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    1. Monday, May 16

      by , 05-26-2022 at 01:27 AM
      Iím at a beach with what seems like some of the family. It is definitely a beach on the ocean coast. It looks like Hawaii or the California coast. The sand is long and also very deep, sloping down to reach the water. The waves come in large but not violently. It is dim out but the scene seems to be lit with some glow, maybe twilight or moonlight. Iím in the water now, with Dad and Stella. Stella swims after something - a toy?, not an animal. She dives down quite a ways after it. Iím apprehensive at first but then relax when I see how well sheís doing.
    2. Friday, May 6

      by , 05-26-2022 at 01:25 AM
      They have reimposed a mask mandate. Immediately, most people have started wearing them. Walking around, there are a few that arenít. Iím among the few and more confident about my decision this time around, seeing how they didnít change anything.

      I think Iíve driven somewhere with Melissa, but she wonít be driving back with me. I see the area, it looks like Central America, as if on a map. It zooms in at times as I think about places I could stop to see.
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