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    1. 08/02/10 Stardust Memories

      by , 08-04-2010 at 04:13 AM (New Dream Adventures of Raven Knight)
      I exited the portal right next to the koi pond, which was where I had expected to emerge, I looked around and saw I was alone. There was no one waiting there right now. Maybe I should wait around for a bit? I felt the dream slipping… I was going to wake up… but there was so much left to do. I also wanted to see how long I could make this dream. I focused on Allura's method of time dilation, and the slipping dream stabilized.

      I looked around the koi pond again, everything looked more vivid now. I was by the koi pond, and I didn't see any sign of anyone else there with me. I remembered that Blake was going to meet me there, but I didn't see him, and wasn't I going to meet someone else here? Was it Yuri? I didn't think so due to our inverted sleep schedules, I know time isn't linear, but somehow the idea of dreaming with someone who won't have their dream about me until after I had already posted my part of the dream seemed like asking for a paradox… So who was it? Miss Maya from Mortal Mist? That sounded possible, but I didn't remember making any actual plans to meet, my intention had been to read some more of her dream journal to find out more about her inner world and her dreams, but I have been so busy with my job and homework and school and journaling and… and… There was a lot to do! What was I doing hanging around here? I had to get going!

      Next I wanted to complete the task of the month, which is to ride a unicorn. Stardust is a winged unicorn, so there would be no problem there, and it would be fun! I opened a portal to my inner world, focusing on getting to wherever Stardust happened to be, then I went through into a wide grassy meadow. There was a nice breeze blowing across the tall grass, and Stardust was grazing in the meadow with her wings folded neatly back, the feathers on her wings glistened in the sun, her pure white coat was contrasted by her flaming mane and tail which were literally made of fire, her single horn reflected in many colors and looked razor sharp on the tip. Such a beautiful animal… After briefly admiring her, I walked over to Stardust, she greeted me with a friendly nuzzle, then a bit of a nip, I got the idea she was annoyed at me for not visiting more often. I climbed onto her back and we took to the skies!

      Riding on the back of a winged unicorn, or I guess Stardust is a pegasus and a unicorn combined, was a wonderful sensation. Even though her mane looked like flame, it didn't burn me as I leaned forward and held onto Stardust's neck as we flew through the sky, watching the landscape of my dream world below me, the fields, the forests, a town that looked like a pleasant neighborhood… I could see my own house down there, it doesn't look like my waking life house, but somehow I still recognized it. I had just flown by when I realized there was someone outside of my house… I urged Stardust to circle back and I got back just in time to see Walms disappear into the house. Was he looking for me? Good timing, I just happened to be here! I landed in front of the house and dismounted, patting Stardust on her muzzle before I approached the house. I opened the front door of the house, nothing in here is locked since the shield keeps the undesirables out, and I looked around the living room. No sign of Walms. I looked through the house, it isn't very large, so that didn't take me long, but no sign of Walms. Damn… he must have woken up. I could wait for him to come back, but I wasn't sure he would come back, so I thought maybe I had better move on to my next goal.

      So now I wanted to share either a DDO dream or an Oblivion dream with Tigress, the main idea is for both of us to remember the dream. So I focused on locating Tigress with my next portal, from there we could go to a DDO dream or an Oblivion dream, or maybe she would already be involved in something cool and I could join in. I focused for a bit and finally the portal opened, I went through it…

      And I exited in a desert, it looked like the southwestern area of Arizona, somewhere in the Sonoran desert definitely. Since Tigress lives near me IWL, and I live in the desert, this didn't surprise me, it was just that Tigress was having a dream in the desert. I looked around to see if I could find Tigress anywhere, but I didn't see anyone at first, so I started walking around until I finally spotted someone. There was an aged Indian shaman here wearing a hat and looking at me with a very intense gaze, I wondered who that was and why he was here while Tigress didn't seem to be. Since the man seemed so focused on me, I walked over towards him… I recognized his energy. Somehow, instead of ending up in Tigress' dream, I had ended up locating don Juan…

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    2. 06/17/10 Fractured Memories

      by , 06-19-2010 at 08:15 AM (New Dream Adventures of Raven Knight)
      Dream Fragments:

      *My Green Thumb*
      I remember being in MoSh's inner world. There were people working on the construction of a house. In the dream I knew it was MoSh's new house. Somehow being there with MoSh didn't tip it off to me that I was dreaming, though. I was walking around outside the house, stopping in various places and planting flowers and other plants. I would then sing to them. I wasn't thinking it was going to do any magic, I was just thinking I have heard repeatedly that it is a good idea to sing to plants to make them grow faster and better. And it was definitely working. I wondered how anyone could have an excuse for not having a beautiful garden when just a bit of singing would do that well. Trees grew tall, flowers bloomed, grasses grew… I was leaving a trail of green plants and colorful flowers behind me. I was hoping MoSh would be pleased when he saw what I had managed to do with his garden and yard.

      I was sitting on my bed doing homework. I had a piece of paper in front of me instead of a computer. I was writing down a series of complex equations. My assignment was to solve them. I started working on them. I was not having any trouble with the problem. I came up with the answer I was confident in. I moved on to the next series of equations. This one was even longer and more complex. I had no doubt in mind I could solve it. I started solving it and my pencil broke… shit. I would have to sharpen it. I got up and went to the electric pencil sharpener we have in the other room. I sharpened the pencil and took it out. The pointed end was now completely flat. The pencil sharpener had eaten the tip off of my pencil! Wtf?! I tried again and this time the pencil practically disappeared into the pencil sharpener. And it still wasn't sharpened. I wondered if I had enough confidence to do my math in pen…

      I was in the DDO village of Korthos. I looked around and thought that was strange. I looked down at myself. I was wearing armor like one of the DDO characters. I was in DDO! Wait a minute… that wasn't right… DDO isn't a virtual reality system… The only way DDO could be this real is if I was dreaming, so I did a RC and found out I was dreaming.

      I wanted to go with Tigress on this DDO dream. I wondered where she was. I thought maybe I would have to go get her. But I spotted her almost right away. I wasn't sure what character I had, but she was in the form of Envee… one of her characters that is a rogue. We left the town. Tigress said she had a quest. So I followed her for a while and we reached a cave. We went inside and wandered around for a bit, killing some kobolds as we came across them. The kobolds seemed pathetically weak. We came into a large chamber that was filled with large mushrooms. They were huge. We wandered into the mushroom patch, which was more like a forest. We wandered around for a while, seeing no sign of another way out or of any enemies. The forest of mushrooms was more like a maze. And we were completely lost in it. I thought climbing up one of the mushrooms might give one of us a view of where the exits were… but how does one climb a giant mushroom?! We were still wandering through the mushrooms when I woke.

      I was in a bed, and I knew right away something was not right. I didn't recognize the bed. I rolled over and there was a man there I didn't know. He was smiling at me. I saw nothing in his eyes but love. Nothing about him looked hostile or creepy except the fact he was a stranger and in my bed. We got up, and it was clear he thought he was my husband. Husband?! I wanted to figure this out. It never occurred to me that I might be dreaming. The man and I went to the car and he drove us for a ways. Apparently we had an appointment. We went into a building. This was a child welfare agency… I wondered why we were there. A woman led us back to her office. She looked over a paper for a while before she spoke. My 'husband' looked very anxious. She finally spoke. She said she had reviewed our application. She said from what she could see we would make great parents for some children in need. Children?! My 'husband' said that he still wanted a set of twins if there were any needing parents. He said he really liked the idea of twins, and that would also ensure the twins weren't separated. The woman said she had found just the kids. She went out of the office for a short time and then returned with two girls. The girls were perfect twins of each other, even dressed identically. They had dark hair pulled back into pony tails and blue dresses and blank looks on their faces. They looked to be about five years old. My 'husband' went over and hugged them both, saying they looked perfect, we'd take them. I was annoyed that he had never asked what I thought…