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    Comp Day 5

    by , 03-06-2023 at 04:17 PM (138 Views)
    3-6-23 Comp Day 5 (WBTB - Fail)

    4:00am dreams not recalled But one word was remembered: National

    D#1 = 6:24AM: - A beautiful large Blue hummingbird arrived early. Although I didnít see snow in the dream, it felt like it was still winter and too early for the hummingbirds to come back. I was looking out a window at a marsh area which had some very tall dried reeds or stalks with dried pods at the top. Not even a flower blooming, but this hummingbird went to the pod and acted as if it was getting some nectar. I knew it was a marsh/wetland area because I had the thought in the dream that I would need to go take care of those plants and would need to wear my galoshes.

    D#2 = 6:26AM: - I had a dream about walking down a paved path. And there was the cutest little dog, it was small but not really a puppy. It was a reddish auburn colored dog and it seemed so friendly and let me pet them as it layed down in a submissive way; and really seemed happy and wanted to walk with me. I had wondered if there was a leash around because a little further up in the direction I was heading was a busier road and I wanted to make sure it wouldnít run out into the road when we got there.

    D#3 = 6:26AM: - Stuck in the middle with them - I was in bed with two DCís. One male and the other female. I was in between them; stuck in the middle. The two of them seemed to want to fool around with each other, and kept reaching around me to each other, so I decided to do the right thing; I left them and got out of the bed and went to another room so they could do their thing.

    D#4 = 6:30AM: - I was standing next to a smallish lake and we were watching the top of the water. The water seemed to be changing in one spot like something was going on under the water in that spot. Then suddenly the water just drained, and disappeared leaving all these beautiful rocks exposed. There were a few kids that started to walk down and look at the rocks, but just as quick as it got sucked out, the water started coming back and filled back up. The kids had to quickly run back to the top edge of the lake. People were getting so excited when it went low and exposed the rocks. This happened several times. I had enough time to get my phone camera out and start a video recording of it, when one of my friends, went down and started hunting for rocks while the water had completely drained. I was telling her that she needed to hurry up as the water level had already started to rise again but she wasn't listening to me at first. She just kept looking at the rocks. In the end the water this last time didnít rise as fast as it had before and she was able to get out before the water filled back in.

    WBTB - Fail = 2
    4 dreams = 4

    total = 6

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