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    by , 10-11-2017 at 06:54 PM (515 Views)
    I am at some college. I think its University of Pittsburgh (where I went), and I am standing on a tile floor asking a woman if I am registered. Its the "Im at school and don't have my schedule" dreams. All I remember is the person found my file and said I needed to reapply. That's all I remember. Had this dream a few nights ago. reocurring, but each time the setting is slightly different but always school.

    I hope that next time I realize I'm not a college student and go and explore the campus and ask to sit in on classes. It would be a fun scene to explore. Anyone have any college or high school lucid dreams? Any signs I should look for to remind myself that its not even what university of pittsburgh really looks like and that it must be a dream?

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