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    1. fragments

      by , 10-16-2017 at 08:56 PM
      I was thinking i still lived in Bloomfield PA. That I also lived in MD and was commuting back and forth. I was at my college. They told me I could keep going, I didn't have to pay it was already paid. I didn't worry about not knowing my classes. (does everyone post-college have those dreams? Where you forget you're not in college and you're there but you don't know your schedule?)

      Later I was having a blind dream. I was trying to go somewhere ann demons were making me see only black and white and I struggled and then woke up.
    2. old dream

      by , 10-11-2017 at 07:00 PM

      I am in a weird place, I think its London. It is half book store half preschool. There is an old woman watching the kids and I think she is a brittish cop "lorder" who cuts people to pieces and I think she's going to hurt the kids, so I cut off her thumb but there is no blood and I feel really bad but at least she can't try to destroy the kids. Then I am hiding in a bookstore by books wondering how to escape England. Stephen is there and we are frightened and then in Stephen's version of the dream (I think it was a shared dream, not sure), we walk to the woman and show them our fake badges (just by holding up our hands). Then I am lying on my bed my mom is on the bed too I get up and run outside and I jump and levitate and land/teleport from outside to suddenly being back in my bed.
    3. monster inside of me nightmare

      by , 10-09-2017 at 11:45 PM
      I was running around in the wilderness. Everything is green. A fat brown skinned man is chasing me and telling me he will rape me, and I feel creepy and scared. Then I am at a rainbow family gathering. There are tents in the woods and I ask if its really a rainbow gathering. I am so excited because they say yes. I've always wanted to go to one. There is a plank and a girl is standing on it, I sense she might do a back flip off of it but she doesn't, I tell her I want to telepathically and she jumps off and spins in the air. Not a flip. I jump off and suddenly I am being chased by the man again. I'm fast but I feel slimy. Then finally a gay man says that he will go after the man and so the fat man stops chasing me. Then my mom and sister and maybe other family members show up in a car and we drive to a very green, hilly front yard of a beautiful big house. I think it must be my aunt's house. Then the scene shifts again. I am in a clinic with a bunch of people who are raped and everyone is getting tested for STDs for free. I think the guy must have gotten me (it's weird, I forgot he didn't get to me) and that I caught something. I decide I don't want to know and I wake up and it's five am.

      It was so nightmarish that I should have become lucid. It would have been a great dreamspace to explore, especially I would have stayed at the rainbow gathering longer. I fly in normal life so I probably would have flown and done cool gymnastics.

      What do you think this dream means?
    4. fragment

      by , 06-13-2017 at 07:26 PM
      I was in Greenland talking to someone. I wanted to fly to New Zealand so someone told me fly to Peter in New York. I called Peter. I forgot he's not in NY yet. I needed to practice getting on a plane by myself. It didn't happen. I thought okay I'll fly to New Zealand I can do it girl power. I wanted to make a home for myself there. This is my daydream too. But I want my whole family to be there. I started to realize my siblings don't really live in VA, unless they do. It was a blind dream where everything was a vision of black and I was talking to people. I realized Peter hadn't moved to NY yet and was still in VA and thought I'll fly to VA. I needed to practice getting on a plane and realized I needed to get my passport out of my safe (I lost the key)
      Tags: fragment, travel
    5. Chased/ sensual dream

      by , 06-02-2017 at 05:47 PM
      I was in a building. It was a cross between a college dormitory that had a commons room with food and a Heaven cafeteria or a faerie festival building. A guy I used to be in love with but got over was there. He was Asian but his name was Christian Bergman. Way older than me physically/biologically but chronologically I am older and though smaller stronger. Like me he is a martial artist.

      There was a bedroom. He lead me to the bedroom and chased me. He wanted to rape me. I forgot about my soulmate and wanted to tell him to wait instead of stealing it from me. I wen to the commons room and sat down and CB kept trying to hurt me, I thought about side-kicking him but knew he would grab my leg even if I tried to pull it back fast, so I used my speed to my advantage. I was a little bit attracted to him but that was my body not him (well, my dream body).

      Then Michael (the first archangel) was there looking like Susan. Suddenly God made Christian Bergman grow younger. He looked around 4 years old and like David Cooliks but Asian. He was talking with Michael and then he turned to me and said (and it's rare to remember what someone says to you in a dream), "I knew you were the light and the sun." He wanted to steal that light, but part of it was true love and he was apologizing, but I was a little bit afraid. Then he disappeared.

      I was sitting on a couch next to a woman in her twenties that looked a little like my church friend Amy from the church I used to go to (in real life I switched churches). Amy's hair was dirty blonde and had a little bit of reddish brown to it. In the dream I was attracted to her. I saw two gay men kissing. I said, "Christians who are gay don't have sex." Amy said, mostly jokingly, "But sometimes we're tempted." She was eating an ice-cream sunday with whipped cream and fruit on the top. It whipped cream and fruit was almost frozen. When she said that she put some whipped cream on her finger and asked me to take my finger and take off some of the whipped cream. I hesitated, but my dream body was attracted to her, so I took some and ate it. Amy and I were laughing.

      Focusing on Amy made me forget about Christian Bergman. Before he disappeared, Michael was teaching the kid version of Christian Bergman morals not to rape. I was calm.

      Later at night I dreamt I was in a room filled with presents. It was kind of like a maze. I sat near or on one and thought it was my part of the universe that God was giving me. I woke up laughing. I had other dreams but I didn't feel like getting up to write them down.

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    6. Old dreams and last night's dreams

      by , 05-31-2017 at 08:53 PM
      Time travel dream

      I was on a deck, it was brown, and I saw Columbus's wife. She was tall and had red wavy hair and she was an elf. She asked me to get on the ship. I said no but later I was on the ship with them. Then I walked from the deck to a mall. I was way in the past but I walked into a place that was around 2005-2012. I walked around the mall feeling peaceful. It was a sign I'm an elf. (archangel-faerie-elf). I found my enemy and hugged him...I was so happy to be hugging him platonically. He was his younger self, maybe his inner child. I warned him that in the future he would stab his parents and I told him to try not to do it. I walked around and saw an ancient kind of phone. I went up to a desk and asked to use the phone. The people let me. I tried to call Stephen but it was at least year 3000 so he had a different number. I was in the future. I was excited. Then I went back to around 2005-2012 and saw the murderer's little sister and was happy to see her I wanted to protect her. She was around 12 I think, and she had dark brown hair. A lot like me actually. I hugged her and she warned me that her brother wanted to stab me. I knew that already but she meant that he was in the mall with a knife since I knew his secret before it even happened. Then I woke up.


      I was in a faerie town. I felt peaceful it was like I was at the Maryland faerie festival. There were golden brown things. I forget. Then I was at a train station, and again, the bench was golden brown. I called my twin's foster parents telepathically. The train was going to Israel and I live in Maryland. I was a little bit terrified. Then I woke up, thinking I got on the train and teleported home with some wise man.

      Leotard in the adult section (last night)

      Michael picked me up to go to a psychiatric appointment and some of my siblings were with us. They let me go into Target and I teleported to Khols and was in the adult woman's section and there were a lot of leotards. I remember one was purple and it had a choker neck. I wanted to find the kid's section, but I was happy they had leotards for adults too. I found the kids section and saw a black mesh leotard with a colorful pattern underneath, maybe flowers. It was originally 250 dollars but was on sale for 48 dollars. I hurried to buy it and realized that now I only have two dollars (I get 50 diollars every two weeks). Then I was lost, my family left me there. I tried to find Target but I couldn't, and this was where I could have become lucid (for me nightmarish things make me realize I am dreaming. Like I will be on a highway lost and confused and scared and then I think "Maybe I'm dreaming." and five minutes later I am sure of it, with no reality checks, and I decide I am not afraid anymore and I just explore and find grass and ask symbols what they mean. But I didn't become lucid this time, I was just happy I had a leotard to add to my collection. Then I woke up, it was 4 a.m. and I rushed to turn the lights on and wrote it down. Usually I wouldn't do that, but I am trying to make it a habit to do that. Some dream patterns I have is stores/malls and school (high school or college).

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    7. Old dreams and last night's dreams

      by , 05-31-2017 at 08:53 PM
      accidentally posted this twice

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