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    1. Monday, September 27

      by , 04-16-2022 at 07:57 PM
      I am walking outside somewhere with Melissa. The area is a large gully and for some reason I think itís between Reno and Carson. Weíve been on the upper edge of it, but I ask if she wants to walk along the bottom of it. There is a very faint trail down, though it almost looks too steep. I then change my mind, not remembering if itís too overgrown at the end for us to get out. There is something about picking up Alex around 1. I think that should work fine; Melissa then mentions casually that itís 1am, which changes things. Now, Iím driving in what looks like the same area (the highway through Washoe Valley?) and end up turning around. I also end up at Momís (I try not to care about turning around because I think Iíll be making another trip or so) and packing some things from my mostly full room, though I thought I had everything I needed.
      Tags: driving, walking
    2. Sunday, September 26

      by , 04-16-2022 at 07:38 PM
      It is snowing. I am outside with Julia and possibly someone else, and it feels like weíre at work even though weíre outside on the side of a road. It is dark out, though the snow is producing some glow from the reflected light. I think itís the first of the season, and itís really coating everything nicely. I then get excited and ask Julia if I can take a ten minute break. She says yes, she knows this is my favorite. I start walking up the road, wearing a long sleeve with the sleeves rolled, conscious that most would be wearing a lot more than this. This area looks like Dadís neighborhood. Iím starting to hike up the hill, and I think I pass through a house. What Iím walking on now transitions into a dark wood staircase. At one of the landings there is a box of Nature Valley granola bars. I take and start eating one. I feel pretty out of shape
      Tags: food, snow
    3. Wednesday, September 22

      by , 04-16-2022 at 07:37 PM
      Iím at work when an older white man comes in looking for some books. He is overweight and Iím not sure if heís in a chair or a walker or just extremely hunched over. The books heís looking for are obscure and Iím pretty certain we wonít have them. We go to look for them (I think itís 3-4), and the main room of this building actually looks more like a cave or cavern. Now weíre in what looks mostly like the local section, looking in a bin called Ďvariousí. This is where I think weíll most likely find his books. He is looking for a Zola, and we find one. The cover mentions something about Hell, and it seems very mature and somewhat occult, which is not what I thought Zola was. In this bin, there is also what looks like paperwork and/or mail. Looking through all of it, I see something addressed to me. Itís something about a gun permit. I think itís very old, as in back when I hunted, or a CCW, which I donít remember ever getting.

      Iím getting my hair cut by Tess. I think sheís talking to someone, and sheís doing a very haphazard job. She finishes quickly and then says something about it being good if Iím an entertainer. Running my hands over it, it is textured but extremely smooth.
      Tags: books, haircut, work
    4. Tuesday, September 21

      by , 04-16-2022 at 07:35 PM
      I am at some event that is fairly crowded. The area is indoors and unfamiliar. It almost looks like a large barn or just has similar dťcor. The crowd is currently transitioning outdoors, but Iím heading in the other direction, when I run into Sageís parents. I start talking to them and her mom apologizes for her dad, who has been drinking all day/since Ďearlyí. He slurs something about it being the 4th of July, spilling a bit from his glass onto her mom. I tell him no worries, I get it. They continue on, and I watch her dad slightly stumble.

      I am in what seems to be a very empty hotel. The place is very dim and seems taller than it is wide. The rooms are actually little alcoves with only a mattress and a curtain to close them off. Theyíre only about 5íx5í and very close together. I donít see a single one occupied. I go a few floors up to what seems to be the top. Thereís a single room and it feels a little larger than the others. I crawl onto the bed and wait for Melissa. I think weíre going to have sex here since it feels like we can get away with it. Now, a very large family approaches and stops outside, making it clear this is their room. I canít believe itíd be this one out of the many, but I coolly play it off and leave.
      Tags: drinking, hotel, sex
    5. Tuesday, September 14

      by , 04-16-2022 at 07:33 PM
      I am walking into a sex store with Melissa. The storefront is the typical no window, heavy door aesthetic. Inside, it almost looks more like a grocery or liquor store. There are glass doors lining the walls in a U shape. There are a few subdued people in here, standing back a ways to look and then quickly selecting a product. The objects I notice here definitely donít look like sex toys - they are all kinds of odd shapes. Now, what I assume is the manager comes over. He is a fairly gross looking middle aged white man and starts implying that Iím young and donít know what Iím doing sexually. This really irritates me, and we end up leaving after a brief verbal altercation.
      Tags: store
    6. Saturday, September 11

      by , 04-16-2022 at 07:32 PM
      I am driving somewhere and can currently see the GSR from the car, maybe a mile or two away. I notice that it is extremely tilted to one side (probably between 45į and 65į). Whoever Iím in the car with also notices and makes a comment. Now, almost impossibly slow, the building begins to fall in the direction itís leaning. I hurry to take my phone out, but itís already fallen before I can get a video. The building doesnít appear to crumble but simply to fall over. Now, I almost think I was in the car with Melissa and her mom, but I am seeing them under the very top edge of the building. Somehow it fell on top of them leaving enough space to do no harm.

      (fragment) Melissa is driving me and her mom somewhere. She is taking an extended turn really fast. This is fine until her turning lapses for a moment and she is unable to correct it. She veers off the road and we come to a fairly violent stop in the dirt and sagebrush. It is a very tense moment.
      Tags: driving
    7. Friday, September 10

      by , 04-16-2022 at 07:31 PM
      I am walking from somewhere to somewhere else to use the bathroom. I think I come from a school and it looks like Iím heading to a construction site/new apartments or other buildings. It crosses my mind that Iíve actually passed a bathroom, but I continue on anyway. This area looks like itís near the marina. Iím on the side of an uncrowded highway. I walk through a red light and it doesnít cause any problems but still I feel a little guilty. I have my blue headphones on, listening to some music. Iím also walking at a good pace, and it feels like. I round a corner and start stepping high, flexing my eyes at each rise. I now notice that I can get multiple flexes in each step. Pretty soon I am completely off the ground at each step for a time longer than possible. I enjoy the sensation and continue it and soon I am levitating up into the air. I rise to 50+ feet and then the thought crosses my mind that this would only be possible in a dream. My mind writes off this happening with some explanation.

      *Though it sounds like it, I never actually realize this is a dream in the dream. I also wake up right after.