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    Things to Run Away From Really Fast

    #194. Old Threads

    by , 08-13-2015 at 12:20 AM (455 Views)
    Remembered another dream from last night as I was surfing Dreamviews. Weird that I didn't remember a lucid at first—I must have had it earlier in the night.

    This dream references Sensei's Sexy Comp (tell your friends.)


    I remember that I wanted to try pushing through a solid object. There is a wooden door in front of me, with standard front door patterns routed into the wood—it's something like a grid of 3x2 rectangles. I put out a hand, and feel some resistance, like a rubber bubble. I push through, and for a brief second it's like I have my eyes closed, and I'm through to the other side.

    Does that count? I think. I feel like I was supposed to keep my eyes open for this challenge.


    Apparently when I read through Sensei's challenges from the last competition, the idea of phasing through an object stuck in my head, apparently because it's not something that I've done very often. Even in non-lucids, I'll be running away from something and there will always be a door there.

    Adventure: 1/10
    Control: 7/10
    Fear: 1/10

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