this one, the man in black already owns her.

      Time seems to pass, or the scene changes. I am now with another man and we are near the pub. I look at the man and identify him as MoSh, a fellow dreamer from DreamViews. I look around to see why we might be here. MoSh looks at me and then around at the town. He says this is a really nice set… are they filming the Dark Tower movie here? I tell him no, this is a dream, though I’m not really listening to my own words. The townspeople are surrounding us. A man tells MoSh and me to get out of the way, they aren’t after us. Everyone there has some kind of weapon in their hands. Knives, shovels, pitchforks, sticks with nails… they are all around us. And right there with them is the fat woman from earlier, fortunately not naked any longer, holding a cross up and pointing at Roland and telling everyone to kill the interloper. Everyone starts closing in around us, cutting off escape. They apparently don’t care too much if innocent bystanders get caught in their attack. But I am remembering that they aren’t exactly themselves… the man in black set this all up, so maybe they can be set free.

      I tell Roland and MoSh that if they can try to avoid killing the people I think I can heal them and set them free of the man in black’s influence, at least some of them. Roland says that would be great, but it won’t help if we’re dead first. I tell him I understand that, I’ll try to be quick. MoSh says he can knock out anyone trying to approach without killing them. I walk towards the crowd, and they part to let me pass. I guess they were telling the truth when they said MoSh and I aren’t their targets. I get out among them and then I focus on the song Full Moonlight from the Devil Hunter Yohko soundtrack. I see MoSh using martial arts that looks like Ranma Saotome, knocking out any of the townspeople who approach him and Roland. Roland hasn’t yet fired a round. My song plays and an orb that looks like a moon is hovering over the town, bathing the entire area in light energy. When it ends I see a lot of the people look disoriented and confused. The fat woman is still pointing and telling them to kill the interloper. Roland answers her with a bullet between the eyes. A few others try to attack, but they don’t get very close before they’re shot.

      After the few remaining attackers have been dealt with everyone else is still wandering aimlessly. Roland asks if they will be ok. I tell him a little confusion is to be expected, I’m sure they will be fine in a little while. But I’m not sure how they will react to what happened here… it might be a good idea for Roland to not be here when they recover. He says he was already planning on leaving. We go into the pub and Roland stops, looking at a dead woman. I recognize the bartender from earlier. She has been shot in the head and is holding a gun. Roland says she must have gone and said it… if only she had been able to hold out a little longer. He takes some supplies from the kitchen and leaves payment in the form of several gold coins and then turns to leave. He says he doesn’t know who MoSh or I am, but it looks like we have the power to change even the man in black’s infernal plans. I tell him we may meet again before this is all done. Before he can say more everything fades and I wake up.
    2. Wraiths in the Dark

      by , 06-04-2017 at 03:32 AM (New Dream Adventures of Raven Knight)
      2017, 06-03

      Wraiths in the Dark

      I am in a dark forest, and the first thing I was notice is that I'm a bit chilly. I look around to see where I am but I don't recognize anything. The trees are tall and dark, there are patches of snow on the ground. I hear the sound of someone moving in the darkness. I even hear soft voices from that direction so I know there are people over there. I quietly follow the sound of the voices until I peer through the trees and see three men on horses making their way through the trees. One of them seems to be trying to convince the others that someone they're looking for, someone they refer to as Wildlings, are dead. One of them says he saw the bodies. They keep debating that as they continue, and I'm sure if there are any live Wildlings they will have already heard these idiots.

      The three men stop and dismount. Two continue on, one stays with the horses. The two that advance start making more effort to be quiet. I follow them a bit farther and they stop to look down into a clearing. One of them laughs and says the dead bodies got up and moved out. Or maybe they weren't dead is more likely. One of them climbs a tree for a better look at the area. I look down below and see an abandoned camp. The strangest thing is what looks like a good quality battle axe lying abandoned in the camp. Surely no one would leave that behind. I notice that it seems to be getting colder. I see movement in the trees, and I see something move. A strange creature, humanoid, bug glowing with a dim light, a pale green. It's eyes are glowing with a cold white light. I watch as the man on the ground draws a long sword and challenges the strange creature. The man looks like more of a boy, but is standing up like a man. The creature has a sword that looks like it's made of crystal or glass. They fight, though the man is clearly outmatched. The creature's sword shatters the man's sword, and he falls to his knees, unarmed. It's time for this to stop.

      I come out of the trees and tell the creature if it plans on killing this man unarmed then it will have to go through me first. A hollow laugh comes from the creature, a wave of cold hits me. I form my right arm into an Alex Mercer blade. The man gets off his knees and tries to get clear but there are more of the creatures behind him. So I get beside the man. The ones behind us look like they won't interfere with the one on one fight. The creature and I fight. It is skilled with the blade, and blocks my attacks. This looks like a creature of evil, so I charge my Alex Mercer blade with light energy. The next time our blades clash the creature's blade shatters, creating an opening for me to drive my blade into its chest and pump it full of light energy. The thing glows brightly then is burned away by the light.

      Now the ones behind us move in, there are five of them. I push the man to my other side and step into the middle of the group, unleashing a Legend of Zelda style spin attack, cutting each of them with light energy. They fall back, not seeming to know what to do. I call to the man in the tree to come down, they're getting out of here. He drops and the three of us return to the one watching the horses. I tell them they'd better ride for it, there could be more. The young man asks who I am. I say Raven Knight, but there's no time to chat, run! They all mount and disappear quickly into the dark forest. I hope they'll be ok. Everything fades and I wake.
      lucid , memorable
    3. The Destruction of the Ring

      by , 05-30-2017 at 03:53 AM (New Dream Adventures of Raven Knight)
      2017, 05-19

      The Destruction of the Ring

      I am in a strange place but I don’t really have time to look around and see where I am because I am under attack. I am surrounded by a large battle, there are orcs and humans fighting all around. I was being attacked by orcs, so I formed my right arm into an Alex Mercer blade and started cutting them down as they came at me. There were also other enemies attacking, evil looking humans, trolls, Uruk Hai, and I could see large bat-like things flying in the sky, those were no doubt the Nazgul. I also see there are numerous people that seem to be fighting against the orcs, though things are happening too quickly for me to recognize anyone. So I just keep fighting, dodging aside when a troll tries to nail me with a huge club. I jump up onto the club and go right up to the troll and use my Alex Mercer blade to remove its head. I look around and see there are so many enemies coming from all directions that I don’t see how we can possibly win. I then think that the only way these enemies are going to fall is if the One Ring is destroyed. Which Frodo is trying to do… but in the book he needed help… But how do I get to Mount Doom in time? I look up and I see someone using energy attacks on a Ring Wraith, it’s MoSh up there kicking Ring Wraith butt! I watch that for a bit but then I’m being attacked by an orc that needs to have its head removed.

      I start running towards the huge gate of Mordor, though I know there isn’t a chance I can run all of the way to Mount Doom. As I am running and cutting my way through enemies I see a small shape on the ground running with me. I look down and see Pikachu keeping pace with me. He is right under me when he transforms into the Blue Eyes White Dragon, and now I am sitting on the back of a dragon and streaking towards Mount Doom, Pikachu wipes out some enemies with a blast of lightning as we go. And then we are soaring over Mordor, I can see Mount Doom smoking and I can see the red eye at the top of the tower that Sauron uses to survey everything, but not everything all at once, he is watching the battle I just left. Pikachu carries me directly to Mount Doom and I get off on a path that leads to a cave. I follow that and see I have gotten there just in time. Frodo is standing at the edge of a drop into lava, and he is right now announcing the ring is his. He disappears from sight.

      Sam is calling to Frodo, I call to him as well. I use my Penticon chip to switch to infrared vision so I can see Frodo even though he is invisible. I tell Sam to stay calm, I can see Frodo. The ground is shaking as if Frodo’s proclamation has shaken the foundations of Mordor. I approach Frodo, he says to stay away, the ring is his. I say of course it is, I sure don’t want it, but he’s been hurt, and I want to heal him. I can tell he doesn’t believe me, so I focus on the song Touch My Heart right now to send light energy through Frodo. After the energy flows through him Frodo looks disoriented. He looks around but doesn’t stop me when I reach him and pull the ring from his finger. He grabs it from me and says he will do what he came to do, and he throws the ring into the fire. Now it definitely seems this volcano is about to blow its top. All three of us get quickly out of the chamber in the volcano and make our way down the slope a short ways. Frodo says this looks like the end, Sam says I seem to come and go whenever I want, why can’t I just take them with me? I say there is no need… they’ve got a ride on the way. They both look puzzled, and I point into the sky where three small specks are approaching. Those are eagles, and they’re on their way to take you to safety. The eagles fly closer and now Frodo and Sam see them, and they have clearly spotted us. But as they are diving in to pick us up everything fades and I wake up.
    4. The Healing of Sméagol

      by , 05-24-2017 at 05:13 AM (New Dream Adventures of Raven Knight)
      2017, 05-19

      The Healing of Sméagol

      I am on a rocky path at the top of a very steep stairway, almost like a ladder. I see Frodo and Sméagol off to the side whispering about something while Sam is trying to pull himself up the last few steps to flat ground. I reach down and give Sam a hand, helping him up the last couple steps. Frodo and Sam both want a break, Sméagol wants to keep going. I ask Sméagol if he wouldn’t like some food first. He says he is starving, but can’t eat nasty food from the elves. I tell him I can give him a nice, big, juicy fish… Sméagol drools a bit so I have my Penticon computer function as a Star Trek replicator and I replicate a large fresh trout. I hand Sméagol the fish and he seems as happy as a dog with a bone and tears into the fish raw, much to Sam’s disgust.

      I ask what Sam wants. He sarcastically answers, saying he wants a big bowl of beef stew with lots of fresh vegetables and potatoes and a big hunk of fresh bread with butter and an apple tart for dessert and a pint of good ale to wash it all down. I can tell he is not really expecting it, so I welcome him to the only five star inn of Mordor, The Flying Raven. I have my Penticon replicate exactly what he asked for on a small table for easier eating. I ask what Frodo wants, he just says he can’t remember the taste of good food any longer. I hesitate, then replicate the same thing for him as Sam asked for. Sam stares in shock for a bit and then starts eating. Frodo eats as well, and says he is grateful, but doesn’t seem to get any enjoyment out of the meal like Sam clearly does. After they’re done eating I ask how much water they have. Sam says not much, can I create that, too? Yes. I take their water skins and use the Harry Potter spell Aguamenti to fill them both with fresh cool water. Sam says he’s never even seen Gandalf create food and drink like that! We continue on our way and finally come to a tunnel. In there is where I will have to heal Sméagol, I’ll do it in there so it will be less likely to be seen by enemies.

      I follow everyone into the tunnel, which smells like all of the worst things I have ever smelled all rolled into one. The passages are dark, but I can see with my night vision. I follow until there is a fork in the tunnel and neither Frodo nor Sam know which way to go. Frodo calls out to Sméagol but there is no answer. Then the thing starts coming out of the dark passage. A huge spider, coming straight for the two hobbits. It’s Shelob. I go right up to the big ugly spider and, in a commanding tone, tell her that under no circumstances is she to lay fang or stinger or web on either of those two hobbits. No go back to your lair and you can feed later. Shelob stops, seems to consider briefly or maybe resist obeying, but then disappears quickly back down the passage. I tell the hobbits to go ahead, and when they reach the wall of web to cut it with Sting, I have to go find Sméagol. Sam says he wants to pay Gollum back for his treachery, I tell him that’s not the idea at all and head off down a different passage to find Sméagol.

      I leave the hobbits and go deeper into the caves, just trusting my instinct to lead me to Sméagol. The smell is getting so bad that I want to vomit, I wonder how Sméagol can stand it. I find him near an exit to the outside, looking out through a passage. I approach him, and he says I’m nasty and I’m ruining everything before retreating back into the caves. I follow him and catch up with him in a larger chamber. I focus on the song Touch My Heart from the Devil Hunter Yohko soundtrack. Light energy fills the chamber and flows through Sméagol. After it’s done he looks disoriented, but not harmed. I follow that up by using Of Wolf and Man by Metallica. “I feel a change, back to a better day. Shape shift, hair stands on the back of my neck! Shape shift, in wildness is the preservation of the world, so seek the wolf in thyself!” The energy again surrounds Sméagol, this time his physical form changes into a form that could only be a hobbit. He looks very surprised and confused. He asks what has happened. I feel like I am about to wake up. I tell Sméagol not to worry, I’m going to disappear but I will be back as fast as I can. Everything fades as I wake.
    5. Distracting the Eye of Sauron

      by , 05-22-2017 at 11:07 PM (New Dream Adventures of Raven Knight)
      2017, 05-18

      Distracting the Eye of Sauron

      I am in a place I don’t recognize, standing on the top of a hill with numerous warriors all decked out in battle armor with swords and spears ready for action. I look around and see a few familiar faces, I see Gandalf, Aragorn, and Boromir around me. Several people step forward and call out the Dark Lord for crimes against Gondor, I go with them. An ugly man comes out through the cracked gate on an even uglier horse. He calls himself the mouth of Sauron and basically starts talking shit about everyone there. I can’t help it… I say he sounds more like the ass of Sauron with all the shit he’s spewing. He looks at me but is silent for a bit as if not sure what to say. He then sees Gandalf and starts talking shit again, presenting Gandalf with Frodo’s gear taken when he was temporarily captured. Pippin jumps out and looks afraid, so I quickly whisper to him that no, the enemy doesn’t have Frodo or Sam, I can’t prove it now, but I know it to be true. He remains silent as Gandalf rejects some very unreasonable demands for the release of the alleged prisoner and takes Frodo’s things, supposedly to remember him by.

      The ugly mouth / ass of Sauron turns and rides quickly back to the large black gates as they swing open wide, and hordes of enemies start flooding through the gate and from the surrounding mountains both from in front of and behind us. Our forces are completely surrounded. I quick tell Gandalf that I’m going to drop an Immortal Fire right in the middle of our warriors to force the enemies back, but our people needn’t worry, the fire won’t burn any but those with black hearts. I then make my way to the center of the group, figuring to give our people some breathing room. “And suddenly the unreal silence is broken by a lament... a lament coming up from the deepest, darkest abyss. And from the seven gates of the dark fortress the dead come back to life to face them! This is hell...” Light energy erupts all around me now, getting the attention of those nearest me. Aragorn is telling them my fire won’t burn them, only those with dark hearts. “Immortal fire now rise, light my heart, light my way through the darkness, a guardian of space and time!” The energy explodes out from my position, not touching any of the warriors of Gondor and Rohan, but blasting away at the enemies with the force of an atomic bomb. I put all the energy into it that I can, take out all the enemies I can and definitely attract the attention of the giant red eye of Sauron.

      After the Immortal Fire finishes I see there are no longer any enemies very close to our people. There are still plenty of enemies out there, but at least for the moment they seem to be keeping their distance. I am wondering what may be next when I see large shapes flying in the sky, coming our way. Everyone seems to be a bit freaked out as they see there are three dragons heading our way. But our people have nothing to worry about, two of the dragons, a blue one and a red one, attack the enemy armies, and the third dragon, a Blue Eyes White Dragon, swoops down and plucks me up and pikas at me as he sets me on his back. I see the other dragons from up here, and I see one of them has a man on its back, that’s MoSh! I wonder how he came to be here. As if I’d asked the question aloud, Q speaks in my mind and says he went and brought MoSh back since I wasn’t lucid enough to pick him up on the way. By now the enemies are attacking again, and MoSh and I are diving in on dragons to attack them. Then I see the Nazgul on their winged monsters and engage one of them in a dogfight type maneuver in the sky, me on my Blue Eyes White Dragon against him on his ugly demon steed. We dodge past the dark energy attacks he uses and nail him with light energy lightning. I turn in time to see MoSh is facing off against two Nazgul, the dragon he is on blasts one of them to dust and the other dragon, who is riderless, blasts the other one. I am about to engage another Nazgul, but I don’t get a chance before I wake up.
    6. The Madness of Denethor

      by , 05-17-2017 at 12:49 AM (New Dream Adventures of Raven Knight)
      2017, 05-16

      The Madness of Denethor

      I am walking on the streets of a city straight out of a fantasy game. The roads are long and curving, running between buildings of stone. There is a lot of commotion going on around me, and no one seems to be paying any attention to the fact I’m there. I walk along the road for a bit to try to find out what is going on here. I hear the sounds of a battle from the outside of the walls and I am thinking I should go there and do whatever I can to help out. I am about to go when someone comes up calling my name. It’s a hobbit, it’s Pippin! He says he’s looking for Gandalf, but maybe I can help… he says the Lord Denethor has taken leave of his senses and plans to burn himself and Faramir in the houses of the dead! I say I will help him, but as we go I ask what this is about Faramir, because last time I saw Faramir he was fine. Pippin says Faramir went out to battle but was brought back because he’d been struck down with a poison arrow, but he’s not dead yet and maybe can still be saved if Denethor would listen to reason. He says Denethor is somehow convinced Boromir has fallen in battle, and when Faramir was brought back wounded he seemed to lose it!

      As Pippin and I make our way to the top of Minas Tirith and to the houses of the dead I see a lot of people look like giving up. I focus on the song Not Gonna Die by Skillet to try to give them positive energy and hope. “No, not gonna die tonight! We're gonna stand and fight forever! Don’t close your eyes… No, not gonna die tonight! We're gonna fight for us together! No, we’re not gonna die tonight!” We get to the door to the Steward House and find Beregond holding the door against other soldiers who seek to pass with torches. Pippen looks disheartened. He says he should have gotten Gandalf, no offense to me, but they won’t listen to just anyone. I don’t heed that, I just go over to the group. One of the soldiers trying to get in says they must do Denethor’s bidding. I comment that I thought they were supposed to protect the Lord Denethor… he immediately says they are! I tell him now the Lord Denethor is sick, and he needs to be protected from himself most of all. But I have the cure, just let me pass. Beregond steps aside and lets me in.

      Inside I find Denethor and Faramir lying on a stone table with wood stacked around them. He looks up when he hears someone enter. I tell him this will stop now. He says no, Boromir is dead, he has seen it, Faramir is dying and already burning, all will burn… why wait? He stands and says he must do everything himself and walks towards the door. I block his path, using the song Not Gonna Die by Skillet. “Don’t you give up on me! You’re everything they need! This is how it feels when you take your life back, this is how it feels when you fight back!” A pillar of light energy erupts around Denethor, shining around and through him. “No, not gonna die tonight! We’re gonna stand and fight forever! Don’t close your eyes… No, not gonna die tonight! We're gonna fight for us together! No, we’re not gonna die tonight! Not gonna die! (Denethor: Not gonna die…) Not gonna die! (Denethor: Not gonna die!) Not gonna die tonight!” Shining with light energy Denethor says he’s not going to die, he’s going to fight! He tells the guards bringing torches that he now bids them follow him into battle and to victory! I go over to check on Faramir and find he is burning up with fever but definitely still alive. He should be in the Houses of Healing, not of the dead. I see Denethor is still there, he hasn’t gone off to battle just yet. He says he can’t leave his son… I tell him his son needs rest in the Houses of Healing, there’s nothing more Denethor can do for him right now. The men who had brought torches to Denethor now help carry the unconscious Faramir back to the Houses of Healing. Denethor is definitely ready to go fight now, he leads the others off to the battle. I think I should also go help, but everything fades to black and I wake up.
    7. Return to Minas Tirith

      by , 05-14-2017 at 05:06 AM (New Dream Adventures of Raven Knight)
      2017, 05-12

      Return to Minas Tirith

      I am in a place I don’t recognize, I look around and see a man, is demanding to know who I am and how I got up here. He says only his personal guards and those he has admitted are permitted here. I wonder who he is, then I see another man there is Gandalf from Lord of the Rings. Gandalf says he knows me, I have traveled with their company at a couple different times. More important now is that Denethor get a rescue force together or Faramir and his men have no chance of reaching the city alive. I ask what has happened. Gandalf goes to the edge of the outcropping that overlooks Minas Tirith and the surrounding lands and he points out at a rock formation that is surrounded by many orcs. He says Faramir and his men have taken refuge there, but they can’t hold off the attacks forever, which is why Denethor needs to send out a rescue sortie. Denethor says there is no way a sortie would be successful, he would just be sending more men out to die. Gandalf is frustrated and says Denethor’s son is out there as if Denethor wasn’t already aware that Faramir was out there and cornered. Denethor says it is the hardest decisions that fall to him, but there is no hope for success. I tell him to just stay up here and watch if he thinks the situation is impossible.

      Denethor is asking me what I think I can do about this but I ignore him and run right at the edge of the outcropping. I jump up and out into the open air much to both Denethor’s and Gandalf’s surprise. I fly out over the city and then out over the fields beyond. The enemies are filling the fields beyond, they are doing double takes at me flying but then they start firing arrows at me. I dodge them and dive down to a place among the enemies, about halfway between the rock formation and the gates of Minas Tirith. This is a good spot for Dark Power of Abyss by Rhapsody, it’s time to drop an Immortal Fire! “And suddenly the unreal silence is broken by a lament... a lament coming up from the deepest darkest abyss. And from the seven gates of the dark fortress, the dead come back to life to face them... this is hell!” As I do the next part a circle of light energy erupts around me. “Immortal fire, now rise, light my heart, light my way through the darkness, the guardian of space and time!” A circle of light energy explodes out from my position, blasting enemies out of the way all of the way from the rock formation where Faramir and his men are hiding to the gates of Minas Tirith.

      In the aftermath of that massive blast the fields are left bare, enemies that were on the edge of the affected area are all fleeing in terror of a force they have never witnessed the like of. The way to the rock formation where Faramir and his men are is clear, I go over there to see if everyone is able to move towards Minas Tirith. I see Faramir come around the edge of the formation, with another familiar person right behind him. Altaïr is there with Faramir, his sword is drawn and covered in the blood of orcs. Altaïr says the enemies won’t stay afraid to approach for long, they’re too dumb to know their own peril. I ask if anyone needs healing before they can be moved to the city. There are a couple that are on the edge of death with serious wounds, so I quickly heal them and then we start heading for the gates of the city. Most of the enemies are keeping their distance, but not the Nazgul, five of them are swooping in towards us as we are making for the gates. From the gates of Minas Tirith now comes a man on a white horse, they are blazing with light energy. It’s Gandalf, the White Rider charging out to meet us, shining a bright ray of light energy at the approaching Nazgul. The wraiths veer aside and break off their attack, retreating into the night. We reach the gates and get inside, Gandalf following us in as the gates are swung closed with a heavy clang. The people in the city are all cheering us and the return of Faramir and his men, happy to see their safe return. I now have the time to heal the rest of the wounded, whether their wounds be small or great. Shortly after I finish healing the last wound everything around me fades to black and I wake.
    8. The Battle at Osgiliath

      by , 05-13-2017 at 07:46 PM (New Dream Adventures of Raven Knight)
      2017, 05-12

      The Battle at Osgiliath

      I am in what appears to be a meeting hall, I am near the back of the room. I look around and see it is filled with warriors that appear to be of high rank. I hear someone talking at the front of the room, he is talking about not giving up the outer defenses. I hear mention of the outpost at Osgiliath, and that more soldiers need to go there to defend. A man says they will not be able to hold it long even with reinforcements. I get a bit closer and I recognize one of the men speaking as Faramir, captain of Gondor. I assume that the man he is talking with must be the steward of the lane, Denethor, Faramir’s father. Denethor says Boromir can’t do everything, he is away on an urgent errand, but if any captain remains who will do his lord’s bidding… Faramir says he will go to Osgiliath if Denethor orders it, and Denethor immediately says he does order it.

      Faramir leaves the hall and I follow him out, I don’t think Denethor even noticed me. Gandalf is out with Faramir now telling him not to throw his life away needlessly, he says Denethor loves Faramir and will remember that before the end. I go over to Faramir and ask if he could use a little extra help, I will offer my skills as a healer and a warrior. He seems hesitant, probably because I am a woman, but finally says he will take any who are willing to come, for they will need all the help they can get at Osgiliath. I follow Faramir out where he gets on a horse, and some other soldiers are also on horses. A Rapidash I recognize as my own Rapidash named Stardust trots over to me. The people around are staring in amazement at Stardust’s flaming mane and tail. I climb up on Stardust and we are ready to go. I tell Faramir that if I go ahead and use a healing spell on the attackers I am sure at least some will break off the attack. He asks if that’s why the company moving through Ithilien was so small, I say yes, many of them turned back. He says to go ahead, then. An enemy who turns away from the fight is worth two who have to be defeated in battle.

      I ride with Faramir and the others for the trip to Osgiliath because the enemy still hasn’t shown themselves. The waiting when we get to Osgiliath is the hardest, and I am afraid I will wake up before the action even starts. Soon there are armies approaching from the other side of the Anduin River. That’s my signal so I ride right towards the middle of the group while focusing on the song Full Moonlight from the Devil Hunter Yohko soundtrack. The song plays, I am surrounded by light energy that spreads out over the area as I am spinning around, forming into an orb in the sky that looks like a moon shining bright. Light energy is spreading out from that orb, bathing all of the attacking forces in its light. Indeed, some of the enemies start turning back the way they came, but they don’t get far. The Nazgul are following up the attack and immediately strike down anyone who is trying to retreat. This really pisses me off because they are killing all of the enemies I have managed to heal. I focus a blast of light energy from my moon orb right at the Nazgul who are attacking, and it creates an opening for at least some of those who have changed their minds to escape.

      There are still plenty of enemies attacking, however. And the Nazgul are attacking rather than following after the enemies who have decided to retreat. I leave the moon orb to cast light energy over the battle areas in hope that it might counter the fear effect of the Nazgul. I form my right arm into an Alex Mercer blade and start cutting up the enemies who I was not able to heal. The battle rages on for a while, I have killed many orcs and healed several injured soldiers of Gondor. But there are just so many enemies that before long they are slipping past and our group has to fall back towards Minas Tirith to keep from being surrounded. There are also more soldiers of Gondor injured than I can keep up with healing, so I break off and help escort some of the injured to a place sheltered by large rock formations where I can heal them without being attacked. I heal them but then I am feeling the dream slipping. Faramir has arrived with more injured men and I tell him I’m about to disappear, no time to explain, but I will come back as soon as I can. Everything around me fades to black and I wake up.
    9. The White Rider

      by , 05-12-2017 at 04:13 AM (New Dream Adventures of Raven Knight)
      2017, 05-11

      The White Rider

      I am in a city that looks like it came straight out of a fantasy game. I look around and see a lot of people moving about, some of them stop to look at me as if they have never seen the like of me. I notice most of the people I am seeing are men that are decked out in armor as if ready for war. I’m not sure where I should be going, but I get the idea I should be going somewhere… I walk for a while and soon one of the men passing by asks what I am doing here. He says he doesn’t mean any offense, but he thought all of the women went to the shelter in the mountains. I’m not really sure what to tell him when I hear another voice call me by name, someone clearly recognizes me! I look and see Pippin from Lord of the Rings. Pippin says he was wondering when he would see me again. The man who questioned me says he thought all the women had left, Pippin says I’ve traveled with their company at times and I fight as well as a company of men. He says if I help protect Minas Tirith then the enemy will surely fail! I see Pippin is with another man, the first man continues on with his duties. Pippin introduces me to his friend who turns out to be Beregond, one of the soldiers of Minas Tirith. Pippin says they were just going up on the wall to see what they can see, maybe I should come. Beregond seems a little hesitant, but Pippin says he knows me well enough to vouch for me.

      I follow Beregond and Pippin up some stairs and soon we are at the top of a wall overlooking the lands surrounding the city. I look out over the lands as Beregond and Pippin are talking about what is out there and what they know to be coming. I hear a faint noise out there that sounds demonic, and both Beregond and Pippin shiver as if a chill has run through them. Pippin looks over the wall and points to a place where three flying shapes can be seen swooping and turning in the sky. I look out and see it, too, and there are also shapes on the ground that appear to be people on horses. The flying shapes are firing blasts of dark energy at the people and horses, and I hear a horn blast from them. Beregond says that’s Faramir. Pippin is saying Faramir and his riders will never make it, won’t someone go help them? It looks like Beregond might be about to head out to help them but I have seen now why I am here. Much to Beregond’s amazement I jump right off of the wall to head out and help.

      I see it is a lot farther than I had realized and I need a ride… I need a horse! As if called by my thoughts, I hear the sound of hooves behind me. I look back and I see a Rapidash quickly catching up with me. Rapidash slows down a bit beside me so I can jump onto her back and then she speeds towards the approaching riders as they are being bombed by the flying Nazgul yet again. Rapidash is fast, and in just an instant I am among them, using the song Battery by Metallica to call down bolts of white lightning on the attacking Nazgul. It doesn’t take much to make them back down, they immediately break off their attacks and soar back to the east, back to Mordor. I see flashes of white in the sky from off to the North, and two more Nazgul retreat from up there. Shortly after they retreat I see a white horse come into view with a white rider, Gandalf has come, but apparently the Nazgul had split up in order to keep him away from Faramir and the fleeing riders so they could not make it to Minas Tirith. Gandalf arrives and asks if everyone is ok, he says we need to get into Minas Tirith in case they return. All of the riders get their scared horses back under control and everyone rides for Minas Tirith. But I never get there because on the way I wake up.
    10. Déjà Vu

      by , 05-08-2017 at 05:04 AM (New Dream Adventures of Raven Knight)
      2017, 05-07

      Déjà Vu

      I am in a place that looks rather familiar, but where I would have expected there to be someone there all I see now looks to be abandoned and is falling apart. It also looks like a level in Minecraft, and I am annoyed, thinking I just helped build this place and now someone comes in here and makes a mess of it? I look around to see who is here and what they might have done to this place. I don’t see anyone here at all, and that seems odd, too. I am thinking there should be some people here and I wonder where they are. I think I’d better get to putting this place back together. I start playing Minecraft as I feel I have done before and I start building things back up again. I think there is a certain way things are supposed to be, but I really can’t remember exactly how that is. I figure I will do the best I can and then if I do it wrong it will be easy to fix. I keep playing Minecraft for a while, constantly looking to find both whoever did this and the people I had expected to find. But it would seem I am playing a single player game tonight. After working on it for a while it looks like Grove Street from Grand Theft Auto, or that’s what I have been told it is, I haven’t actually played Grand Theft Auto.

      Once the area is back to that state I start searching around more. I look into the houses to see if there is anyone in there, though I haven’t seen anyone while searching there. I am finding no one. I enter into a garden that looks like it was once beautiful but now it looks overgrown and abandoned. I take out the ocarina that is hanging from a cord around my neck and I start playing it. I play the song Voices from the soundtrack to Macross Plus. As I play the song I see the garden coming back to life, returning to its former beauty. I keep playing the song for a while, bringing the garden back and also thinking the song might draw someone out if there is anyone hidden away here. The flowers bloom, the trees grow back, there is a stream flowing through the garden with a bridge going over it. I walk through the garden for a while, playing the song. I hear birds singing in the trees, a gentle breeze is blowing through the bushes and flowers. I wonder why I found this place abandoned, I wonder where everyone went. It seems someone should be here… I am still wondering this as everything fades to black and I wake up.
    11. Minecraft Inner World

      by , 05-04-2017 at 12:38 AM (New Dream Adventures of Raven Knight)
      2017, 05-03

      Minecraft Inner World

      I am in a place I don’t recognize, but it looks like the aftermath of a disaster of some kind. I look around to see if I can figure out where I am. There is a man there looking at me, and he comes over. He says he’s glad I was finally able to make it here. A Japanese woman in a kimono comes over with a plate of cookies. She says she knows I love her cookies, so have one. I take a cookie, it is chocolate chip and it is delicious. Soon, names come to mind for the woman and the man. He is MoSh, and she is Asuka, and I had a goal! The goal was to fix stuff up here after MoSh’s inner world was invaded last night. I look around, and I start seeing things as if they were in the video game Minecraft. I tell the two of them that I will gladly help repair things.

      I go to where it looks like there was once a house but now there is a large hole in the ground and the frame of a house. My mind has gotten stuck on Minecraft somehow (I haven’t played it for a long time) so I go with that and I start moving around blocks of dirt to fill in the hole so the house will be stable on top of it. I am doing that when I see another man, and this time I think of Data from Star Trek. He says he might have to rethink the catacombs to make sure they are also protected, he hadn’t figured the remote viewers would find them so easily. I keep moving blocks of dirt around, but I hang on to some blocks of various minerals and precious metals that I find. I have found copper, silver, gold, and a ton of coal. I come across some sand and I collect that, too, since I remember that is one of the few types of block in Minecraft that is affected by gravity. If I leave sand and MoSh wants to build down there later, it could all collapse. I run out of dirt blocks and I have to get out of the hole to collect more. I deposit my inventory of minerals and metals in a neat pile in an empty lot area. I call over to MoSh that I’m leaving the good stuff I found over here, so he can build or craft with it at his leisure. He looks surprised at that and comes over to look at what I have found. I go to a hill that doesn’t seem to serve much purpose and I collect some more dirt blocks to complete filling the hole.

      After filling enough of the hole I start looking at the debris pieces and picking those up. All of the parts of the house should still be here as long as a Creeper hasn’t exploded any of it. I start rebuilding the house as I find the pieces, but I haven’t found all of the pieces yet. I have some pieces from the second level but no stairs so I put up a ladder to get there. Then I wonder if I’m doing it right, after all, this is MoSh’s house, not mine. I look around for MoSh, Asuka, or Data to tell me if I’m doing this the way they want it done. I don’t see any of them for a few minutes, then I spot MoSh moving some blocks around on the lower level of the house. I ask him how he wants things to be laid out, but he just shrugs at me so I decide to keep working. If he doesn’t like it, things in Minecraft are usually pretty easy to rearrange. So I keep building, and still I haven’t found any stairs. Maybe there was a Creeper? Maybe the Templars stole the stairs? But that doesn’t make any sense… why would Templars steal stairs?!

      After a lot of working and moving stuff and finding some even more rare minerals and metals to add to the growing resource pile I finally step back and look at what we have built. The area has started to look surprisingly familiar, like a Minecraft version of a video game place I have seen many times before but I can’t think of what game it comes from because it is a game I don’t personally play. The only thing out of place is the large pile of rare minerals and ores that I have piled in an open area. I look around to see if I can find MoSh. I don’t see him now, but I see Asuka. I go over to her and ask where MoSh is. She says she thinks he woke up, but he will probably be back. She says to stick around for a bit, MoSh had mentioned trying to heal my sickness. I tell her that might have to wait, because I think I am about to wake up. Even as I say that, everything around me is fading to black and I wake.
    12. Full Moonlight

      by , 04-30-2017 at 08:56 PM (New Dream Adventures of Raven Knight)
      2017, 04-28

      Full Moonlight

      I am in a place I don’t recognize. It’s a rather beautiful place, a forested area near a running stream. The sun is shining high in the sky and it is very pleasant now. I walk along the stream for a while, just enjoying the scenery. As I make my way up the river I see someone on the banks, it looks like he is washing something in the river. I get closer and he stands up, I see he is a hobbit. He looks over and sees me, and I clearly gave him a bit of a startle. He jumps back a bit and then stares at me for a bit longer before finally saying my name. “Raven? How did you get here?” He says he never thought anyone would find them way out here, have I been following them the whole time? I tell him no, I just show up when I’m needed. I look up from the stream and spot a stream of smoke rising. I remember from the book that the smoke was from Sam’s cooking fire, but I pretend I know nothing. I point at the smoke and tell Sam that some fool has started a fire out here, it’ll draw every orc in the vicinity if we don’t put it out. Sam looks at the smoke and drops an expletive before running up the hill towards the fire.

      I follow Sam up the hill but I stop when I hear a whistle from a different direction. It sounds like a person imitating a bird, but I can’t tell for sure. I go farther up the hill but I stop when I hear voices up ahead. I peek past some concealing trees and see several men standing around Frodo and Sam. Apparently, they have met up with Faramir. I watch them from a hidden place, my Assassin’s robes lend themselves to keeping me concealed. I watch them for a bit and then Faramir is telling Frodo and Sam that they have to intercept an army of humans that have come to join the ranks of the Dark Lord. I wonder if those people are truly evil or if maybe Sauron has done something to corrupt them, maybe I should try to heal them before the battle between them and Faramir’s people starts and then a lot of people will get killed perhaps needlessly. I want to reach the enemy forces before they engage in battle with Faramir’s people, so I quietly move away from my current location, continuing up until I come to the road that Frodo and Sam have been following. Since the enemies were coming from the south, that is where I need to head in order to intercept them, so I head along the road to the south.

      I haven’t gone far along the road before I see the enemy approaching me. They don’t seem to notice me until they are virtually on top of me. One of the men towards the front gives off a laugh and says I’m walking on the wrong road. He laughs more, but I ignore him completely and run directly into the middle of their ranks. Since that was the last thing they were expecting, no one stops me. I focus on the song Full Moonlight from the Devil Hunter Yohko anime soundtrack. (Link to YouTube song: ) The song plays through, an orb of light energy forms in the air over my head, it looks like a moon spinning around, throwing off waves of light energy. I am spinning and dancing underneath the orb, sending off more light energy, and all of the warriors around me are standing and staring in stunned silence, they don’t seem to know what to do. I see that some of the people in the enemy forces are on the backs of massive elephants. I continue the song, wanting to make sure and get some of the healing energy to the people on the elephants, and the elephants as well if they have also been corrupted. Soon the entire area is flowing with the golden energy coming out of the moon-like orb, and the people look rather disoriented. I am hearing people questioning what they’re doing here, and saying they don’t really want to go to war for someone who has never done anything for them or their families. One of them says they have to go on or there will be retribution. I tell one man who seems to be a leader that if they’re worried about Sauron attacking them to get revenge, there would be no need. Sauron will never get the chance to hurt anyone else. He seems to believe me, maybe the energy filling the area helped convince him.

      I see there are some people seeking to continue, but most are turning back now. I figure Faramir’s people can handle the few that continue. Except… a few of the people on elephants are continuing, but I don’t want the elephants to get hurt, so I form an Alex Mercer blade of my right arm and cut their riding howdahs right off the backs of the elephants by cutting through the straps holding them in place. The huge structures fall from the elephants and crash to the ground. Now riderless, the elephants also turn around and head back towards the south, towards their homes. I disappear into the trees again, not sure if anyone saw me go or not. I slowly make my way back to where I saw Frodo and Sam with Faramir and some of his people only to find they are gone. I wonder where they have gone off to. I wonder if they saw any part of my little light show, maybe they took off. I try to think of what happens next in the book but right now my mind is getting a bit fuzzy, it is hard to focus on any one idea for long. As I am still trying to make my mind focus on one thing everything around me starts fading. Everything around me fades to black and I wake up.
    13. The Wise and the Lost

      by , 04-26-2017 at 03:19 AM (New Dream Adventures of Raven Knight)
      2017, 04-25

      The Wise and the Lost

      I am on what looks like a road from a fantasy game. The road leads across green fields and rolling hills. Not too far off I can see what looks like a wall around a city. I have the idea that is where I am going so I head in that direction. The road leads past a pillar with a white hand statue on it, the hand is pointing farther along the road and the fingernails are painted a red that looks like blood. I continue past that and soon come to a place that used to be blocked off by a heavy gate, but the gates have been literally torn to pieces and cast aside. I am about to go through the destroyed gate when I hear a couple different people calling out to me. One of the voices calls me by name, “Raven!” while the other voice demands to know who I am and what my business here is. The person addressing me by name is Legolas from the Lord of the Rings books, and the person who wants to know my business is a tree… or rather an Ent. The Ent seems to consider it good enough that Legolas knows me and he returns to his guard post near the destroyed gate where he becomes virtually invisible, which is why I hadn’t seen him on approach.

      Legolas comes over with Merry, Pippin, Gimli, and Aragorn. I do a double take and before I even realize I’m going to speak I ask where Boromir has gone. Aragorn says not to worry, my healing work did its job well, but Boromir went directly on to Minas Tirith, as was his original intent. He says I will never believe who came back to them when they needed him most… Gandalf! Well there he is right now, with Treebeard and King Theoden and the others. He heads off in their direction and everyone follows him. We meet up not far from the tower of Orthanc, Gandalf doesn’t look surprised to see me. He motions to the tower of Orthanc and says he was just about to go have a word with Saruman. I say I think I may yet be able to heal Saruman’s heart from the darkness that has taken up residence there. Gandalf says he would not tell me to not try, but he has a feeling Saruman won’t be likely to listen to reason. I say he merely has to listen to my song.

      When we get to the tower, Gandalf calls Saruman out. After a brief pause I see Saruman standing on a small balcony up above us, about a third of the way up the tower. Saruman leans out and surveys the people here, I quickly duck out of the way closer to the tower so he doesn’t see me. Saruman is now saying how he has little hope that Gandalf is here for his council, but King Theoden has been his friend for so long… he then sets off on trying to win King Theoden over with his charismatic voice. I look back and see that Theoden seems hesitant to give any answer to Saruman’s request that he come up and they talk together and make peace between Saruman and the people of Rohan. Saruman is acting like he is the one who has been wronged rather than King Theoden and the people of Rohan, even though it was Saruman who started the attacks, not the people of Rohan. I ignore what Saruman is continuing to say and I go to the door into Orthanc. It is, of course, locked. I use the Harry Potter spell Alohamora to unlock the door and it swings open silently and I enter, taking care to be completely silent.

      The interior of the tower of Orthanc is dark at first, but my eyes quickly adjust. I find stairs that head upward. I wonder how many levels up Saruman is, it only looked like a few, which is less than I’d pictured it when reading the books. I climb up a few levels, following the sound of Saruman’s voice. Suddenly he sounds angry for a bit before going back to his soft and soothing voice. Someone down there is getting him annoyed. I get to the level where he is and quietly open the door. I see across the room to where the balcony connects to the room, Saruman is outside and completely unaware of me. Now Saruman is telling Gandalf to come up, let the two of them take council together and speak reasonably as only the wise can. There is a pause, then Saruman gets pissed again. He spits out a few curses that weren’t mentioned in the Lord of the Rings books and then turns away from the balcony and comes inside. He stops short when he sees me and asks who I am to barge into his tower unannounced and uninvited. I tell him I have only done what he bid, for someone to come up and be reasonable and hear his council. I figure he might be more agreeable if he thinks I’m on his side. He says he doesn’t have any interest in taking council with the likes of me. I feign disappointment and say then I will have to settle for giving my help to him even if it is unasked for.

      He starts to say there is nothing I could possibly have to say that would interest Saruman the Wise, but I ignore him and begin the song Liberate by Disturbed. Saruman needs to have his mind set free from Sauron the Dark Lord, who controls him through the Palantir. “Bold motherfucker won’t you liberate your mind?” Saruman does a double take at the music that starts playing, the sound of Disturbed… “Bold motherfucker, won’t you liberate your mind? Can't you see that the messages have fallen behind? All the hate in your heart will be leaving you blind, so bold motherfucker won’t you liberate your mind this time!” The room fills with a golden energy that flows around and through Saruman. When the song is done he looks disoriented, confused. He asks what has happened, what has he done? I say he has done only what his puppet master has commanded him to do, but now the strings have been broken and he is free to act on his own again. I look around the room and I see the source of his problems, there is the palantir sitting on a pedestal in the middle of the room. I go over to it and carefully pick it up without looking into it. I say to Saruman that the palantir is what the enemy has been using to control him, but no more will he be shown those twisted and backwards versions of what is happening in the world. Now he will make his own mind instead.

      Saruman looks confused still as I walk from the room. I go down the stairs and past a confused looking Wormtongue, who does nothing to get in my way. I figure he can stay loyal to Saruman, because now that will not put him on the side of evil. I have a feeling Saruman is going to be very angry at the Dark Lord for being used as a pawn. I notice that he looks rather sickly, but I figure Saruman can help him if he is ill. I exit the tower of Orthanc and find Gandalf and the others still there. Gandalf asks what happened in there, he said he heard what sounded like music from another world (I get the idea he didn’t particularly like it) and then nothing. I carefully hand Gandalf the palantir and say the enemy has controlled Sauron using that, but now the strings are broken and Saruman is a puppet no more. Gandalf takes the palantir, also making sure not to look into it, and wraps it in a cloth he pulls from inside his robes. Aragorn asks what about Wormtongue. I say he’s been doing evil under Saruman’s orders, so now if he continues following Saruman, he won’t be doing evil. I say if Wormtongue needs more healing of heart, I will return, but now I can’t stay. Everything is fading even as I say that, and then I wake up.
    14. Dragon Warriors

      by , 04-25-2017 at 05:35 AM (New Dream Adventures of Raven Knight)
      2017, 04-24

      Dragon Warriors

      I am on top of what looks like a mountain, standing near the peak on a ledge that overlooks the valley below. It is dark out, but I can see the light of dawn beginning in the west. I look around, not sure where I am or why I might be here. Q from Star Trek is here, he says he will be right back. He disappears in a flash of light and then after only a short time he appears again with a man and two dragons! One of the dragons look like the Red Eyes Darkness Dragon from YuGiOh, and the other one looks the same but is a white dragon with blue markings. Q tells me not to worry, he won’t let me make Pikachu jealous. He sets a cute Pikachu on the ground near my feet. He says we’d better get going now before it’s too late. He says he can’t wait to see how those stupid orcs react when they see three dragons diving from the sky at them! Q laughs and then disappears in a flash of light.

      The black dragon picks the man, MoSh, up and sets him on its back. The white dragon looks at me expectantly, but Pikachu gets directly between my legs and then transforms into the Blue Eyes White Dragon from YuGiOh. When he has finished transforming I am perched on Pikachu’s back and he is a dragon. MoSh takes flight on his dragon, then he calls to me and asks if I know where we’re going. I say I believe we’re heading for Helm’s Deep, they’re probably under attack right now. Pikachu takes flight and we lead the way down into the valley as the light in the west slowly brightens. The white form of the Red Eyes Darkness Dragon takes flight and follows as MoSh follows me down into the valley. We soar over the lands below, I never get tired of riding on the back of a dragon, it is so exhilarating that I have to be careful not to let it wake me up. We fly down lower to the ground and over Helm’s Deep to where the area beyond is packed with orcs and humans in the service of the enemy. The light in the west is growing, but that doesn’t seem to bother the orcs attacking, they’re the Uruk Hai, human-orc hybrid monsters created by Saruman. There is only one thing that will make them stop, and that is when they’re dead.

      There are orcs gathering around outside the outer walls of Helm’s Deep, and everyone on both sides stops what they’re doing to stare in wonder and amazement at the three dragons diving down over them. The black dragon shoots a black fire at the orc hoards, the white dragon fires a white flame. When the two mix together it creates a massive wall of fire that incinerates all the orcs in its path. Pikachu adds his power in the form of a lightning storm crashing down all around the orc hoards, who are now in a panic and running blindly in the other direction. In the increasing light I can now see there is a forest in their path, and the orcs are rushing to take cover in the forest. They seem to think that will save them, but as I am remembering it, that is a forest of ents and they will never escape there. All three of us circle around for another pass, and now I can see Helm’s Deep clearly below with the defenders on the wall still watching us, seeming unsure of what to do about the arrival of three dragons. Another pass and another attack destroys another wave of orcs. Now they are all either dead or have disappeared into the forest of ents. I look back and I see the people on the wall of Helm’s Deep still watching us, some of them pointing, they’re probably waiting to determine if these dragons will attack them next. Since some of them know me, I fly down on Pikachu and get close enough that they can see me on his back. Legolas is the first one to realize who I am and he looks completely stunned. It takes a bit of time before Aragorn can get anything out of him. I wave to them and then head back into the sky. MoSh seems to be enjoying flying high over the ground on the black dragon. I start to follow him over the land, but it is too late for that. Everything around me fades to black and I wake up.
    15. Flight of Dragons

      by , 04-23-2017 at 09:00 PM (New Dream Adventures of Raven Knight)
      2017, 04-21

      Flight of Dragons

      I am in a place that is rather familiar to me, though I don’t immediately realize where I am. I am standing beside a pond in a beautiful garden. I see colorful fish swimming in the pond. I sit down on a bench near the pond to watch the fish for a bit. While I am unsure of how I came to be here, it is a peaceful place and I’m glad I’m here. I am still watching the fish when I see a flash of white light out of the corner of my eye and then I feel there is someone watching me. I see in the reflection on the water that my visitor is Q from Star Trek, my guide. He smiles at me and says he has found the dragons MoSh has been looking for. He says we merely have to rescue them and they will certainly be willing to protect his inner world in return for a place they can dwell in peace. I gaze into the water for a bit longer. I feel a sense of loss, as if something wonderful has slipped away and will never come to be again, though I get no clear idea of exactly what it is I have lost. Q sits beside me on the bench, puts his arm around me, and asks if I’m ok. I tell him I feel I’ve lost something precious and I will never find it again, but I can’t explain what. Maybe it’s best if I get out of here. Q says ok, then gives me a hug before teleporting us both in a flash of white light.

      I look around to see where Q has brought us. He said something about dragons to protect MoSh’s inner world? I’m not fully lucid, more like semi-lucid, so I’m not entirely sure what he means. I see Q has brought me to a mountainous area. There are trees around, but also stone cliffs, and I don’t recognize the place. Q says he will go get MoSh, and Asuka if she wants to come. He says MoSh has to be the one to release the dragons. He says he will be back in a flash… then disappears with a flash of white light. I look around the place he has brought me. I am now in a mountainous area with numerous green trees growing around as well as many rocky areas. I figure I’d better not go far, as I expect Q to return soon, but I wander a little bit until I find a clear path. I look down the path and I see it leads to a stairway up a rocky area with what looks like an Asian temple of some kind at the top. I wonder if we are going there for some reason. I start to head that direction, but then I think I’d better wait for Q to come back. So I stand there and enjoy the gentle breeze until there is a flash of white light and then Q appears with two more people. An Asian woman in a kimono, and a man in blue jeans and a tshirt. His shirt is cool and has a picture of a flying dragon on it. I am staring at his shirt while Q is talking. He says the dragons are in a huge underground chamber reached through the temple. He says those who dwell there won’t offer much resistance, they were only able to capture the dragons through dirty tricks, by creating an illusion of a baby dragon in distress. He says just don’t forget, MoSh must rescue the dragons.

      MoSh, Asuka, and I go up the stairs to the temple at the top. There doesn’t seem to be anyone around so we go inside. There are some weapons on the wall that look like they’re there for display. MoSh takes a samurai sword off of the wall before we continue to the next room. There is still no one around, and I am wondering if Q definitely brought us to the right place. In one of the inner rooms there is a man who looks like he’s meditating. I ask where the dragons are. He says there are no dragons, only idiots would mess around with dragons. Idiots who want to die. MoSh points his sword at the man and repeats that we want to know where the dragons are. He then says they are through the secret passage at the end of the hall, just move the painting. I go back to the hall, and Asuka follows me. MoSh stays in the other room for a bit. I see the painting and move it aside and find a lever behind it. I pull it and a panel slides aside in the floor. I look back into the room where MoSh stayed and he has the man in a strangle hold until he apparently passes out. MoSh says that was so he wouldn’t sound an alarm. We go down a flight of steps leading through the floor.

      The stairs lead down a long way, deep into the mountain. It seems like the stairway will go down forever, through layers of different kinds of stone. The passage finally exits onto a deck overlooking a huge underground chamber. There are two dragons in the middle of the room in energy spheres. One of the dragons is black with red markings and the other is white with blue markings, they look like exact inverses of each other. They appear to be unconscious, the spheres of energy look like they’re draining energy from them. The energy fields seem to emanate from a large crystalline shard in the middle of the chamber. MoSh jumps off of the deck and lands on various rocky outcroppings that I can barely see as he makes his way down to the bottom of the chamber. I hear calls of alarm from a passage at the far end of the cavern and I can see movement of people coming towards the chamber. I can’t hear most of what is being said, but I catch the words “intruders” and “stop them” among the calls. Most of the chamber looks natural, so I use the song Damage, Inc. by Metallica to create a fireball and I throw it at the place right over the passage entrance. That causes the rocks over the passage to collapse and block the passage completely. MoSh seems to know what he is doing, he goes directly to the crystalline shard that’s maintaining the force fields and strikes it with his sword in just the right place to shatter it into tiny shards. With the crystal destroyed, the force fields around the dragons disappear and they begin to stir.

      Asuka floats down to the bottom of the cavern and lands near MoSh. She looks at the dragons and then goes over to the white one as it is starting to wake up. She whispers something to the dragon as it lifts its head. The dragon looks at MoSh and then over at the other dragon, who is also starting to wake up. The white one snorts at the black one. The white one then uses one huge claw to push first Asuka and then MoSh onto its back. Both dragons then stretch their wings and manage to fly in the cavern. The black dragon fires a blast of energy at the ceiling and that breaks through into the outside, debris falls all around me. Then the white dragon flies past and out into the open sky. The black dragon pauses long enough to toss me onto its back before following. Soon we are soaring far over the mountains below. Q appears right in front of me on my dragon. He says that didn’t prove to be too difficult. He says he has prepared their place inside MoSh’s inner world, on top of a mountain where they can survey the whole place. He said he will make sure they get back there safely since I’m about to wake up. Right after he says that everything fades to black and I wake up.
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