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    Visitors and dream jumping

    by , 06-14-2023 at 10:28 PM (337 Views)
    I'm scaling up a building's side and peek inside a small singular window that's extended outwards from the rest of the wall. A guy looking like myself looks back at me from a cozy looking green oriented bedroom. As I move higher and reach an inclinated tile roof I become lucid. I turn around and see two guys in their late 20s dressed in cycling outfits climbing right after me. The guy on the left who's blonde instantly blurts out: "Sensei", while the guy on the right, who appears more offbeat crawling up like a feral animal, rumbles quietly: "hoookiiiiff..." I instantly say out loud to myself that: "Yeah thats not quite Sensei" while still ignoring the other guy not realizing what his rumbling meant. We then stand on the edge of the roof together. The weirder of the two, who I then realize is meant to represent Hukif, jolts his hand towards the ground 4 stories below us and points with a finger. A beam shoots down, and another next to it. Two portals appear, and just as quickly Hukif jumps down in to one them and bolts right back up to the roof from the other one. "Holy shit hahah! That was sick", I say, and Tbox, who has now also appeared next to us agrees excitedly. I go and try copying what Hukif just did, but right as I'm about to hit the portal it shrinks into a quarter of it's original size and half of my body hits the pavement. Ah. I return back to the roof. Then Tbox decides to try something similar of his own from the other corner of the roof and drops himself from the eaves. I know it won't work, and with him no longer in sight I shoot my hand towards his approximate location in the air. He comes levitating back on top of a small portal thingie of my own smiling.

    I suddenly "wake up", and now my brother and Hukif, who has turned into a muscular shirtless guy, quickly help me get up on my hands and say in unison the sort of: "We were in the same lucid dream! Did you dream about being on a roof with us? Yeah we did too!" I'm completely blown away, we did it! We shared a lucid drea...! - Wait... I check my left hand, five fingers. I check my right hand. Three fingers. Hah! Alright, back on my feet. We're inside some small yellowish wooden room. "Hukif" and "Sensei" are now outside, apparently wrestling each other. I open the door and sure they are, and now Sensei actually looks like himself from his Discord picture. Hukif then bolts at me and tries grabbing me as well, while shooting fire from his mouth right to my face with no effect.

    I actually wake up, but stay focused on the sensation of the dream while ignoring my physical body. I'm back inside the dream. The scene changes completely while gaining extra vividness. We're now standing on a sluggish strand of forest right on the bank of a lake with moss, twigs and all sorts of gnarly stuff covering the place. The people I'm now with are strangers. A lady goes and begins poking around a heap of the nasty stuff near the water and something begins moving where she touched. And further to the left as well, atleast five meters away, as if something big was waking up under the mossy blanket. I see shapes of a giant vulture.

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    1. theshirecat's Avatar
      Awesome lucid! Is that an AI image for the picture or did you manage to find a suitable one?
      Saizaphod likes this.
    2. Saizaphod's Avatar
      Awesome lucid! Is that an AI image for the picture or did you manage to find a suitable one?
      Ty, finally a decent one Edited the portals into it haha
    3. Meiseki's Avatar
      Wow! Sensei, Hukif, and Tbox in one dream, and a DEILD! That's epic, you really picked it up in the second week
      Saizaphod likes this.
    4. MadMonkey's Avatar
      You met both experts in one dream!? Amazing!
      Saizaphod likes this.
    5. Oneirin's Avatar
      Awesome! My lucids are usually pretty calm. Wish I could just jump off giant building into summoned portals sometimes
      Saizaphod likes this.