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    Comp Day 4

    by , 03-05-2023 at 05:03 PM (117 Views)
    3-5-23 Comp Day 4 (WBTB - Failed) I think I tried too hard last night. I even wrote and filled up a full page of intent, that I would without doubt have a lucid dream. I wrote out exactly what I was going to do and wrote it with perhaps too much confidence. Hahahaha I know I had many other dreams and just couldnít grab onto them before falling back to sleep each time I woke up.

    DF#1 flying in circles in the air with another DC; we were connected to each other by some sort of straps that had a long enough lead on them and it allowed us to circle around in the air. First I would go, then they would go. It was a fun feeling; similar to flying but instead could only do circles.

    D#2 I was walking next to a big rig which was backing up into a sandy area. He got stuck and his tires were horizontal, not vertical and were buried under the sand. I was next to it and pushed up against some dense juniper trees. I had the feeling if the truck moved again I'd be squashed. But I got out of there before he started moving again. I was making my way to a place I could sit and write. I wandered into an old hotel. Nobody was around so I opened one of the doors to a room. Nothing was in the room; it had carpet and no furniture and one window. It had a hole in the wall and a striped cat came out of the hole then walked across the room to the back wall where it went out a small gap space under the wall to the outside. I had a book with me and I was writing something. At one point I saw some paper fliers, on these paper fliers were animated women in red. The woman in red was modeling and she would open up her red dress or coat as if to flash herself, but she had other clothes on. She turned and did the flash again and again, each time a new outfit. I thought it was a great idea for an animated paper photo and thought about how or what kind of technology did that. As it was not connected to any computer device. I continued to write. Too bad I canít remember what I was writing; it seemed profound in some way. I tore each sentence from the paper and ended up with strips of paper. I was gathering stuff to get ready to do and I had more there than I thought. I had this book which had a dust cover. The dust cover was 5 times larger than it should have been. I have to fold and fold and fold it till I could get it small enough to fit the book. I had all those torn pieces of paper I had to include and closed the book. I was looking around in the room and I had my IRL green rocker recliner chair there. UghÖhow did that even get there I thought. There was no way I could take that out with me. I left it behind. Before I left, that cat came back in. It walked back over to the hole in the wall. I didnít interact with it. I opened the door and walked out. There was a lady in light blue and she was standing behind a desk right next to the door I came out of. I looked at her face but just for a moment and then kept walking out of the lobby then out the front door. I was now walking fast across a huge parking area with no cars. Further out there was another parking area. I didnít remember coming in a car, but I was heading that direction as if my car was over there. The ground was sandy, I got far enough away from the building that I knew I couldnít see it anymore, so I turned around and saw the lady in blue following me. She had a camera and was trying to get me on video. I put my book up to cover my face and told her to stop videotaping me. Then I thought Iíd just tell her I was there just writing. She didnít want to hear about why I was there. She just wanted to capture my face on video so that they would be able to perform face recognition and know who I was. I was sort of afraid of getting into trouble; but I also thought, well how much trouble could get into, I was only writing in that room but then I thought, Oh but I did leave behind that chair. I turned again to run away fast from her and attempt to hide behind a big old dumpster, I went around it and was hoping to lose her. But she was smart enough to know what I was doing and met me right there at the other side of the dumpster. She had the camera up in my face and said, there, I got you. She got me on video and she turned away and walked back.

    WBTB = 2
    1DF = .5
    1D =1

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